No, There Was No Attempt To Hack Econet’s Systems


Social media continues to be the home fake news. Unfortunately, Econet’s name is the latest to be dragged in fake news due to a bogus article which purports that the largest Mobile Network Operator was almost hacked.

The article went so far as to say that Econet had temporarily stopped its customers from purchasing Social Media Bundles and accessing EcoCash services due to this hacking attempt. But No! Econet says none of that is true, its system is safe, secure and well-functioning. In its press release, Econet said:


The fabricated report alleging attempted fraud on Econet and Econet’s sister company Cassava’s EcoCash systems is as fraudulent and fictitious as the fraud it purports to report on.

There is no truth whatsoever to the claims and we urge the public to disregard it with the contempt it deserves and to carry on purchasing and enjoying Econet and Cassava products.

Our mobile network billing platforms, and Cassava’s EcoCash platform are as safe and secure as they are robust.

All our services and products are available for purchase, including our data bundles, and all EcoCash customer balances are safe and secure.

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