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Here’s why Liquid Telecom became Liquid Intelligent Technologies

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A little while ago Liquid Telecom rebranded and became Liquid Intelligent Technologies. From what Liquid themselves said the company was now on a new trajectory which was backed by the broadening scope of its services on top of being a telecommunications infrastructure provider.

If you remember late last year Liquid Intelligent Technologies acquired the Middle East and Africa operations of Quattro Business Solutions Group (QBS) which is one of the leaders in the Microsoft Dynamic Partners ecosystem. This acquisition meant that Liquid could offer Microsoft services (through QBS) on top of the telecoms products and services it already had.

To clarify and give greater detail as to what Liquid Intelligent Technologies would be doing the company hosted a press event which was chaired by regional CEO for Southern Africa Wellington Makamure.

A massive business shift

So offering new services isn’t the only change at Liquid. To put it simply, Liquid Intelligent Technologies‘ business is your business. By that, I mean Liquid wants to become a facilitator for digital solutions for all industries.

The company is now focused on empowering people and communities as well as offer and design solutions for African businesses that are specific to their needs.

To acheive this Liquid has created a few sub departmants which are:

Liquid Labs: Which is basically Liquid’s Research and Development Department. The company wants to invest in creating bespoke packages for various sectors of the economy.

Liquid Home: This is the Home and business connectivity element that Liquid offers through its internet service provider (ISP) ZOL in Zimbabwe.

Liquid Cybersecurity: Security online is now a necessity, and Liquid wants to offer its existing and potential customers the best products possible.

Liquid Cloud: Offers Cloud services for both public/private platforms, unified communications and associated services

Liquid Satellite: Meets the connectivity needs for those that are beyond existing internet infrastructure. So basically VSAT.

Liquid Sea: This is the company’s under sea cable arm and is all about cross border and long haul network interconnections.

Liquid Networks: Is something you are already familiar with. This is Liquid’s massive fibre nework offering voice, data, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G.

Liquid Business: As previously mentioned, Liquid Intelligent Technologies wants to know your business either by increasing your productivity or manage and optimise your cost of ownership. Liquid wants to build intergrated, specific ICT solutions to help with business transformation.

What does this all mean for Zimbabwe

The number of departments might be a bit dizzying, but it all adds to Liquid Intelligent Technologies becoming a more interactive business. Instead of offering businesses products, it wants to know which products the market needs and each department will be working towards that, particularly Liquid Labs.

In our case, Liquid will be assessing what businesses of varying sizes will need in this accelerating digital age. This means that products from connectivity to cybersecurity will be a lot more sensitive to Zimbabwe’s operating environment.

All in all, I think this is an interesting approach, I and many others I’m sure will be eagerly awaiting to see what Liquid has next for Zimbabwe and Africa.

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2 thoughts on “Here’s why Liquid Telecom became Liquid Intelligent Technologies

  1. Once worked for that company. If this company doesn’t change management very soon they are going to flush shareholders money down the drain again. With office 365 they failed, azure failed, simple email hosting failed, voip reselling failed, cloud backup failed, security solutions all failed! The only thing that liquid has managed to pull all this time its internet!

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