BancABC is running prepaid Visa money-back promotion

Garikai Dzoma Avatar

In case you haven’t noticed there is a prepaid Visa/MasterCard promotion war out there as banks duke each other in a bid to win your cash. BancABC has been at the forefront of these wars with various promotions including one involving Spotify and Apple Music as well as offering Chicken Hut meals to those who order their prepaid Visa Card. They are not stopping.

BancABC binge and win promotion

The clever binge and watch promotion

Like with all the promotions offered by BancABC, ZB Bank and others there is a clever angle to these promotions. With BancABC’s binge and win competition, you stand a chance to win back whatever money to pay to DStv (up to US$75) or Netflix (up to $15) if you pay for either service using your BancABC prepaid card.

By doing this BancABC is killing two birds with one stone. First, the competition will probably lead to more people actively using their prepaid Visa cards. That means more revenue in the form of fees. Secondly, it familiarises people with the various ways they can use their prepaid Visa card. The hope would be that even after the competition ends more people will be using their cards to pay for DStv and Netflix directly instead of the usual way of using agents.

There is nothing to criticise here except maybe I should point out that DStv does not actually allow you to binge-watch anything unless you are on catch up.

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