Google is seeking to copy Apple with its Pixel lineup

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Say what you want about Apple but those guys know how to make good products. Pick an iPhone, any iPhone and no matter how much it hurts to admit it, you will have to concede it’s a good phone. That is mostly down to the solid control the company has over hardware and software. It’s the sort of nitty-gritty control that Google is also slowly seeking and achieving with each Pixel series iteration.

Emulating Apple is the natural thing to do given how the Cupertino company has been so successful with its iPhone lineup being a hit each year. Xiaomi has also shown that you can achieve quite the success if you emulate some of Apple’s philosophies on Android with tighter control of the UI, stunning designs and topping it up with budget prices.

The Pixel 6 series is coming

Google is shamelessly being a Murondatsimba to the extent that even their launch event is coming not so long after Apple’s big reveals early this week. There have already been “leaks” and the new Pixel 6 series has already been spotted on display in the U.S. The aim seems to be to make sure that the Pixel 6 is mentioned in the same breath as Apple’s products.

The Pixel 6 represents what Google wants the ideal Android experience to be like. The phone is powered by vanilla Android untainted by skins and custom UIs. And starting with this iteration, the phones will also be powered by Google’s inhouse processor the much-hyped Tensor chip. Again that such an Apple move here with Apple using its own Silicon in more and more of its devices it seems Google is keen to do the same.

Google has been so unlucky in the past. Even though they have enjoyed success with their Android Operating system dominating the world they haven’t been able to dominate the smartphone and tablet market when it comes to hardware. Their Nexus lineup was a half-hearted approach that relied on partnerships and ultimately failed. It seems the biggest lesson they learned from that is if you want to dominate you need to control everything that goes into your phone.

It seems to be working too. Google even had the guts to use their old Nexus social media handles to mock the iPhone 13 and promote their upcoming Pixel 6.

Google trolling the iPhone 13

It shows Google is not hiding from their failed past. They are ready to admit it, think they have learned valuable lessons and are ready to move on and take on their rival. Will they succeed in unseating Apple at least in the U.S? Only time will tell.

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  1. Scorched earth

    Smartphones have been the same for years now. I find no joy from a new model of a series year in and out. This yearly release is no longer exciting tbh. There are no significant changes from one model to the next. Would rather they wait three years so that the tech improves significantly.
    Apple does not have better hardware. They just have better software as far as cohesion is concerned. Its easier for app developers for IOS make smoother apps cause Apple has lesser devices. Ever seen how Android cams are bad on Insta but better on Apple. App development.

    1. Dexter Muwodzeri

      Very true indeed

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