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AfriBlocks Freelancers Summit

Zimbabwean co-founded startup and Techstars alumni AfriBlocks is hosting its Freelancers Summit on the 6th and 7th of May 2022 to explore the future of work and freelancing on the continent. This is the second running of the Afriblocks Summit, with the first event taking place last year.

With its growing tech ecosystem, Africa is slated to be a major player in the future of work. The post-pandemic workforce is demanding a new level of flexibility,Β  technology is evolving, and demographics are changing.

Are you equipped for the future of work?

Join us for The annualΒ  Freelancers Summit 2022 hosted by AfriBlocks.

Where we discuss all things Future Of Work, Freelancing, Web3 and Africa’s role in this revolution.


The first day (6/05/2022) will be held virtually and will be featuring keynote speeches from Alexandra Carmen Customer Success Manager at SalesForce, Femi Awoniyi Startup Fund Manager for Google for Startups Africa, Brandon Quinn the product Manager at LinkedIn and many more.

The second day of AfriBlocks’ Freelance Summit will be in person in Harare, with panels hosting discussions on the future of work in Africa. You can book your seat for the summit with the link below

AfriBlocks Freelance Summit Registration Form

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Early last year, AfriBlocks became the first Zimbabwean startup to be selected for a US-based accelerator by its inclusion in the Techstars Seattle Cohort. We had the opportunity to talk to one of the co-founders (Tongayi Choto) about the startup and all it hopes to achieve. You can listen to or download that conversation with the player below. Alternatively, you can access it with the link here.



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