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Value of EcoCash, TeleCash and OneWallet transactions decreases, effect of cash crisis?

According to POTRAZ’s latest sectoral report for the third quarter of 2016, there has been a decrease in the value of transactions done on mobile money (m-money) platforms for both cash-ins and cash-outs. Cash-Ins decreased by 4% from $460,240,971 in the second quarter of 2016 to $441,880,904 in the last quarter. Cash-outs decreased by 3.9% […]

DRC to block social media ahead of protests calling for President Kabila to step down

image credit: The Democratic Republic of Congo’s (DRC) Government has ordered ALL telecoms companies block ALL social media networks on Sunday 18 December ahead of protests set for Monday, 19 December, calling for President Kabila to step down after his constitutionally-mandated second term comes to an end on the same day. The DRC Government has ordered […]

580k prepaid electricity meters installed countrywide

Since the start of ZESA’s prepaid meter system in 2013, the power utility company has installed 575 667k prepaid meters in households and businesses across the country to date against a targeted figure of 800k by 2018 set by Government’s ZimAsset economic recovery policy. Of the 576k units installed, 6k were reported as faulty resulting […]

Looks like we’ll be having a Bio-metric voters roll in 2017

On Thursday, the UNDP flighted a tender in the Herald calling on bids for the Procurement of Biometric Voter Registration Kits. The tender by the UNDP is in collaboration with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission under the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission Capacity Building Project (ZIM-ECO). The tender can be found on the UNDP website for any interested bidders. This is […]

Now you can buy ZESA from all mobile operator’s mobile money platforms, which isn’t good news for ZESA

Over the last few weeks, there have been some major shifts in options to buy pre-paid electricity on mobile money platforms run by mobile operators Econet, Telecel and NetOne. Seeing that “ZESA” (that’s what we call electricity in Zimbabwe) is a service that concerns the whole of Zimbabwe Techzim finds it necessary to regularly update […]

Here is what the RBZ told banks in its circular No. 05-2016/BSD on reducing bank charges

The RBZ sent out a circular on the reduction of cash withdrawal charges to all banking institutions. The circular, No. 05-2016/BSD, states the background to the decision to reduce the bank charges, the revised cash withdrawal charges and cash withdrawal limits and even shows the exorbitant fees charged as of 5 December 2016.  See below: […]

FBC rejects bond notes for its prepaid MasterCard, RBZ to look in to it

FBC Bank has a prepaid MasterCard which is used to make online payments and transact with outside the country. Today, one of Techzim’s readers alerted us that they visited the bank and attempted to load their prepaid Mastercard with money which included bond notes, they had $20 USD + $15 in bond notes. To their […]

Telecel relaunches buy prepaid ZESA feature on TeleCash

Telecel has successfully integrated its mobile money platform Telecash directly with ZESA allowing its subscribers the convenience to make prepaid ZESA purchases from the comfort of their mobile devices anywhere and anytime. Speaking on the significance of the integration, Telecel’s Head of Mobile Financial Services, Ms Violet Masunda made the following statement: The addition of […]

Barclays Zimbabwe clarifies bank charges issues, says it was caused by a system delay

On Monday the RBZ issued a directive to all banks operating in Zimbabwe to change their bank charges effective 12 December 2016. The new bank charges for cash withdrawals at an ATM or over the counter are now set at 1% and 1.25% respectively. The directive between the RBZ and banks was communicated via a […]

RBZ says its illegal to send yourself money, but is that a justifiable position by the regulator?

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has seemingly caught on to “fraudulent activities” being conducted by Zimbabweans who are taking advantage of its Diaspora Remittances Incentives Scheme (DRIS). The DRIS was put in place to attract the diaspora to send money through official channels by offering up to 5% interest on the amount sent, 2% would go […]

MMM Nigeria this is how MMM Zimbabwe crashed, very similar to what is happening to you now

MMM Zimbabwe made a lot of people rich but eventually made a lot more poor, typical of any pyramid/ponzi scheme that has come into existence. Yes, the whole concept was to use “spare money” and this is probably the gospel your guiders preached throughout your participation but the truth is many participants succumb to the lure […]

MMM Nigeria crashes, affected participants could reach the million mark!

It’s been a while since we’ve written about MMM, the Ponzi/Pyramid scheme that took Zimbabwe by storm this year through its eye-watering 30% interest rate at a time when many Zimbabweans were financially struggling. MMM Zimbabwe has since crashed and is showing little to no sign of recovery especially during a time when there is […]

Its true, there is no WhatsApp Calling on NetOne’s One fusion WhatsApp Bundle anymore

So quite a few people have noticed that somewhere along their One Fusion experience WhatsApp calling mysteriously stops working, this is happening to One Fusion subscribers on the $5 and $10 plans but as far as we have gathered it’s the same case on all of NetOne’s One Fusion products. So what is going on? […]

Is your bank still overcharging? They might have to repay you!

Yesterday, the RBZ directed all banks operating in Zimbabwe to reduce their ATM and over the counter cash withdrawal charges to 1% and 1.25% of the total amount withdrawn respectively. The directive from the RBZ dated 12 December 2016 and signed by the Governor instructed all banks to implement the new charges with effect from […]

DSTV Zimbabwe introduces direct online payment for VISA/Mastercard

DSTV Zimbabwe has introduced a new online self-service system that allows customers to pay their subscriptions, change their bouquet packages, clear error codes, view their account, get support and search for authorised installers directly from its own platform. The online payment option allows you to pay using your VISA or Mastercard Online directly to DSTV through a Pay […]

#ThisFlag founder, Pastor Evan wins Global Thinker and African Person of the Year 2016 awards

Most Zimbabweans have become synonymous with the #thisflag movement started by Pastor Evan Mawarire who utilised the power of social media to pass on his message to all Zimbabweans seeking a better future for the country. The #thisflag movement breathed life into Zimbabwe social media as many looked to understand what it was, join in […]

Here are a few things you could do with ZOL’s free wifi over the festive season

Seeing that ZOL is giving away FREE UNLIMITED wifi at its hotspots, we’ve been trying to figure out what we would do with it if we didn’t have regular internet access. To access the free service you have to log into one of ZOL’s wifi hot spots, “ZOLSpots”, which are dotted around the country, so this […]

Here is the RBZ statement on Bank Charges

The RBZ has issued a full press statement over its slashing of cash withdrawal fees, see below: Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will not work. {{error_message}} {{error_message}}

ZOL is offering free UNLIMITED wifi over the festive season

Internet service provider ZOL is offering free UNLIMITED wifi at all its hotspots from 15 December to 15 January. The service provider has termed this promotion  its “Christmas gift to you” over the festive season. Previously, ZOL wifi hotspots “ZOLspots” offered free wifi for 50mb or 30 min to anyone that logged into the service. […]

RBZ revises bank charges to between 1-1.25%

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has decreased bank charges for cash withdrawals with immediate effect following public outcry over exorbitant fees being charged to account holders. The new withdrawal charges have been revised with immediate effect to: 1% of the total amount withdrawn at the ATM 1.25% of the total amount withdrawn over the counter […]

Advocate Fadzayi Mahere to lead team of lawyers suing local banks

Local activist Advocate Fadzayi Mahere, popular for her stance against the introduction of Bond Notes, has released a public statement via her official Facebook Page and Twitter Account announcing her intention to drive a class action lawsuit against Zimbabwean Banks. In her statement, the Advocate intends to challenge the following issues: The grossly unreasonable, extortionate […]

Courier City, a Zimbabwean owned startup offering 50% off your shipping costs is launching live on Facebook tomorrow!

Remember Courier City? We wrote about how the Zimbabwean owned startup is planning to disrupt the traditional methods of shipping documents and parcels between Canada and Zimbabwe with a person-to-person courier service that could save you up to 50% on your shipping costs. The service will be up and running on Monday, 12 December 2016, but […]

EcoCash wants you to use its Rand Account for salaries, cash in/out, sending money and later for paying your DSTV and ZESA tokens, and yes its approved by RBZ!

The EcoCash team has a two-pronged value proposition for the introduction of South Africa’s RAND currency into its mobile money system. The first phase of its introduction includes: Cash-Ins Cash Outs Sending Money Wallet Services (Balance Enquiries and Mini- Statements) Merchants, Bill payments, Payroll (you could start getting paid in rands!?) and Bulk Payments EcoCash expects […]

How to enable EcoCash Rand Account as a normal customer, merchant, or agent!

Earlier today EcoCash unveiled its EcoCash Rand Wallet which allows its customers to cash in and cash out in South African Rands with a separate account from your normal USD wallet. Here is how you can set up your new EcoCash Rand Account: As a normal customer: Dial *151# Enter your EcoCash Pin Select Option […]

[Breaking] EcoCash will now let you Cash in and Cash out in Rands, introduces new Rand Wallet

EcoCash, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile money platform, will now let you cash in and cash out in South African Rands at all its agents accross the country. The new service is aimed at bringing convenience and choice to its 6 million customers by leveraging the existing major trade relationship between Zimbabwe and South Africa. Why Multi […]

Here are some of Econet’s interesting Terms and Conditions for mobile data, WhatsApp and Facebook social media bundles

Econet recently published a web page listing its data portfolio and Terms and Conditions for subscribers when they purchase it. The web page has some interesting Terms and conditions which we think you should be made aware of, here are some of the most interesting ones: All Data bundles are usage-based products. This means that […]

This is what you really get when you buy Econet’s mobile data, WhatsApp or Facebook bundles

Ever wondered what you really get when you buy a WhatsApp or Facebook bundle? Or how long it’s meant to last? Finally, Econet has come out with a full breakdown of its data products setting the record straight to all its subscribers on what they are really buying. Take a look at the table below taken […]

Is this what Econet did after getting sued for 50k?

We decided to take a look at Econet’s website to see if there was any public information on what a data bundle is and how it works and we found something quite interesting. There is a web page, DATA PORTFOLIO TERMS & CONDITIONS,  which lays out the terms and conditions for ALL of Econet’s data and […]

How to send, receive and install apps via WhatsApp on your Android device

The process of sharing applications through WhatsApp has become quite popular in Zimbabwe so we have decided to do a short how-to-guide on how to send, receive and install applications sent via WhatsApp. To Make the process easier (especially for first timers) we recommend using ES file explorer. The methods might seem a bit hard but […]

Is WhatsApp becoming Zimbabwe’s preferred app store?

Zimbabweans are using WhatsApp for a whole bunch of things, whether it’s chatting, sharing files (pdfs and documents), voice calling or its latest feature video calling, WhatsApp has found a way to fit into many users communication needs. However, one feature that has gone relatively unexplored (at least by us) is its ability to send […]