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Google Play Store (Android) releases its top 5 of 2016: Apps, Games, Movies and TV shows, what are yours?

Google Play Store has just released the top 5 lists of its most popular apps, games, music, movies, TV shows and books of 2016. The lists and the categories are as follows: Top Trending Apps Of 2016 Face Changer 2 Lumyer – Photo & Selfie Editor Castbox – Podcast Radio Music Emoji Keyboard Pro MSQRD Top Trending Games […]

WhatsApp helps you save data, time and space on your phone by watching videos without downloading them

Weeks after releasing WhatsApp Video calling, WhatsApp has started testing a cool new feature that will help its users save data, time and space on their phones by allowing you to watch/stream the video before downloading it giving you the option to choose whether it is worth your time. How Does it Work? The feature […]

[Update] Minister of ICT confirms ZARnet’s Telecel takeover, $21 million (USD) paid outside the country, $19 million left!

Earlier today we broke the news of ZARnet, a wholly owned subsidiary of Government, successful completing its takeover of Telecel Zimbabwe from VimpleCom. The Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, has now released a full press statement on the takeover where he discloses some of the finer details of the deal, see below:     Quick NetOne, […]

WhatsApp extends support to old phones, gives you 6 months to buy a new one!

WhatsApp has decided to extend its support to 6 “out-dated” phone operating systems. The popular messaging service had previously decided to stop supporting some old but still popular devices by the end of this year, 2016, potentially leaving millions of its users stranded as they would no longer be able to access the messaging application from […]

Kwese TV November update: Discovery Channels, BBC African Footballer and more…

We’ll admit we have been a bit quiet over Kwese TV this past month, we apologise for that, however, that doesn’t mean the guys at Econet Media haven’t been busy! Our last update on Kwese TV came when they secured an exclusive 19-country content deal with ESPN late in October.  Throughout November, Kwese TV has been pretty active […]

Econet settles for $127 million, offloads 4,2% stake in Nigerian mobile operator Airtel

Econet Wireless has finally offloaded its 4,2% stake in Airtel Nigeria for a reported figure of $127 million (USD), ending over a decade of disputes between the Zimbabwean owned (Strive Masiyiwa) company and the Indian-owned Nigerian mobile operator. The deal was tied up by Dutch company Bharti Airtel International a wholly owned subsidiary of Bharti […]

[Breaking News] Government’s Telecel takeover completed!

We have just received news that Vimplecom and Global Telecom, who owned a 60% stake in Telecel, have finally concluded the long protracted deal with Government which will see them take over their stake in the mobile network operator. The communique signed off by Telecel CEO Angeline Vere to colleagues today states that management will […]

When you go to the gym, you can’t just pay for the treadmill- DSTV on why they can’t let you choose your own channels!

Recently, South African online publication, MyBroadband, interviewed MultiChoice General Manager, Nyiko Shiburi who sat down with them to explain why DSTV cannot let subscribers simply choose their own channels and pay for them. Some of the extracts from the interview include the GM saying: “Technology is built to place channels into a relatively small number of […]

Now that they have you hooked on OneFusion, NetOne wants you to use its OneWallet mobile money platform, but what for?

Over the past few months, NetOne has enjoyed a somewhat comeback largely due to its OneFusion product which, arguably, offers the best mobile data deal in Zimbabwe right now. Many subscribers have “ditched” their previous mobile operator to enjoy the economic data package OneFusion offers and now NetOne looks to capitalize on this shift by […]

Minister of ICT accuses mobile operators of externalising forex, makes strong case for unified gateway as solution!

According to a report published by the Chronicle today, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, has accused mobile operators of “fleecing” the country of foreign currency through understated international calls. Addressing Parliament on the issue, the Minister stated that Government did not have the necessary equipment to monitor incoming and outgoing calls creating a technical grey area […]

What happened to the peaceful demonstration to Econet HQ?

Two weeks ago, Ms. Sihle Maxine Mabuda sued Econet Zimbabwe for $50k (USD) on allegations that the mobile network operator had misrepresented its daily data bundles.  She argued that Econet was misleading the public by calling the “daily” bundles insinuating that their life span was a day (24 hrs) when in fact they were capped […]

OK Zimbabwe re-launches its OK-Kawena remittance service, looks to benefit from RBZ 5% incentive scheme

OK Zimbabwe Limited which runs some of the country’s most popular retail outlets (OK, Bon Marche and OK Mart) recently re-launched its remittance service OK-KAWENA in partnership with KAWENA, a South African distribution company. According to KAWENA’s website, the main concept behind the partnership is that Zimbabweans living in South Africa could transfer money directly to a […]

Pictures of the Bond Notes arriving at Harare International Airport

We have just received images of what our sources claim to be the Bond Notes arriving at the Harare International Airport. Our sources say the notes arrived early Saturday morning and were quickly offloaded and driven off site by armored vehicles.  The plane has a clearly visible logo, Cavok Air, which is a Ukranian cargo […]

[Another Leak] Internal Bank communication on Bond Notes, they already have them, expect your November salary in Bond!

We have just received more information on Bond Notes and their expected arrival date of Monday, 28 November 2016. It seems as though banks have already received the much anticipated “local currency” and will start dishing them out to the public come Monday, just in time to pay out public and private sector salaries. The […]

[UPDATE] Leaked Images: “Brick” of Bond Notes, trolley full of coins and the RBZ poster

Yesterday we received images of the RBZ public notice showcasing the bond notes, we have now received more images of the bond notes in what looks to be a secure safe for the bond notes, a “brick” of bond notes and a trolley of bond coins, see below: [Old Article] We just received yet to […]

EcoCash makes it easier for you to pay your Church tithing during this cash crisis

Earlier today, we noticed that EcoCash, the country’s most subscribed mobile financial service provider, recently added two new interesting features to its menu. The two new menu items bring some much-needed convenience in this current cash crisis providing an option to pay pressing school fees and make your religious tithing without the burden of needing […]

Telecel & Econet team up to help the Mighty Warriors quest for Cameroon Gold

Mobile Network Operators Telecel and Econet have teamed up to help fundraise Zimbabwe National Women’s Football team, “The Mighty Warriors”, campaign at the recently started AWCON tournament being held in Cameroon. The “Quest for Cameroon” initiative will use a dedicated SMS platform to raise funds for the Mighty Warriors ensuring their stay in Cameroon is […]

Is ZOL the latest victim of RBZ forex issues?

ZOL may be the latest victim of RBZ as it joins a growing list of companies unable to access foreign currency to service operations and purchase equipment sourced from foreign vendors. We have been alerted by some of our readers that ZOL has failed to complete installations of its fiber-to-the-home products over the last few weeks […]

ZESA hints at load shedding after the RBZ cuts its forex payments by 70%

Earlier today ZESA Group CEO, Engineer Josh Chifamba, appeared before the Zimbabwean Parliamentary Committee on Mines and Energy where he made startling remarks on the current financial state of the power utility company and the dire consequences the country could face if its demands were not met . In his presentation, the CEO stated that ZESA […]

Zimbabwean recognized at inaugural African YouTube awards

Global Islamic Scholar, Dr. Mufti Ismail Menk, has won the top subscribed YouTube content creator in Zimbabwe award at the inaugural Sub-Saharan African YouTube Awards. The African award ceremony is the first of its kind with YouTube finally taking notice of the diverse content creation happening across our continent and broadcast on its platform. The original […]

Exciting new way to pay your city parking, $1 cash headache solved for now at least, toll gates next?

Earlier this morning we were in Harare’s CBD where we noticed city parking officials are now integrated with EcoCash, Zimbabwe’s leading mobile payment platform. We were able to talk to one of the parking officials who told us the integration took place early last week and has been live ever since in yet another quiet move […]

Who still uses Binu? 350k Zimbabweans! Is it still the cheapest way to stay informed?

We recently received some impressive statistics from Binu giving us some interesting perspective of how the popular ecosystem/application is doing in Zimbabwe. What is Binu? Binu is a mobile software platform that enables almost all types of mobile phones to access Internet applications and services running in the cloud with near instant response times, even […]

We tried to talk to her- Econet

Yesterday we were all surprised to find out that Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network operator, has been dragged to court by a disgruntled subscriber over what she claims to be the misrepresentation of the duration of its WhatsApp daily bundle product. The plaintiff, Ms. Maxine Mabuda, is suing Econet for $50,000. She claims that Econet […]

Same woman suing Econet once sued Telecel back in 2013! Yes, for $50k as well!

In a surprising twist of events, it has been brought to our attention that the same woman who is currently suing Econet for alleged misrepresentation of its social media bundles through false advertising once sued Telecel for $50,000 back in 2013. According to a Herald report back in 2013, Ms. Mabuda sued Telecel for the alleged wrongful […]

2 weeks in and customers are already complaining over failed ZESA-EcoCash transactions

Over the last few days, independent consumer watchdog CONSUMERIZIM has been reporting (tweeting and retweeting) complaints from people failing to purchase ZESA electricity tokens via EcoCash. The system, which went live just two weeks ago was meant to bring much needed convenience to EcoCash users as they could purchase electricity tokens anytime and from anywhere […]

Econet sued for 50k over misrepresentation of WhatsApp Bundles, plaintiff to stage legal peaceful demonstration to its HQ, all under the watchful eye of our regulator POTRAZ

According to a story posted this morning by The Herald, Econet Zimbabwe has been sued by a Zimbabwean citizen, Ms. Sihle Maxine Mabuda, over what she claims to be the misrepresentation of WhatsApp bundles by Econet to her. The plaintiff argues that the defendant, Econet, through its advertised “daily” WhatsApp bundles, is misleading the public […]

[Edited] Here is our Q&A with Courier City’s founder Strive Mazunga: talks inspiration, challenges and feedback from the public

In our earlier post, we introduced you to Courier City a Zimbabwean owned startup operating from Canada that is looking to disrupt the traditional shipping industry dominated by mega multinational companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. We were able to get its CEO and Founder Mr. Strive Mazunga to explain the idea behind Courier City, […]

Zim startup Courier City offers up to 50% less on international shipping or earn extra cash for carrying with its person-to-person shipping concept

Courier City is a Zimbabwean owned Canadian-based tech startup looking to build a person-to-person courier service aimed at disrupting the traditional model of shipping documents and parcels across the world, an industry that has made companies like DHL, FedEx, and UPS billions of dollars. The service uses existing traveler practices carrying documents and parcels on behalf […]

Run out of space on your phone? Here is a free UNLIMITED backup service for all your photos and videos you should probably try it out!

Every year smartphone companies release new and improved versions of devices. From the top, mid and low range devices improvements are made on all device hardware and software. One main feature that tends to make or break the market uptake of a device is the smartphone’s camera and the quality of images it takes but […]

Everyone (iOS, Android & Windows Mobile) will have WhatsApp video calling in its next official update!

WhatsApp video calling will now be available to all its users and all platforms in its next official app update. Android, Windows Mobile, and iOS users can expect to have the feature available which will allow video calling across all OS platforms. Previously the video calling feature was only available in beta (testing) versions of […]