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Author: L.S.M Kabweza

Kwese Free Sports is here, in Zimbabwe (update)

Update: In the first version of this article, we gave the impression that Kwese Free Sports will always be zero-rated. This is not the case. Econet is just zero-rating it for today’s NBA Africa Game from 1600hrs to 2000hrs. We’re sorry for the oversight. So yes, Kwese Free Sports is here. Via the mobile app, […]

Government would like to own Telecel 100%

Speaking at the Mobile Money and Digital Payments event in Harare today, Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira said that government’s intention is to own 100% of Telecel Zimbabwe. Government currently owns 60% of Telecel which it bought from Vimpelcom.  The other 40% is owned by the Empowerment Corporation of Zimbabwe. There hasn’t been clarity though […]

“Speed up, but don’t try to copy China!” and other advice Jack Ma has for African entrepreneurs

As you may know, Asia’s richest man and founder of Alibaba, Jack Ma, visited Africa for the first time about two weeks ago as part of his role as a special adviser on youth entrepreneurship to the UN. There he spoke about about building Alibaba and the things he learned and especially those that African entrepreneurs can learn from.  […]

Local email database peddlers turn to WhatsApp

There are all kinds of shady digital marketing methods in Zimbabwe involving email. It ranges from the outright digital tsotsis who sell so called “email databases”, essentially making businesses pay to get their hands on a list of email addresses to spam, to milder spammers who make it their job to build these databases, not […]

Zim based digital currencies startup, BitFinance, adds Litecoin and Dash

BitFinance, one of the few digital currencies startups in Africa, is now offering more than just bitcoin on its BitcoinFundi exchange. The startup has added Litecoin and Dash to its digital currencies. Since they launched the exchange about a year and half ago, BitFinance had been trading bitcoin only. I logged into my account today to […]

Bundles, Zero-rating and Net Neutrality in Zimbabwe’s #BroadbandEconomy. A critical issue unprioritised

One of the key issues discussed at Techzim’s just ended Broadband Economy Conference was that of Bundles for third party sites & apps, Zero rating and net neutrality. After a net neutrality discussion at previous Broadband Economy Conference had established that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, didn’t consider net neutrality a critical issue, we decided this […]

Zimbabwean founder of self driving car, raises $390,000 online #BroadbandEconomy

Regular Techzim readers probably remember the article on Pasi William Sachiti, a Zimbabwean entrepreneur based in the UK who, less than a month ago, launched a crowdfunding campaign for his self-driving car startup. Sachiti and team have achieved the amazing feat of not only raising the target £300,000 they were looking for, but they are […]

Zimpapers launches new newspaper, Business Weekly

Zimpapers has launched a new business print publication called Business Weekly. The newspaper is accompanied by a website on and a mobile app (no link yet). The new publication will also have video which, from the CEO’s presentation at the launch event yesterday, will be provided by the Zimpapers new TV unit, ZTN. At the […]

A Bitcoin focused breakfast meeting hosted by Institute of Directors Zimbabwe (28 June)

The institute of Directors Zimbabwe (IODZ) is hosting a breakfast meeting focused on discussion Bitcoin this week. At the meeting, local Bitcoin evangelist and investor, Taurai Chinyamakobvu, will lead a discussion titled “The Future of Money: Cryptos and Blockchain 101: the greatest innovation since the internet”. The meeting is meant to introduce business leaders and executives […]

TelOne in $25 million loss. Burdened by old PTC loans

TelOne made a loss of $24.9 million dollars in 2016, the company’s annual financial results reveal. Announced today, the results show that the company is burdened mostly by loans from a long time ago when it was still Posts a Telecommunications Communications ( PTC ). Those loans amount to $231 million and they brought with […]

The EcoCash ecosystem numbers update (June 2017)

Nathalie Jabangwe Morris, EcoCash Zimbabwe General Manager Today, at the announcement of the EcoCash and ZINARA tollgate integration, EcoCash Zimbabwe General Manager, Nathalie Jabangwe, noted some new milestone figures of the EcoCash ecosystem. The last time we posted these was in July 2016. 27,000 Merchants – This is up from 20,000 merchants last year. The 35% […]

Uber CEO finally resigns, after months of sexual harassment scandals, PR blunders & chaos

The CEO of Uber, one of the world’s most disruptive internet companies, has resigned. He has finally let go the leadership of a company he co-founded in 2009, which is now valued at US $70 billion, more than any other privately held tech startup in the world. The resignation of Travis Kalanick, according to a report on […]

This Zimbabwean has built a self-driving car in the UK. And it will be on the streets in 6 months

A Zimbabwean entrepreneur based in the UK, Pasi William Sachiti, has built a self-driving delivery car which he says will be ready for the streets in just 6 months from now. The car, aptly called Kar-Go, uses artificial intelligence to drive itself around delivering packages to homes and can deliver up to a dozen of […]

Zimpapers appoints new GM for Digital and Publishing, and what this means for its future

Zimpapers, the country’s largest news company by readership (listener-ship and soon viewership as well) has appointed a new general manager to oversee the group’s Digital and Publishing Division. The new head, Marks Shayamano, is a Zimpapers veteran who has apparently been with the company since 1985. He was recently the GM of Zimpapers in Buawayo […]

Making cents of Econet’s new Elevate initiative

We’ve been trying to understand Econet’s new initiative, Elevate. The program was launched over the weekend in Harare. Econet said in a press release that this is about targeting the youth for empowerment. The words “youth” and “empowerment” are ofcourse meaningless thanks to the abuse by politicians, so we’ll avoid them and use simpler words […]

The unofficial 15% EcoCash fee for cash

This past weekend, I needed to buy some DIY type tools for a project we’re working on at home. Some of the things are available in Harare’s downtown area and the other stuff at the Magaba Siyaso home industries market in Mbare. My assumption, leaving home, was that I could pay for the things using […]

Telecel introduces $50,000 daily lottery for 15 cents a day

Telecel Zimbabwe, the government owned operator has introduced a lottery for its subscribers called Lucky Number SMS. Using SMS, subscribers will make an entry for 15 cents a day for a chance to be the daily jackpot winner who gets $50,000 or, if there’s no jackpot winner, be one of several people who match only […]

Is there something more to Telone switching to prepaid voice services?

Back in February we wrote that TelOne had started expanding prepaid voice service in pilot and then it was available in about 7 areas. Ads being run by the company suggest they have now gone full scale rolling out the service to all landline subscribers. The project has been in the background for about 2 years. With prepaid the […]

Local e-commerce startup, 10ngah, fails customers

We’ve written about the e-commerce site 10ngah a few times here on Techzim as one of the examples of local e-commerce startups. This means when people search for their name online, they see the articles we wrote about them when they launched, and they trust that they buy from them. Over the past couple of months […]

Econet annual profit down to $36 million

Econet released its annual financial results today. The company’s profit for the year, as generally expected, declined. This time by 10% to $36.2 million from $40.2 million the previous year. Revenue was also decreased from $641 million to $622 million. EBDTA (which stands for earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) also declined 6.4%. to $224 million from US$238.4 million. EBIDTA essentially shows the company’s earnings […]

New pleasant-surprise leadership appointments at Steward Bank

Today we woke up to the announcement of new appointments at Steward Bank. To Techzim readers and the local tech ecosystem in general, the bank’s new appointments will come as a pleasant surprise as these are familiar faces we interact with. The new team comprises Arthur Matsaudza, Gedion Moyo, James Ritala and Luckson Madziwa. Who are these […]

With 50 million potential viewers, Kwese now biggest FTA TV player in Africa, says Econet

In a CNN interview this week, Econet Global Limited CEO, Hardy Pemhiwa, said that Kwese TV is now the biggest FTA TV network in Africa. Asked how many subscribers the relatively new media company now has, Pemhiwa avoided speaking about ‘subscribers’ but spoke about ‘eyeballs’ Kwese has access to instead: We now have access to 50 million eyeballs […]

How Kwese TV bundles will work once it launches on Econet Zimbabwe

Remember the deal Kwese signed to have its TV content available to mobile subscribers of Kenya and Ghana? The company is looking at mobile networks, like Econet’s in Zimbabwe, as one of the key distribution platforms for its content, which now comprises quite a collection of channels; sports, music, movies, news and so on. In fact, even though […]

EcoCash Mastercard VCN service down… customers fail to make online payments

The EcoCash Mastercard VCN service is down. The service, which EcoCash subscribers use to generate Virtual Card Numbers (hence VCN), is one of the few ways Zimbabweans have to make payment to merchants outside the country. Users of the service have been complaining on social media and other platforms that attempts to issues themselves VCNs using the services, have […]

Bitcoin at record price as it crosses $1,900 mark. Zimbabwe price already above $2,000

If you’ve heard anything about bitcoin the past couple of weeks, it’s probably been along the lines of: In 2010, if you had $10,000 to invest and you put it all in gold, today your gold would be worth $9,981. But if you’d invested it in bitcoins, you’d have US $200 million worth. It’s a bitcoin price growth example […]

Zim government to speed up Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill in response to ransomware cyber-attack

Zimbabwe ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira said yesterday that in the face of the recent global ransomware cyber-attack, the government is speeding up the approval of the Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill. The minister was speaking at an occasion to mark the successful acquisition of Telecel Zimbabwe by the government yesterday. Mandiwanzira said the government is taking the recent WannaCry cyber-attack […]

Google’s plans for your phone: announcement highlights from Google I/O 2017

As the geeks amoung you already know, yesterday Google kicked off its annual developer conference called Google I/O. The conference is where Google shares its plan for the ecosystem of products it makes. The goal is to have the developer community globally building apps and gadgets that use Google technologies. We really loved some of the things that Google is introducing. […]

These Zimbabweans’ Bots made it to the Messenger Bot Challenge finalists

Two Messenger Bots made by Zimbabweans made it to the 60 finalists of the Messenger Bot Challenge being run by Facebook. The Challenge was launched by Facebook in February this year. The Bots – Zimbabwe: Sphinx The Game and Zimbabwe: PopTime Bot – Movie Companion – are a game and a movie recommendation app respectively. The movie recommendation bot was […]

We have injected $5 million into Telecel, says Government of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira announced today that the government invested US $5 million into Telecel Zimbabwe in January this year. The announcement was made at a cocktail organised to assure the market that the mobile operator is strong and has a solid future after its acquisition by government. Said the minister: I wish to […]

Telecel to launch LTE

Angeline Vere, Telecel CEO Telecel Zimbabwe will be rolling out LTE data services in the 3rd quarter of this year. The announcement was made by ICT minister Supa Mandiwanzira at an event to mark the revival of Telecel as a brand and telecoms player in the market. Telecel, which is now owned by the government of […]