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PICTURES: Computer Society Of Zimbabwe 45th Anniversary Dinner

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Do I Need A Tech Detox? Yes, You Do, And Here is Why.

While we are all raving about the beauty of technology, we have forgotten to pay attention to any of its drawbacks, chief among them how it’s impacting our health. A few days ago someone stole my smartphone and i haven’t gotten over that since. Im a selfie person and always feel deep pain when i want […]

Kids And Tech: Dos and Donts

We often wonder as techies how parents can introduce their young children to technology without wiping away their innocence. Can a parent safely introduce tech to a young child is a million dollar question ringing in my mind as I write this article. How And When Can A Parent Introduce Their Young One To Tech? […]

Have Thine Own Way – Quick DIY Projects That Can Help You Save Money

Over the years we have seen  Do It Yourself (DIY) projects flourish. We have seen DIY Ceilings, kitchens we have seen people mounting their own TVs and bed, we have seen DIY hairstyles. What’s next, we wonder, DIY houses, DIY boats, cars? Only time will tell where DIY will take us next. The tech world […]

Techzim Generation Z Career Guidance Master : Our Guest For Tonight, Econet COO Fayaz King

By now you are most probably aware of the Techzim Generation Z career guidance Master class that takes place in the Techzim Generation Z WhatsApp Group every Thursday at 19:00 hrs CAT. If not well today we give you yet another chance to join, or get your teenage or early 20s child to join the group […]

Techzim Generation Z Career Guidance Masterclass: Our Guest For Tonight

Tonight our young group of techies will get career guidance advice from Mr. Alexandre N’DJore. I personally met Alex in Capetown in November and we got to talk and spoke lengthly about his career. I was fascinated by his intelligence and secondly his business savviness. Those two qualities among other things best qualify him to inspire and […]

Are You A Teenager? Join The Techzim Career Guidance Masterclass That Kicks Off Tonight.

What? What Techzim Career Guidance Masterclass, is the question many are asking. Today at 7PM in the WhatsApp Group Techzim Generation Z, a career guidance masterclass will kick off. Over the years Techzim has been looking for ways to engage with the younger generation. Given the cost of data in this country its somehow not […]

GeneInsure Launches An Automated Licencing Machine.

GeneInsure a new kid on the block has become the first in the country to launch an Automated Licensing Machine. The machine as some saw it will revolutionize how vehicle licensing will be done in Zimbabwe. The ALM which was unveiled today 17 December 2018 by the Minister of Transport Honorable Joel Biggie Matiza which will […]

Africa Tech Summit Is Around The Corner, Here Is Your Chance To Win A Free Delegate Pass.

Ever heard of the Africa Tech Summit? Well, a few weeks ago when came I back from the AfricaCom Conference I came back bubbling and bursting with ideas. Thing is, the ideas are mainly for wholesalers, government departments and huge telcos ( most of the exhibitors at the conference only supply the mentioned only) and […]

Podcast On President Mnangagwa’s First 100 Days. What Say Ye?

While some are convinced 100 days is not enough to measure any progress, there are some people out there I’m sure who like me think 100 days is a long time to prove to masses that we are in the right direction. Speculations aside let’s work with facts, what positive change have you seen in […]

Developers Say There Are No Jobs In Zimbabwe, Employers Say They Cant Find Good Developers, Are These Statements True?

The answer to the question above is yes and no. This latest paradox has affected this industry. While its true that good developers are hard to find, its also not true that there are not there in Zimbabwe. Excellent Developers are there, the trick is on how to scout for them. Developers on the other and […]

Developers And Employers In Zimbabwe, Your Jigsaw Puzzle Has Been Solved.

Over the years we have heard and seen people complain that this particular commodity is hard to or can’t be found anywhere and we always wonder where have they been searching for it. Case in point,  I was telling someone I can’t find guinea fowls anywhere in Harare, a lady I got to know about later […]

As Seen At The Computer Society of Zimbabwe Summer School 2018

A few weeks ago we started a social media campaign on behalf of the Computer Society of Zimbabwe. CSZ. The campaign was centered on their upcoming Summer School that was to be held in Vic Falls. Yesterday the summer school kicked off with some exhibitions from Frolgate, Oracle and Sophos among others. CSZ Rebranding.  The opening […]

[VIDEO] : Computer Society Of Zimbabwe Summer School Day 1 Keynote Address

Live from The Falls Azhar Khan talks about strategies for exponential growth using digital transformation. CSZ Summer school Day 1 Key Note Address — Techzim (@Techzim) November 8, 2018 Mr Ibrahim Mtombeni now presenting about digital skills in new technologies. Mr Sebastian Bratieres now presenting on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning CSZ Summer school Day […]

[VIDEO]: Computer Society Of Zimbabwe Summer School Speakers

In exactly 4 days the Computer Society of Zimbabwe will hold their Summer School in the resort town of Victoria Falls. Here are some of the speakers for their event. Be sure to check their profiles on Pindula If you haven’t registered as yet you can register here Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number […]

Ever Wanted To Equip Yourself With Skills Fit For The Ever Changing ICT World? Here Is Your Chance.

Why? Long long back when African movies were the in-thing, most African Movies started with a narration usually in a deep voice that would say ” from the producers of such such a movie”  marketed and distributed by so and so the guys that brought you so and so. This was very tedious and we would […]

Wanna Upgrade Your Diploma To A Degree In 2 Years?

There is a good number of us who feel insecure in their places of work. We feel that we are inadequate and live in constant fear of being found out and outed for being the pretenders we think we are. Sadly, most of the time we have no reason to feel this way at all. […]

You May Think You Don’t Need Another Qualification But You Probably Do, Consider This One

Job search has become a nightmare these days. Mainly because most recruiters now require extra skills apart from industry specific skills. Sometime back I was chatting to  a lady from an elevator repairing company and she was looking for an engineer with a marketing background! Gone are the days of specializing in one field and […]

Transportation, The Next Industry To Be Disrupted By The 4th Industrial Revolution

Transportation, The Next Industry To Be Disrupted By The 4th Industrial Revolution Last year as I was shopping in the famous Kariakoo Market in Dar Es Salam, I discovered a simple fact. Although I had been coached on how to say “how much is this item” in Swahili, and I would always ask in Swahili, little […]

You Don’t Need To Uproot Your Life To Get A Degree, ZOU Is Making It Even Easier For You

Let me start by quoting Julius Malema: You have been to school and there are no jobs, therefore education is useless. No, You are not getting an education because you want to be a teacher or an engineer, you are just expanding your knowledge and your understanding. Through those qualifications you can outmaneuver every situation…even […]

Social Media Etiquette Series Finale: Twitter, The Champions’ League

We have come to the end of our Social Media Etiquette series. Just like the UEFA champions league one needs to be well prepared, well trained and of sound mind to be able to tread on twitter grounds. Up until an hour ago, i was still wondering how to properly articulate this, only champions can […]

PRESS RELEASE : 9th Edition Of Aegis Graham Bell Award Nominations Open

India is always envisioned to be portrayed as a conspicuous innovative hub for rising brilliance and virtuosity. However, we often questioned about the panache and endowment of our countrymen for being at power to the innovations. Aegis School of Data Science, Cyber Security & Telecom, key innovators and veterans of the industries realized that it […]

Square World, The One Stop Shop For Diasporians

A few years back, I witnessed my uncle taking medication for his Tuberculosis, The pills were so many, I was disturbed. Long after my uncle was gone, as I was conversing with my doctor friend, I discovered the pills had been consolidated, one had to take just one pill a day and they will be […]

VIDEO: National Trade Tariffs Workshop 2018

Live stream of the Competition and Tariffs Commission Trade Tariffs Workshop in Harare event Video Livestream: Competition and Tariffs Commission Trade Tariffs Workshop: @CTCZimbabwe — Techzim (@Techzim) August 24, 2018 Livestream: Competition and Tariffs Commission Trade Tariffs Workshop going right now at Rainbow Towers — Techzim (@Techzim) August 24, 2018 Quick NetOne, Econet, And […]

[PRESS RELEASE]: DEMO Africa 2018 Announces Top 30 Finalists

Following a few months of innovation roadshows, city tours and virtual adjudication, the management team of DEMO Africa today announced the selection of the thirty (30) startup finalists for the 2018 edition of the annual conference. All roads lead to Casablanca in October as the finalists present their technologies to the world at the 7th […]

Everyday Banking For Everyday People It Is.

“Everyday Banking for everyday people” is the Steward bank tagline that has caught our attention simply because Steward Bank has indeed become an everyday bank for everyone. How? How has Steward Bank become an everyday bank you may want to know? The answer is so simple apart from all products Steward Bank is offering the […]

PRESS RELEASE : Steward Bank Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Health-Care Fund To Resuscitate The Medical Sector

Steward Bank has announced the launch of a multi-million-dollar Health Care fund to facilitate the recapitalization and modernization of commercial health care facilities in Zimbabwe on the sidelines of the Zimbabwe Medical Association (ZIMA) 2018 conference being held at the HICC.  The banking subsidiary of telecoms giant Econet Wireless, which in the past year has […]

$100 Million Loan Facility Available For Medical Practitioners And Other Healthcare Sector Players,From Steward Bank.

A refreshing ball of good news to all players in the healthcare industry, Steward Bank have just made a whooping $100 Million loan facility available to all healthcare industry players interested. The facility, code named Healthcare Fund is available as from today the 17th of August 2018. The announcement was made today by the steward […]

Social Media Etiquette Part 3 : The Ingenious Facebook

A few day back, we asked our Twitter audience about what they thought had caused the decline in Facebook ‘s revenue, one particular response caught my attention “They are trying to be all things to all people”. Indeed Facebook is now all things to all people. It keeps your memories and reminds you about them […]

Some Headaches Can Be Resolved Simply By Engaging Experts!!

The Fall Of The 1990s Bus Operators Growing up we used to know many bus operators that plied many routes and we would see them everywhere because they were famous. Those bus operators just vanished off the roads and up to this day very few of them are still operational. Most of the old folk […]