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Nhava To Launch Tablet Device In A Couple Of Days

Back in May this year when we last visited the Nhava offices, the Nhava CEO Mr. Tinashe Shangwa told us the company was about to launch a new tablet device named the Maestro in a matter of weeks. Well, the Maestro didn’t exactly come in a matter of weeks. But a couple of days ago, we had an opportunity to chat with Mr. Shangwa at the Nhava Avenues offices and he had some news for us.

Cyber Gaming LAN Tourney This Sunday

We just got an email from the organizers of the Zim cyber gaming LAN events. There’s going to be a tournament this Sunday, 7th of November. The organizers, Yo Africa, try to hold a tournament almost every month. Last one was on 3 October.

Econet Says Mobile Broadband Selling Like Hot Cakes

We’ve just received a press release from Econet with some news we can’t say we expected. Apparently, the recently launched Econet Broadband service has been a “runaway successes surpassing anything the company has experienced before.” Econet says it has connected more than 100,000 subscribers within just a week.

Econet Reduces Mobile Broadband Tariffs, More Reductions to Come

There’s some good news to share today. Econet published new tariffs for its mobile broadband services in the press. On the new tariff schedule, some mobile broadband packages have been reduced by as much 50%. Not all packages have been reduced but hey, any easing of those steep rates is welcome.

Telecel Pushes Mobile Internet Launch To Next Year

Last week left a lot of mobile users asking questions about Telecel’s data services. Econet’s pricey mobile broadband and Africom’s (and PowerTel’s) lack of coverage outside Harare has increased the calls for an alternative. And many believe Telecel has the much needed international backing from its Egypt based parent company, Telecel Globe, to provide an alternative.

Baraza; Google’s Answer To Local Content For Africa

Yesterday, Google launched Google Baraza, a community driven question and answer site allowing users to submit questions and answer questions posed by other users. The product is still in beta and marks another Google’s attempt at developing products specifically for the continent.

The Africom Mobile Broadband Coverage Map

There have been some questions from our readers here on the site, about Africom’s network coverage. We initially didn’t think it was necessary to post it because it’s on the Africom website,

Beyond A Gig, Africom’s Mobile Broadband Costs $100 Per Gig

Africom has received a lot of praise since it launched its mobile broadband service a little more than a month ago. Most users of the new service love it. Some subscribers even credit Africom with bringing the first true mobile broadband experience to Zimbabwe.

NetOne Is The Talk of The Town?

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Africom Launches Paid Mobile Broadband Services

Today Africom officially unveiled its paid mobile broadband services through adverts in the press and an email sent today to subscribers using the services for the one month free bandwidth promotion. The email basically tells subscribers to pay by 23 October or get disconnected.

Econet Launches Mobile Broadband Services

We’re just from the launch of Zimbabwe’s first nationwide broadband service by Econet at an elegant dinner at the Crowne Plaza in Harare this evening. The launch was attended was attended by cabinet ministers, ambassadors and POTRAZ officials.

NetApp Launches Zimbabwe Partnership With Frolgate Technology

NetApp, the NASDAQ listed fortune 100 company, launched their Zimbabwe presence today through Frolgate Technology, a local ICT solutions company. The launch was done at a hotel in Harare.

Telecel Wins Market Penetration Leadership Award

Telecel Zimbabwe has been awarded the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Penetration Leadership within the Southern African Development Community.

Africom Mobile Broadband Services Prices

It is common knowledge now that Zimbabweans are going to be getting better quality mobile Internet within the next 2 weeks. Whether it’s going to be affordable or not is of course another matter altogether and a discussion for when the official tariff schedules come out.

Possible Econet Data Bundle Prices Revealed

We just received an update on our Twitter feed from an alert Tafmak with details on the new Econet pricing for the data services to be announced 2 days from now.

Africom Delays Launch Of Paid Mobile Internet Services

When Africom launched mobile internet services about a month ago, it was with a one month free bandwidth promotion for all customers. The promotion was due to expire on 10 October, when Africom said it would unveil the tariff schedule for the new services. 10 October came and passed and it’s emerging Africom is not ready yet.

Zimbabwe Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Release Party This Sat

It’s October and the second Ubuntu release of the year has just been made available for download. As is tradition now, the Zimbabwe Ubuntu Loco team hosts an Ubuntu Release Party to celebrate the new version.

Econet to Launch Econet Broadband In Less Than A Week

Early this month, Econet promised to launch a comprehensive mobile Internet service at the end of the month. Talking to Econet staff lately, Techzim got the impression that Econet is about to launch something so impressive it’ll blow our minds off. And as one guy put it, “it’s going to be a game changer”.

PowerTel Opens Up 3G To More Subscribers As Mobile Broadband Competition Heats Up

We’ve just learnt that PowerTel, the state owned Internet Access Provider, has opened up its 3G service PowerConnect, to more subscribers. Powertel launched the mobile Internet service in 2007 but stopped signing up more subscribers after its network system reached capacity. Opening PowerConnect to new subscribers follows a network expansion project that has seen higher […]

Full Text of ZOL Press Statement on “Potraz accused of inaction”

Below is the full text of ZOL’s press statement we got hold of earlier today. The statement is in response to the article published in the Sunday Mail of 10 October 2010, titled “POTRAZ Accused of inaction” The statement will likely be in the press tomorrow or Friday. We posted an article about this issue early today.

Econet to Partner Afre on New Life Assurance Product: EcoLife

We just received information that Econet and Afre Corporation (formerly First Mutual Life Assurance Limited) will be announcing a new Life Insurance product to the press tomorrow. The new product is called EcoLife

Pastel launches its Payroll and Human Resources software in Zimbabwe

Pastel’s Payroll and Pastel Payroll Human Resources software are now available for the first time in Zimbabwe, following their launch in Harare on Thursday last week.

Econet Says Wait Till Late October for Mobile Broadband

No sooner had I hit ‘publish’ on an article about the suspension of Ecoweb Mobile WiMax sales, than a new SMS notification buzzed on my phone. It’s a broadcast message from Econet (You get to do this when you own a huge mobile network) and it confirms what we’ve been writing these past few weeks. It says:

Ecoweb Quietly Suspends Selling Mobile WiMax

Many people wanting to buy the Ecoweb Mobile WiMax service this week were met with an unpleasant surprise: Ecoweb customer service agents are telling prospective customers that the service is no longer available for new customers.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Slashes International Rates

We’ve just been informed through a release by Econet that the largest mobile operator in the country is slashing International call rates by 50%. A huge drop and one effectively making Econet the cheapest network for international calls

Econet South Africa’s Virtual Operation Sells 500,000 Lines

We just received a press release from Econet with information that Econet Wireless South Africa has sold more than 500,000 SIM packs the past 12 months. Econet is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in South Africa where it piggybacks on Cell C infrastructure.

Axis Solutions Wins ICT Africa 2010 Best Exhibition Award

Yesterday evening ended with a cocktail celebration sponsored by Africom to officially close ICT Africa in 2010. As is the tradition, the Thomson Publications best exhibition award is given to the ICT Africa best exhibitor on this night.

Low Turnout at This Year’s ICT Africa Exhibition

Compared to previous editions of the ICT Africa exhibition, this year’s event saw a remarkable decline in attendance. Visitors to the exhibition park in Harare were so few the place looked empty most of the time.

Africom Launches Mobile Broadband, Gives Free Bandwidth for a Month

As promised last week at the launch of the new red Africom, Africom has launched their mobile broadband service this week. The mobile broadband service is available in Harare only at the moment

ZOL Launches ZOLife Magazine

Zimbabwe Leading Internet Service Provider ZOL launched a new magazine yesterday on the sidelines of the ICT Africa 2010. The magazine is run online as a blog at and also has a free offline paper magazine to be issued six times a year.