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Students write O’Level Computers Practical exam from 9pm to 12 midnight

Students at Sobukhazi High School in Bulawayo had to wait thirteen hours to write their Computer Practical exam after there was an electrical fault at their school. The exam was scheduled to start at 8am last Monday and the Form Four students at Sobukhazi had to bide their time as their fellow students at other […]

Video: You say Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in Africa… You’re wrong!

News reports often claim that because of Zimbabwe’s superior education, it has the highest literacy rate in Africa. Recently a politician in the country, Supa Mandiwanzira, echoed this “fact”. The data, unfortunately, suggests otherwise. There are at least 10 countries that are ahead of Zimbabwe in terms of literacy… but is there even a point […]

Government promises to connect 1 300 schools to the Internet

Warning: We are in election season! In a speech at the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) in Buenos Aires in Argentina, the Minister of Information, Communication Technology, Postal and Courier Services Hon Supa Mandiwanzira stated that the government is on a roll to connect 1 300 schools to the Internet. On a separate note, according to […]

Like Zimbabwe, U.S pushes STEM initiative as tech companies pledge $300m

The US government under president Trump has made it a priority to prepare students for careers in technology. The Trump administration has been directing money towards bolstering science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education. In the same week that Trump directed the Education Department to put $200m in grant money towards computer science education, tech […]

Is There a Zimbabwean Polytechnic That Accepts Online Applications?

What year is it? It’s 2017 right. So why are Zimbabwean polytechnics not accepting online applications? Well, maybe they do so let me not rush to say that they aren’t. Let’s take a look at whether it is possible to do an online application for a Zimbabwean Polytechnic. Harare Polytechnic doesn’t accept at all When […]

How I Taught my 6-year old Daughter about 5G and Self-Driving Cars

This story first appeared on GC Diaries blog (reshared with permission) I was driving my family to church last Sunday morning when, like in most boardrooms today,  my daughter and I struck a conversation about 5G. It went like this: Eliecia: Daddy, what would it be like if the car could drive itself so you […]

School-type sciences were not for Phillip, the unconventional maker

So we usually get emails of people doing things out there, pitching ideas and all of that sort. And to be fair it’s usually the same sort of stuff we see everywhere. But once in awhile you find just that one person that just has an original take on things. From the title you might […]

Can your child found the next Google or Amazon? Why not?

Picture this: 3. What is ‘3?’ You may respond it is the number 3. Then I ask, what is the number 3? You will probably have difficulty describing that one. The first thing to mind will probably be that this is a symbol but that will probably be as far as you go. What does […]

STEM focused Robert Mugabe University will cost $1 billion & Zimbabweans are angry

Yesterday, the government announced that it has approved the spending of at least US $1 billion to establish a STEM focused university in honour of President Robert Mugabe. The amount allocated to the university is equivalent to about a quarter of Zimbabwe’s annual budget. The Minister of Higher & Tertiary Education, Science & Technology Development, Jonathan Moyo, announced […]

Computer education taken to rural areas effectively by Zimbabwean man

In the quest to equip all Zimbabweans with computer skills different strategies have been employed in the past decade by various organisations. Most, because of either laziness or lack of inventiveness simply bought computers and threw them into schools and called it a day. Local man Itai Shumba tried this himself and it failed spectacularly […]

Portable Cloud – A forgotten device from Stanford University makes it’s way to Zimbabwe

Simon to the left in picture with his team member You might be wondering what device… Okay, let’s talk about that first. Portable Cloud is the name of the device. It is a small box packed with some capable tech inside to allow offline distribution of content. Locally, not everyone can connect to the Internet […]

Private schools, local languages and all the rest…

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense why certain stories find their way on Techzim right? An example of such is this very article. Why would a tech blog talk about vernacular languages in the education system? Here’s the short explanation: First, you are right, Techzim is a tech publication with a hint of business. Education, however, […]

Hey career parent, who is raising your child?

Last month my colleague shared a bit about our trip to Nyanga, to The Troutbeck School particularly. He then launched a series to discuss the Montessori system as an alternative approach to education. There is a lot to explore on the Montessori method in general and The Troutbeck School specifically. However, in this article I […]

A strong passion to empower women leads to developing and growing communities through code

Last week, we talked about how Marlene Mhangami became the first African woman to be a director on the Python Software Foundation board. The article ended with a promise that we would hear from Marlene herself about her journey and how she got to where she is. So here it is in her own words. […]

A new way to learn through exploration in Virtual Reality

The experience that I had with getting started viewing virtual reality was really good. And if you read that article, you know that it left me wondering whether there were use cases for Virtual Reality in other areas of our lives, especially education. So I went on the hunt for some VR experiences that I’d […]

Zimcode: brings coding lessons to students in Bulawayo

A few articles ago, I talked about my journey as a self-taught coder. If you read that article, you would know that it was all possible because I had access to a computer, an internet connection and I was motivated enough to pursue it because of my passion for technology. Now many people may have […]

Interested in code? Here is a list of coding communities in Zimbabwe

A few days ago I talked about my journey as a self-taught coder. We decided to compile a list of some coding initiatives that are being run in Zimbabwe. The list aims to show people communities that they can join to learn code or discuss code related stuff. If we missed anything, please tell us […]

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning – Why should you care?

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. In the tech space, these terms have been used a lot and sometimes interchangeably without understanding what they mean. So what is all the fuss about? Before we get to why you should care, let us first clear up the confusion of what each is all about and […]

A different kind of education in Zimbabwe: Our visit to a Montessori school

A few weeks ago, I went to see a Montessori school. When a colleague here at the office told me he had a trip planned to go see “a different kind of school” for our referral articles, I asked to join him. He had mentioned that the school uses the Montessori way of learning and […]

Zimbabwe’s fake degree problem: We need an online degree verification process

This guest post was authored by Eng. Jacob Kudzayi Mutisi. Be careful who you refer to as Doctor! After reading what is happening in Tanzania, “Tanzania fires 9,932 civil servants over fake degrees” and here in Zimbabwe, “Jail time for fake degree holders” by our Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo. What is the situation […]

5 reasons why you should participate in the Google Digital Skills Training program

I’m pretty sure one way or the other, you’ve heard about the digital skills training that Google has been conducting throughout Africa. Over the last two days, there has been talk on how the initiative has finally reached Zimbabwe. In light of this, I thought it important for me to just give you simple reasons […]

Why I didn’t enjoy university

On the first day of university my fellow freshmen were excited and anxious. I wasn’t. Some were excited because being in university was an achievement. It wasn’t for me. Some were excited because they would be getting a university degree. I didn’t care. Some were excited because they could now breathe in freedom away from home. […]

ACE curriculum introduced at local preschool

There has been much talk about educational curricula recently. Whether or not you agree with Lazarus Dokora on the contents or the implementation of the curriculum change in Zimbabwe’s public school system, there’s one great thing to take out of the whole drama. Zimbabweans have been forced to take a closer look at how and […]

The reluctance to change: will it cost us anything or everything?

I know you might already think I’m all about what’s wrong with the tech scene in Zimbabwe, but I choose to view myself as a watchman; my job is to tell you the Zimbabwean tech flaws and you will choose whether to complain with me, or do something about it… So maybe all you entrepreneurs […]

1,500 students currently receiving free education through Zimbabwe’s STEM initiative

There are at least 1,500 students across Zimbabwe that are currently getting a free education as part of the national STEM Initiative launched in 2016. According to Open Parly this information was recently shared with a parliamentary committee by the Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education, Professor Jonathan Moyo. Zimbabwe’s STEM Initiative which was introduced at the start […]

Looking for the best options after O and A Level in Zimbabwe? This place provides a 21st Century education

What does a 21st-century education look like? This is not any easy question to either ask or answer. I am more aware of what it should not be but not what it is. Education in this century should NOT be rigid and it should not be boring! Thankfully, there are options like ASHE International College that provide an education that is neither of those two.

Zimbabwe’s schools now teaching early childhood Maths, Science & IT in vernacular languages

Zimbabwe’s Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres have started teaching all subjects using local languages, including vernacular languages. The languages listed and recognised as official in Zimbabwe are English, Shona, Ndebele, Sign Language, Ndau, Chewa, Chibarwe, Kalanga, Koisan, Nambya, Shangani, Shona, Sotho, Tonga, Tswana, Venda and Xhosa. Most of these languages are common to specific geographic […]