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Huawei’s Ban Is More Far-Reaching Than You Think

One of the most interesting sentiments I heard when people were discussing their views regarding Huawei’s recent ban, was that “they can simply move to Android’s Open Source Project”. When it became clear that, that wasn’t that simple the next thing was “they can build their own OS, they don’t need Android”. This might be […]

Apply For The Google News Initiative Challenge To Help Improve Journalism Across The Globe

GNI is Google’s global effort to work with the news industry to help journalism thrive in the digital age. Through rounds of regional funding, the GNI Innovation Challenges is supposed to empower news innovators from around the world to demonstrate new thinking in online journalism and the development of new publishing business models. The Challenge […]

Huawei Is Back In The SD Association And Other Important Associations

Huawei hasn’t managed to catch many breaks in the last few weeks. Thanks to a ruling by the US Commerce Department, the Chinese company has had countless American firms cut all dealings with it. This included cutting ties with Google and other smartphone industry standards associations. But the good news is that Huawei has now […]

Android Q To Come With Focus Mode For Avoiding Distractions

Most of us know we have some issues when it comes to smartphone addiction. There have been many discussions regarding WhatsApp and how it’s affecting people in the workplace. You see it at work, in social settings and even in the home. There is a problem and a majority acknowledges this but unfortunately it’s very […]

US Man Arrested For Keeping TV Sent To Him By Mistake

It’s a moral dilemma we have all faced at some point. Someone drops their precious bond notes in front of you. Would you warn them or even better, pick them up and hand them back. Or would you wait for them to move on before picking those up and shoving them into your pocket and […]

Time Of Reckoning For The UK As Brexit Deadline Looms

You might have heard of Brexit. This was a decision by the United Kingdom (sometimes known as Great Britain) to leave the European Union. It has a serious impact on technology as the UK plays a critical role within the EU when it came to technology. The deadline for Britain to leave the EU just […]

Mozilla Now Has A Free Encryted File Sending Website

According to Mozilla, they’ve always been committed to people’s security and privacy. Heck, it’s actually part of their Manifesto and because that’s so important to them they recently launched Firefox Send. Send is a free encrypted file transfer service that allows users to safely and simply share files from any browser When you send the file […]

The ANC In South Africa Considering Using Drones To Man Borders Against Illegal Immigrants

As South Africa prepares to go to the polls on the 8th of May this year, the ruling ANC had a manifesto briefing at its headquarters on Sunday. At the briefing, the South African Minister of Defense, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula talked about illegal immigrants into South Africa. In her briefing she said: We have reached a point […]

Samsung Galaxy S10 Sales Might Not Reach Expectations. What’s Happening With The Smartphone Industry?

Unsurprisingly there’s a report circulating in South Korea claiming that first day registrations for the Galaxy S10 are lower than expected and lower than the figures posted by Samsung’s Galaxy S9 and Note 9 last year. The Galaxy S10 managed to get 140 000 registrations whilst the S9 and Note 9 had 180 000 and 200 […]

Nigerian Government Tired Of Fake Phones, Creates Committee To Reduce Their Numbers

The Federal Nigerian Government has created a committee that will ensure that the number of counterfeit phones in the country is reduced drastically. It’s not only Nigerians who are tired of fake phones – last year Kenya banned phones with battery lives lower than 8 hours of talk time. The joint committees; a Project Steering […]

Take A Picture Of A Spreadsheet & Have It Convert Into A Fully Editable Excel File!

Microsoft Excel has come out with what is arguably one of their coolest updates on the mobile app. By allowing users to take pictures of Spreadsheets which become fully editable Excel files, this vital update will allow companies & government’s which were logging this data manually to transition without someone have to put in hours […]

Xiaomi To Focus More On The African Market

Xiaomi is a pretty popular brand but they have been seriously struggling in their home country with a reputation of making cheaper phones that people don’t want to be seen carrying. Fortunately, this hasn’t been an issue in India; a market that is obsessed with specs and cheaper phones. Xiaomi’s growth in India has probably […]

eGovernment App That Allows Men To Track Their Wives And Daughters In Saudi Arabia

Absher is an e-Government portal for the Saudi Arabian citizens to apply for birth certificates, passports and to pay traffic fines among other things. The portal can be accessed through the Absher app which is available on both the Google Playstore and the Apple App Store. The other thing it does Men can configure Absher […]

Driverless Cars And Other Changes: What Led To The Recent Ford-Volkswagen Alliance?

On January 15th 2019, Dr Herbert Diess (CEO of Volkswagen AG) and Jim Hackett (CEO of Ford Motor Corp) declared via a Press Release that the two companies have officially signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that will work towards the joint development of commercial vans and medium-sized trucks that operate on innovative technologies, with […]

Huawei To Open Two Data Centres In South Africa

Next month, Huawei will begin work on one of two data centres they are building in South Africa. Huawei has said it will support localized public cloud services based on domestic policies and requirements as part of its plan for a fully-connected Africa. Huawei’s acknowledged they will be partnering with local companies: The company is working […]

Here Are The Top Skills That Will Be In-Demand This Year, According To LinkedIn

We recently touched on the top programming skills/languages that will get you behind a desk in Zimbabwe in 2019. Whilst this last was great for people looking to add new skills to their existing skillset or picking a career path, we didn’t touch on those who are looking further than being employed locally. Maybe you’re […]

Google’s Gmail Mobile App Get’s A Refresh

Google has been refreshing their applications and it’s a bit surprising that Gmail has taken them this long to get a fresh lick of paint. Especially once you consider the desktop version of Gmail got a redesign ages ago. So how does the new Gmail look? Well, it’s a lot whiter than it was before the […]

Apple Urging Investors To Shift Focus From iPhones As They Have 900 Million Users They Can Monetize

Apple announced their quarterly results and as expected they iPhone sales slowed down. This wasn’t as big as many thought it would be because Apple is telling investors not to focus overly on the iPhones. Why? Because iPhones are in the past and that’s not where Apple expect their growth to come from going forward. […]

Gmail Down For Users All Over The World

It seems the most popular emailing client, Google Mail is currently down for many users all over the world. It does seem the platform is working for some users whilst some users can’t access the site. Users trying to access the service are getting a 404 error: Gmail is facing outage in parts of the […]

FaceTime Eavesdropping Bug Dents Apple’s Reputation As The Protector Of User Privacy

FaceTime is one of the many pride and joys of iPhone users and along with applications such as iMessage, this has been touted as one of the many reasons why you should own an Apple device over Android. Unfortunately, a recently discovered bug makes using the voice and video calling platform a privacy nightmare… The […]

Apple Disables Group Calls As It Scrambles To Fix A Serious FaceTime Bug

Android users around the around the world must be brimming with schadenfreude at the moment after a serious eavesdropping bug was discovered in Apple’s proprietary FaceTime app. The tech giant has since disabled group calls on the server side and has promised that a fix for the bug will be released later this week. What’s the […]

Google’s Upcoming Changes To Chrome Will Disrupt How Ad Blockers Work

Google wants to change the way extensions work in their browser and this change may affect your favourite Ad Blocking tools. Extensions seem to work pretty well, right??? Well, according to Google they could work better, especially when it comes to security and speed… Google believes extensions can work better and users will have control […]

Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone Looks Stunning But All Concepts Usually Do…

So earlier this year, I posted a rant about the state of smartphones in 2018 and in that article I felt quite optimistic about what we will see from smartphones this year. Xiaomi might be proving me right with their recently released video doing the rounds. The video features Xiaomi’s President Lin Bin and he’s […]

Anonymous Claims To Have Taken Down Zimbabwean Government Sites In Protest Against Unrest In The Country

Hacktivist group, Anonymous has come out and said they have taken down some government websites in response to the recent crisis in the country. The government went to the extent of shutting down the internet entirely in order to disrupt the protests and wreak havoc on citizens. A statement from Anonymous has been published by […]

Google Is On Course To Win The Right To Be Forgotten Case Against France

The European Court of Justice has been told that it would not be feasible or wise to compel companies such as Google to implement the Right to be forgotten outside is borders. Although the advice was non binding the court has almost always followed the advice of its senior advisors. How we got here So […]

The Notch Is Finally Dead! Are Manufacturers Making Smartphone Design Great Again In 2019?

2018 was a pretty uninspiring year in terms of smartphones. Now that features are pretty much equal in phones, OEMs (manufacturers) are competing in design but even in that regard, there’s not much they can do with the mobile phones form-factor that will greatly set them apart from their competitors. This is NOTch acceptable Crappy […]

Apple Not Selling As Many iPhones As Expected So They’ll Lower Production By 10%

Back in September Apple released their new phones like they always do and they then followed up these releases with the new iPad. All these devices were met by stellar reviews on YouTube and in the mainstream media but consumers weren’t the biggest of fans and the sales paint a different picture. Originally Apple intended […]

Huawei Workers Tweeting From iPhone Get Demotion & Pay Cut

New Year, same old endorsement tweets sent from the wrong phone. There have been many a time where celebrities tweet endorsing a mobile phone but the tweet is sent out with a different phone. What commonly happens is Celebs tweet endorsing phones other than the iPhone but then the tweet is sent out from an […]

Cameroonian Separatists Launch A Cryptocurrency (Ambacoin) To Fund Independence Movement

Since the cryptocurrency hype went to overdrive late last year, you may have thought you would have heard of every use for the cryptocurrency. Well, you’re not. AmbaCoin is going to be used to fund the freedom of a nation, the Republic of Ambazonia. Ambazonia, or Amba Land, is a region in southern Cameroon that […]

France To Introduce A Digital Tax On New Year Targeting Companies Like Google, Facebook

France is going for the jugular against tech companies as it contemplates introducing a digital tax from the first of January, 2019. The digital tax, which is being introduced to ensure that a fair share of taxes is paid by all companies, will target foreign tech giants that earn global revenues exceeding $853 million. Finance Minister Bruno […]