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Forget Zimbabwe, Zambia Is ‘Open For Business’

When you hear this phrase/mantra ‘Open for business’, you naturally know that we are talking about President Mnangagwa’s Second Republic. Ironically, Zimbabwe has of late been ‘Closed’, with inflation, foreign currency shortages, commodity shortages, and pessimism inspiring an economic downturn. For our Northern neighbors, Zambia, the phrase “Open for business” really resonates with them. Last […]

Getting Jobs I Am Not Qualified For, My Journey Has Taught Me That If You Will It Then You Can

By Melody Danai I have found that one of the biggest setbacks we have in life is that we limit our capabilities by the things we say and the fears we choose to entertain. There are just so many lies that we hide behind and that stop us from becoming the best we potentially can […]

Africa Check Is Another Cool Tool You Can Use To Avoid Falling Victim To Fake News

Misinformation has been normalised today and because news spreads so fast, for a long time, communities are failing to effectively deal with fake news. Every time I stumble upon a fact checking platform (especially one relevant to Zim or Africa) I’m really relieved that efforts are being made to try inform the public with facts. Zimfact […]

Zimbabwean Guy From Murewa Builds A Generator That Uses Used-Oil To Generate Electricity

We must give credit where its due especially with this young man from Murewa. He solved a problem with very limited resources, I can only imagine what he can come up if he has all the resources he need to make a market-worthy generator. These are the kind of people venture capitalist (if we have any) or […]

Harare Councilors: “Give Us iPads By The 31st Of October”

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up… The Harare City Councilors have given an ultimatum to the town clerk Hosiah Chisango. What do the City councillors want? They want iPads. When do they want them? Well, it seems like NOW is the answer to that question as 31 October is the deadline they’ve set. […]

The World’s Second Largest Reinsurance Firm Appoints A Zimbabwean As CEO For UK And Ireland Operations

Another Zimbabwean has put us on the spotlight again, this time for a good reason. The world’s second-largest reinsurer, Swiss Re has appointed a Zimbabwean, Tavaziva Madzinga to be its chief executive officer (CEO) of its UK & Ireland (UKI) and business effective from January 2019. With this, Mr. Madzinga will leave his current role […]

Acie Lumumba Axed, I’m Left With Questions

Social Media, Fake News. Words we are hearing every day. I would like to think we all agree Zimbabwe is burning, more on the economic side. In the  Whatsapp groups, I am in, the usual question is whats the rate today guys… So what’s been happening at the governing body of money? Finance Minister Ncube appointed Acie Lumumba […]

Pindula News Is Hiring, Are You Interested?

We are happy to announce that Pindula News (cousin to Techzim or is it sister) is growing and finding it’s space in the Zimbabwean media space. Its role is to present a continuous stream of reliable, timely and easy to digest news about Zimbabwe. If you identify with that mission and you want to write […]

Online Forex Trading Is Growing In Zimbabwe, We Interviewed One Of The Traders

By Munashe Mukundi We have been getting a lot of chatter regarding online forex trading locally. Some of it has been a little disturbing because it has been driven by people who are doing some kind of ponzi schemes around forex trading. Ponzi schemes are a bad idea. We interviewed a local trader (young guy) […]

Network marketing: The Now Popular Business Model For Women

Everyone is experiencing one problem or another in the business world, however, obstacles for women are more pronounced. Women entrepreneurs, in particular, have more business woes as compared to men yet various researches have led to the conclusion that gender inequality is costly for economic growth. Women still have barriers to access key resources such […]

Digital Push Brings Silence At The ZSE

What is the first thing you think of when you hear Stock Exchange? Is it the sound of a hundred men and women screaming and yelling in perfect football stadium supporter harmony? Is it the sight of papers getting shredded off notepads and pens vigorously etching letters and numbers on the surface of papyrus in the manner […]

Partial Privatization Of State Owned Firms Might Not Be A Bad Thing After All…

Whenever discussion turns to privatization government-owned firms such as NetOne the reaction in the public domain is not welcoming. When Government announced the reforms of parastatals back in April and announced that 12 government-owned parastatals will be getting partially privatised there was no excitement. In fact, most shared a common feeling that full privatisation will […]

Nash Paints Now Has An Online Tool To Help You See How Much Paint You’ll Need For Your Building Project

You’re about to embark on the final steps of your building project; painting. You may want to know how much paint you need but as with most things in Zimbabwe, it’s difficult to know how much you need so you just leave this information to the painter. Nash Paints partnered with George Muranganwa to create […]

Steward Bank, Econet, Higher Life Foundation Collaborate To Fight Cholera Through Crowdfunding

The last time we heard of Kanzatu-Nzatu was when we were reviewing their Square World app targeted at the diaspora. Now with the imminent Cholera epidemic that has struck Zimbabwe, Steward Bank took it as an opportunity to test their crowdfunding platform and get to find out if a crowdfunding culture exists in the county. […]

Former Netone CEO Acusses PricewaterhouseCoopers For “Unprofessional Conduct” During Netone’s Forensic Audit, Blames It For His Arrest

It seems former Netone CEO, Reward Kangai doesn’t easily bury the hatchet. The former CEO of the state-owned company, Netone is now dragging renowned consultancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers into the picture in his quest for freedom. He is accusing PWC of causing his arrest owing to the fact that it stated wrong figures in its forensic audit for Netone. […]

Strive Masiyiwa Promises To Name And Shame Municipal Officers Trying To Take Advantage Of Econet’s Cholera Response Funds

The fact that some municipal officers tried to abuse the funds donated by Econet to fight the cholera pandemic probably comes as a surprise to no one who lives in Zimbabwe. Most expected that this would be the case. The confirmation we were all waiting for but secretly hoping wouldn’t come (for once!) has already […]

Zimbabwean Founder Of Innovation Center, Tech Village Named In This Year’s 100 Most Influential Young Africans

Takunda Chingozo, the founder of the innovation center, Tech village has been named as one of the 100 Most Influential Young Africans for 2018 at the Youth African Awards. The list features politicians, activists, entrepreneurs, entertainers, digital influencers, philanthropists & athletes across 10 distinct categories who are excelling in various fields and promoting the positive […]

Supa Mandiwanzira is Gone: Here Is His Legacy As Former Minister Of ICT and Cyber Security

Supa Mandiwanzira is gone. He is no longer the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security in Presidents Mnangagwa’s new cabinet as he got replaced by Minister Kazembe Kazembe. His way to being the Minister of Information Communication Technology and Cyber Security started off after he was appointed Deputy Minister of Information in 2013 […]

Judge Dismisses Former NetOne’s CEO Application For Refusal Of Further Remand

Former Netone Boss, Reward Kangai has been dealt a slight blow after his application for refusal of further remand was dismissed in the magistrate court. Mr. Kangai is facing  20 counts of criminal abuse of office and concealing personal interests in business transactions conducted with Netone. The alleged abuses range from failing to follow procurement […]

Bank Workers To Demonstrate Tomorrow Over Their Poor Wages And High Bank Fees Charged To Customers

Despite recording enviable profits banks are reportedly not rewarding their human resources salary increments. This is according to what the bank workers representative, The Zimbabwe Banks and Allied Workers Union (Zibawu) told the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU). It seems ZCTU has no time to lose to get their grievance addressed as it is […]

This Search Engine Plants Trees For Searches You Perform While Browsing

At Techzim we rarely get a chance to speak about global warming or deforestation, or all the potential catastrophes that might befall us, as this rarely ties in with what we actually focus on. I was glad when I stumbled upon Ecosia; a search engine that plants trees based on searches that you perform using […]

Shumba Money, A Local Fintech Company Is Looking For A Web Designer And Developers

Web Designer, Developer and Android Developer its time to get your curriculum vitaes in order to apply for jobs at Shumba Money. Shumba Money is a local fintech company that is promoting financial inclusion through technology solutions particularly Small-to-Medium Enterprises sector. Web Designer and Developer jobs Shumba Money says its is “looking for an innovative […]

ZEC Website Down Again: This Is Not Ok

As far as we know the site was up and running yesterday around 11am and we only realised that the site was down earlier today. They did however put up an error message citing: We will be back soon!!! Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. Please check back soon. We apologise for any inconvenience. Rules […]

Zimculture Is An Interesting Website Created To Help Share Knowledge Of Local Culture

One of the biggest problems that we face in Africa is simple. Accessing information is a herculean task and because of this people just usually give up because the hurdles you face to get to information are just too great at times. The beauty of the internet however is that it can be the bridge […]

NetOne Brings Back Fees For Less Promotion And It’s Now Open To University Students As Well

In April this year NetOne introduced the Fees for less promotion, a promotion that allowed parents to get back a portion of their fees, if they paid the fees using NetOne’s mobile money platform, OneMoney. As noted, at the time, this was a great way to incentivize the use of OneMoney for both schools and […]

Chinese Tech Billionaire, Jack Ma In Zimbabwe. Maybe He doesn’t Care Much About Our Politics, Violence, Pending Results…

You wouldn’t expect anyone who is not a journalist (a war journalist even) to come to Zim right now but Jack Ma the Founder and Executive Chair of Alibaba Group was or is still in Zimbabwe today. Of course he wasn’t in the crazy capital, unless he was too. Her was spotted in Victoria Falls […]

ZEC Acknowledges Their Website Was Hacked But They Managed To Take It Down After 11 Minutes

Yesterday as the protests that took place in Harare were ongoing, hackers were also hard at work ensuring they were doing their part remotely. ZEC’s website was taken down and now the electoral commission has responded to questions regarding this development. Speaking about the hack at the Command Centre were election results are being announced, […]

Zimbabwe Government Websites Mysteriously Disappear From The Web, Don’t Panic ZEC Is Up

Zimbabwe government websites are not accessible on the web right now. This could have been the case since yesterday afternoon. The problem seems to be the DNS. What’s that? The layman analogy to use is that the switchboard (DNS) to the respective extensions (government ministries websites etc) is not working. The websites themselves may […]

ZEC Chairperson Claims Their Website Was Cloned: Does That Statement Really Mean Anything?

Priscilla Chigumba the chairperson of the Zimbabwe Electoral Commision has claimed that their website was cloned and it seems there has been a lot of confusion because of the statement. What’s all the noise about? Chigumba was being interviewed at Capitalk FM when she was asked about the privacy concerns that come with a detailed […]

Midlands State University Heads To Silicon Valley, USA After Winning This Year’s Enactus National Competition

Midlands State University emerged victorious in the 2018 edition of BOOST ENACTUS National Competition. And consequently earning a place to represent Zimbabwe at the 2018 Enactus World Cup to be held in Silicon Valley, USA. The competition is an initiative of BOOST Fellowship which showcases the community empowering projects that Universities undertake to transform people’s […]