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{Picture} This Is What The E-ticket For The Zimbabwe Vs Congo Match Looks Like

Matchday is approaching and many people are now hurrying to buy the electronic tickets (e-ticket) for ZImbabwe’s upcoming match with Congo. Just in case you are not sure how the e-ticket looks like when you receive it in your email, here’s a specimen of it:   Also watch How To Buy Tickets For The ‘Zimbabwe Vs […]

Now We Know Why The RTGS$ Is Referred To As ZWL – Thanks Alex Magaisa

Below is a full quote of Alex Magaisa’s post: Why our currency is referred to as “ZWL”. 1. Yesterday when I saw Delta’s donation towards Cyclone Idai relief I observed that the amount was denominated as “ZWL”. I wondered what that meant because I thought our currency was designated as RTGS dollar. Whenever I come […]

RBZ Senior Official Removed From Remand, He’s Facing Criminal Abuse Of Office Charges

A Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) executive, Mirirai Chiremba was yesterday removed from remand by a Harare magistrate. Mr. Mirirai Chiremba is facing criminal abuse of office charge yet he’s the director of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU)– a branch of the RBZ that deals with all crimes related to money in Zimbabwe. He was one of those […]

World Remit Does Right Thing & More After Initially Refusing To Remit Cyclone Donations

A storm was brewing for World Remit after they initially declined to remit donations raised by a Zimbabwean to victims of the Cyclone Idai victims free of charge. The response on social media was quite interesting as a number of people expressed their shock and some even went a step ahead pledging never again to […]

Here’s How Zimbabweans In South Africa Can Make Donations To The Cyclone Idai Relief Fund Using EcoCash

After initiating a crowdfund for the Cyclone Idai’s relief fund, EcoCash is now appealing to Zimbabweans in South Africa to remit their donations as well through the EcoCash platform. That’s a good idea considering that there are loads of Zimbabweans in South Africa and they may well be skeptical of using online crowdfunding platforms to contribute […]

WorldRemit Refuses To Remit Cyclone Idai Donations To Zimbabwe And People Are So Dissapointed

WorldRemit is in a fix after their conversation with Freeman Chari, a successful upcoming entrepreneur was posted on Twitter. In the conversation, Freeman asks World Remit to waive transaction fees on the $23 000 donations he wanted to send to Zimbabwe for people affected with Cyclone Idai. But the remittance service not only refused to […]

To Donate Towards Cyclone Idai Relief Here Are Your Options – Every Contribution Counts

Zimbabweans have really come together in facing the devastating effect of the tropical cyclone Idai which has affected a lot of people in Manicaland, Zimbabwe’s eastern province. The UN describes this as the worst natural disaster in Southern Africa ever. Almost a hundred Zimbabweans had been confirmed dead at the time of publishing this. thousands […]

[Press Release] Econet Responds To Cyclone Idai Emergency With $5 Million

Econet Zimbabwe group of companies have collectively contributed RTGS$5 million for the cyclone emergency efforts in Eastern Zimbabwe. The company has channelled the funds to Higherlife Foundation, which is now deeply embedded in efforts to respond to the crisis. Dr Kennedy Mubaiwa (MD), who heads the Foundation, said Higherlife was mobilising various types of support, […]

Drama At Court: Prosecutor Team And Witnesses Didn’t Turn Up For The Trial Of POTRAZ Boss

Drama is going on right now at the Harare Magistrate court concerning the trial of POTRAZ’s boss, Gift Machengete. The POTRAZ Director General’s trail was supposed to have started at 9 am today but apparently, the prosecutor team and the key witness haven’t made their presence available at the courthouse. Instead, it’s only the defense […]

Netone Pledges $50K To Cyclone Idai Fund- Here’s Also How To Make Your Own Donation Using OneMoney. Thanks Netone

Netone is another Mobile Network Operator that has decided to set up a relief fund for the Cyclone Idai disaster. Netone has led the way by pledging $50 000 for the purchase of food to provide to those areas heavily affected by the cyclone. You can make a donation to the fund using Netone’s mobile money platform, OneMoney. […]

Econet Pledges to Match Dollar-For-Dollar On All Contributions Made Towards Cyclone Idai Relief Fund. Thanks Econet

As always Econet is already leading the way again in raising money for Cyclone Idai relief efforts. The Mobile Network Operator is daring you to donate any amount you can and Econet will in return contribute the exact amount. That is, if 1000 people contribute $100 000, Econet will also contribute $100 000 (Click here […]

How To Donate To The Cyclone Idai Relief Fund Using EcoCash And Other Means

This national crisis brought about by Cyclone idai needs everyone to chip in, that’s why Econet has set up a biller code you can use to make your donations. Without further ado, let me take you through the process of making your precious donation. How To Donate To The Cyclone Idia Using EcoCash Dial *151# […]

Track The Direction Of Cyclone Idai In Real-time On This Website

Everywhere I went today, people are talking about the cyclone, Cyclone Idai, that’s about to hit Zimbabwe (already hitting in some parts) any day from now. After weeks of enduring the scorching weather, people are longing a bit of rain to cool down the temperatures. Alas, its cyclone that’s coming and not normal rains. If you want […]

EcoCash CEO Natalie Jabangwe Is Now Also EcoSure’s Interim CEO: One For Women’s Day

As you may know by now EcoSure launched a new product today – EcoSure Rescue Services. What may come as a surprise however is the fact that Natalie Jabangwe who is the CEO at Cassava Smartech’s subsidiary EcoCash was introduced as the Interim CEO of EcoSure. Jabangwe then took to the stage and gave a […]

Strive Masiyiwa Is One of 11 Black Billionaires To Make It On The 2019 Forbes List Of The World’s Billionaires

Strive Masiyiwa is again representing Zimbabwe on the world stage by being included on the prestigious Forbes List. He’s fortune valued at $2.4 billion has seen him being one of just a few Black people to make it on the list. And he joins well-known figures like Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jordan, Aliko Dangote etc. Here are […]

Zimra Boss Linked To Netone’s Tax Fraud Allegations Suddenly Resigns

A controversial Zimra official, Charles Jaure has suddenly resigned from the employ of the country’s revenue collector. Mr. Jaure was at one time last year implicated in bribery, which led to his suspension that lasted until his resignation. In an internal memo, Zimra Commissioner General Faith Mazani wrote: I write to advise that Mr. Charles Jaure […]

Watch: Official Trailer Of The Season Finale Of Game Of Thrones Is Finally Here

HBO has released the full trailer for the final season of Game of Thrones, it’s hard not to feel chills as we head to the finish line. The two-minute clip is filled to the brim with glimpses of the action to expect in the 8th season of the TV series. Check it out: Image credit: […]

Please Watch Black Mirror, You Will Love It. But It Shows The ‘Scary’ Future Of Tech

I have just finished watching one of my best TV series called Black Mirror.  The series examines modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies. Episodes are standalone and usually set in the relatively near future. The series paints a very grim picture of the ‘questionable course’ that technology will take […]

Video: Zimbabwean Beats 7 000 Applicants To Be Engineer For Lewis Hamilton’s Formula One Team

A job that attracts 7 000 candidates and you get picked! Congratulations to 24 year old Stephanie Travers. Stephanie’s team, Mercedez-AMG Petronas has won the F1 title 5 times. This is home to one of the most popular drivers, Lewis Hamilton. We would give anything for such a job… Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime […]

Zim Women Can Use This Platform To Ask Questions About Their Rights And Other Legal Stuff They Need Help With

Veritas Women has come up with a platform that women in Zimbabwe can use to inquire about their rights and how they can legally deal with some problems they face. The platform seeks to “to discuss and to promote awareness of the rights and status of women in Zimbabwe and to foster gender equity”. The […]

Strive Masiyiwa Exploits Workers And Supports African Dictators For Profit Says Munyaradzi Gwisai

Who remembers Munyaradzi Gwisai? He was one of the founding members of the opposition political party, Movement for Democratic Change. Gwisai was elected to the legislature becoming one of the youngest MPs at the time until he was expelled from his party in 2002. Now, Gwisai heads up a group called the International Socialist Organisation […]

Folks In The Diaspora Wanting To Invest in Zim Can Find RBZ’s ‘Diaspora Desk’ Useful

In order to attract investment from Zimbabweans in the Diaspora, The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) set up a Diaspora Desk which provides the Diaspora with necessary information about investing here. As the RBZ puts it: The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has put in place a Diaspora Desk within the Foreign Investment Department that has the […]

How To Save A Webpage As A PDF

Everyone eventually comes across a webpage they need to save for sharing with someone or for offline reading. You could just copy and paste the link, but sometimes maybe you are just about to go somewhere where you won’t have an internet connection. The most flexible solution to this problem is to create a PDF […]

Only For Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts: Herald Publishes A Hilarious Cartoon About Tendai Biti’s ‘New Currency’ Claim

I’m sure you remember that two days ago, Former Finance Minister sent Zimbabwe into a state of frenzy when he said that the government will introduce a new currency this week. Although the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe dismissed that claim that same day, The Herald decided to make a joke out of Mr Biti’s claim […]

Local Company 3D Printing Prosthetic Hands For Folks With Disability

I had a very good English teacher in High School. His name was Mr Mandaza. When I first met him I didn’t know how he could function ‘normally’ because Mr Mandaza did not have both hands. That question was answered almost immediately when I saw him unbutton his shirt pocket, take out a pen and […]

Fraudster Used EcoCash To Defraud A Retailer $12000

A fraudster who used EcoCash to defraud people has been sentenced to 6 years in jail by a Guruve magistrate. Takemore Jamu, the fraudster used perhaps one of the most simple ways to swindle a certain retail outlet groceries worth $12 000. How did he do it? Apparently, this guy presented himself as a buyer and […]

Press Release: Tsitsi And Strive Masiyiwa Donate A Further $60 Million To Eradicate Cholera

Last week Tsitsi and Strive Masiyiwa committed $100 million for rural entrepreneurship development in Zimbabwe. The couple has really stepped up their philanthropic efforts in the country and across Africa. Last year, Econet Wireless Zimbabwe donated $10 million to aid in the fight against a cholera outbreak that hit sections of some Zimbabwean cities. Half […]

Embarrassing: Here Are Important Government Websites That Have Been Down For Some Time

Surely all those statements by the government about E-governance or to make technology integral seem gibberish when it can’t even maintain its websites. Maybe I’m being overzealous and I’m blowing this out of proportion but who knows what we are losing as a country by just having non-functional websites. I would like to believe that if a foreign […]

You Want To Visit Zimbabwe? Here’s How To Apply For A Travel Visa Online

Last year, Zimbabwe introduced an online platform for foreign visitors to apply and pay for Visa applications. However, we forgot to break down for you about how one can apply and pay for the e-Visas (electronic Visa). Without further ado let me list the steps that you go through to make a successful e-Visa application: First, you […]

ZIFA Now Selling Tickets Online, Begins With Selling Tickets For The Upcoming ‘Zimbabwe Vs Congo’ Match

That’s it, if you want to attend the ‘Zimbabwe Vs Congo’ game next month then you have to buy the ticket online. Two weeks ago ZIFA took a bold decision of starting selling tickets for the ‘Zimbabwe vs Congo’ match online so as to avert the chaos that usually happens on match days. I must […]