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ZANU PF Text Saga Continues: Lawyer Takes Econet, ZEC, ZANU PF And An Aspiring MP To Court

There’s a new twist to the story of the unsolicited text messages that some ZANU PF candidates sent to individuals who never gave them their contact details. I don’t know if it’s accurate to say ZANU PF candidates sent the messages when some candidates told us they were shocked to hear messages had gone out […]

An Online Tool To Help Zimbabwean Voters Analyse Political Parties. Even Better, The Tool Will Be Useful Even After The Elections

We are exactly three weeks away from the elections and we can feel it. Enthusiasts are posting the voters roll online without thinking through the privacy implications and politicians are desperately sending unsolicited and targeted messages to people without thinking how people will react to having their numbers and details in the hands of politicians. […]

ZRP And Road Users Association Now Have A Place Where You Can Upload Footage Of Reckless Driving

The ZRP has been making strides to ensure that incidents .Thus far they have installed CCTV systems –in the Avondale area to be specific– in order to clamp down on drivers who deem themselves as being above the law. Due to limited resources ZRP is now partnering with Road Users Association (RUA) to ensure drivers […]

Supa Mandiwanzira Speaks About The Voters Roll Being Online, He However Ignores The Unsolicited Texts From ZANU PF Candidates

Yesterday we broke the news that the entire Voters’ Roll had been uploaded to the internet with all personal information about the over 5 million registered voters available. Information includes addresses, sex, ID numbers… We obviously did not agree with this as it makes basically the whole nation vulnerable to identity thieves, stalkers or plain […]

The Voters’ Roll Is Now Available Online And This Could Seriously Endanger Citizens

ZANU-PF’s recent violation of privacy has been grabbing all the headlines. The political party sent out some unsolicited and scarily specific SMSs to some Econet subscribers. This has resulted in a lot of heated debate with people questioning where the party got these numbers and the specific constituency of subcribers. As we were taking a closer […]

What do POTRAZ And The ZANU PF Candidates Who Sent Unsolicited Messages Have To Say About Accessing People’s Data?

The ongoing controversy of targeted bulk SMS by Zanu-PF aspiring candidates is nothing short of drama. The notable burning questions which were raised out of this drama were, “Where did Zanu-PF get the database?” and “What does the law say about accessing people’s data and sending unsolicited SMSes?” A Recap Naturally, people (initially) accused Zimbabwe […]

ZANU-PF Sending Personalised Messages To Individuals, Where Did They Get That Database? Electoral Commission And Econet Says Not From Them

As 30 July draws closer, political parties are racing to canvass as much support (which they hope will turn into votes) as they can. Until now to put across their message, political parties have initially resorted to traditional means of inviting people to rallies and issuing manifestos. But now Zanu-PF is being accused of going […]

Techzim Is Getting A New Look

Change is not easy for human beings and for businesses. There is no security like that which comes from familiarity. As the old saying reasons, we prefer a familiar devil to an unknown angel (yes you have heard it said: better the devil you know…). But then the internet… The internet by nature abhors familiarity. […]

Four Ways The Cloud Is Creating, Not Eliminating, Jobs

By Amr Kamel, General Manager for Microsoft in West, East and Central Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands (WECA) Five million jobs are expected to be lost to automation by 2020. That may sound like a scary figure, but as these roles disappear, new jobs are set to spring up in their place. In fact, […]

Developmental Aid In Africa: When A Good Heart Is Not Enough

By Tawanda Nyahasha I was thinking one day on how many people in the world have a lot of money. Out of all those people it’s fair to say that most of them have charities or donate to some charities of some kind. Many of these charity organizations are pouring money towards Africa. The question […]

Econet Subsidiary Cumii Has Registered Over 2500 Tasknites To Date

The Econet group is a large and sprawling entity that is constantly growing. In this ecosystem there are a variety of companies and avid Techzim readers probably know of Cumii by now. This is the division responsible for solutions such as the Connected Home, Connected Car, and Connected Health among other IoT products. Last year, […]

Tsitsi And Strive Masiyiwa Honoured By The British Prime Minister Theresa May For Their Philanthropy Work

Zimbabwe’s telecoms entrepreneurs (yeah they are kind of a tag team) Tsitsi and Strive Masiyiwa have been recognised by the British Prime Minister Theresa May for their work in the education of underprivileged children through the Higher Life Foundation, the non profit they started way back in 1996, even before Econet became operational. Their work […]

Government Acknowledges Facial Recognition System In The Works

The facial recognition system that our government was reported to be working on deploying is now official. A statement released by the government confirmed the plans to deploy such a system. The Office of President released a statement on the development and you can read it below: RE: Press Statement from The Office of The […]

Zim To Join A Select Group Of African Nations With Space Agencies

The government has revealed that they are working to launch their own space agency. The National Geo-Spatial and Space Agency (NGSSA-quite the mouthful). The space agency will be headed by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education as part of their 100-day plan and the plan will make use of airspace a priority. The minister […]

Loans To Build/Buy Houses For Zimbabweans In The Diaspora Have Just Got Sweeter, Steward Bank Revises Deal Favourably

When we first talked about Steward Bank offering mortgage loans to Zimbabweans in the diaspora the overall sentiment was that this was welcome and that their terms were relatively great. However, some felt that the 9% per year interest rate was too much. Well, it looks like Steward Bank was listening. Interest rate goes down […]

ZOL Partners UAE Firm To Introduce Recycling Service For Electronic Devices

ZOL has partnered with EnviroServe – A UAE based recycling firm- which focuses on e-scrap, Household Recycling and Special Waste. This partnership will be used to provide recycling services for electronic devices. The service will be available in Harare to begin with before rolling out to other cities. Where will the bins be located? The bins […]

The Debate That Tsitsi Masiyiwa Started: Do We Have A Work Ethic In Zimbabwe?

A few weeks back, Tsitsi Masiyiwa came under fire on twitter after she had in a no direct way questioned our work patterns or work culture as a country. While I may not agree with her tone on that particular post, she really made me think about our work culture as a nation and as […]

Strive Masiyiwa Shares Details About An Attempt By Mugabe To Abduct Him From SA And The Arrest Of Econet Directors Years Ago

The Econet story is well known and well empathised with. The fact that I only have to say the Econet story and most readers will understand immediately what I mean shows just how powerful it is. Every David and Goliath story is like this: engaging, inspirational, moving. Now it appears we didn’t know the full […]

Why Would An Entrepreneur Report Econet To POTRAZ Over A ‘Stolen Idea’

We recently wrote an article on the entrepreneur who claims to have had his idea stolen by Econet. This is alleged to have happened a few years back but the issue was taken to court last year. The complainant Ignatius Munengwa has now taken the issue to POTRAZ. As reported by the Herald, Munengwa wrote […]

The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (March 2018)

Back in March, we published a list of Zimbabwe’s most popular online news platforms and the list released in March contained statistics from February. We promised that the list would be continuously updated going forward and we are back with the statistics from the month of March. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture […]

[Updated] With Elections On The Horizon Watch Out For The Fake News Storm That Is Coming

As we edge closer and closer to the elections this coming Monday, it seems one of the major concerns that people will have is how they can get a reliable stream of information. It’s certain there will be an increase in politically inclined fake news meant to influence people’s vote and even just to cause unrest. […]

Letter From A Techzim Reader. Thought We Should Share His Story

We don’t say this enough but we appreciate all our readers here. We don’t always meet your expectations but that is what drives us to work everyday. We appreciate every form of feedback we get. It’s humbling when that feedback is to the effect that we have been a positive influence on you. This was […]

Failed To Buy Techzim Insights? Sorry…Here’s How You Can Buy

We recently released two products that were for sale; A Guide To WhatsApp for Business and Techzim’s Write-Up on EcoCash. There were problems with the payment method we used and so we have come up with an easier solution, though not as elegant. The workaround we have now is to use our EcoCash account and […]

ZRP Brag About Social Media Presence, As They Plan To Go Digital

At a recent election reporting workshop in Gweru, police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Paul Nyathi said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has embarked on a digitisation drive that will see the computerisation of all its police stations. Nyathi also pointed out the fact that the process begun a while ago but has been hindered by a […]

Strive Masiyiwa Political Party Story Was ‘Fake News’; Media Centre Enraged As They Are Caught In The Untruth

On Wednesday 4 April, a rumor began spreading that Strive Masiyiwa would host a press conference announcing his entry into the political domain. Due to social media’s influence, a story that had begun as whispers in the corners of the internet became a sensational story What actually happened? A guy by the name Aaron Muzungu […]

Will Blockchain Disrupt Government Services?

About 2 years ago I attended an IBM workshop where they were talking about how Blockchain was going to revolutionize the world.  Within 2 years, I have seen many technological advances in the Blockchain industry. In a previous article I spoke about how blockchain technologies can help keep Mining Companies more accountable.  I described how some […]

Has Econet Refunded The 60 000 Subscribers Whose Airtime Was ‘Disappearing?’

On Monday, we wrote an article on the challenges Econet subscribers were facing over the weekend. About 60 000 subscribers were left in the dark as their credit was being used for data services even if they had not activated ‘out of bundle’ browsing. We reached out to Econet and they informed us that they […]

[Updated]: The Most Popular Online News Platforms In Zimbabwe (February 2018)

Following Trevor Ncube’s tweet concerning what he perceived to be the leading online news publications, we thought it best to make a more inclusive list that has more publications. The list has different statistics that paint a clear picture on the followership of the 27 sites, covering their website viewership numbers as well as their followership on popular […]

A Look At The Parts Of Zimbabwe That Rarely Get Coverage: Jerera

Yesterday, I was part of the journalists that went to Jerera to cover Potraz’s roadshow. Local residents and those from nearby areas were being educated on their rights as consumers as people in the more rural parts are usually the last to report incidents. With a number of give-aways and entertainment by local celebrities a […]

ED Mnangagwa Increases Online Presence With A New Website

Every politician wants to be labelled as a people’s person. More so as a people’s president. From Donald Trump’s twitter rants and Yoweri Museveni’s famed videos and selfies, presidents are now using online media to catch the public’s attention and personally engage with their followers. Finally, the wave is now in Zimbabwe. President Mnangagwa started […]