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New Twitter design finally rolls out to all of us

After months of waiting, and then later weeks of watching jealously as fellow Twimbos enjoy the new Twitter profile design on the web, the design is finally rolling out to us mere mortals. Today, on loading Twitter on the web, I was greeted with the following message: And take a look I did. And please I was what I saw. […]

Here’s why you should stop asking people to “like” your Facebook post

If your Facebook strategy, involves telling people to “like”, “comment” or share posts, you probably want to re-strategise. Forget that this is a questionable means to get your posts into follower newsfeeds, now Facebook will punish you for it. In other words, stop it already! Facebook has made an improvement to their algorithm to specifically […]

The story behind the “Happy Harare” video from the creators

Two days ago a Zimbabwean parody of Pharrell Williams’  “Happy” video was posted on YouTube and it has experienced a huge success with a little under 56 000 views in two days. A lot of significance has been linked to the video which extends beyond the numerous views it has received. We spoke to Louise […]

This Happy Harare parody video is going viral

Need a dose of happiness? If this Happy parody won’t do it, we don’t know what will. And if the views are anything to go by, it’s sure has Zimbabweans every happy to click and watch Harare being happy! Published on YouTube just yesterday, the video already has 12,433  13,539 views (in the time I took to […]

Bitcoin slipping further; FB, Occullus & virtual reality; Xiaomi ambition… Global

Bitcoin slipping even further as China and US Taxman happen So, Bitcoin is having a tough time regulatory wise in China. Apparently China wont have any bank handling Bitcoin Exchange bank accounts and has given them until April 15 to close them. On the other side of the world, the US authorities have basically induced […]

Dipleague unhappy about fake Dipleagues on Facebook (update)

If there’s one startup that has a problem of being copied locally, it is Dipleague. I don’t know if they should feel flattered, angry, or should maybe see this as a sign that it’s probably time to expand Dipleague beyond a mailing list. And maybe even time to monetise, a move the founder has so […]

8 common mistakes brands are making when they trying to #GetSocial

You visit the dentist as your teeth are aching and the unbearable nights have even caused even the cockroaches to relocate. That said, you lie on the deep reclining chair and await relief. In steps the dentist and after a barrage of questions he then moves to his desk and pulls out a soldering iron, […]

Mentorship through social media : the Strive Masiyiwa story

The winning points of social media which have been talked about extensively are easy to identify especially when it is used in creative ways. Besides the communication of ideas it allows you to engage the online community, clarify your position and offer lessons. Thought leaders and investors around the world have since adopted social media […]

Techzim Podcast: Talking about getting social #GetSocial

So we thought we’d do a podcast specially focused on the #GetSocial event. In this Techzim Podcast we provide more information, answer some questions about what to expect there, the content, the amazing line up of speakers, the powerful networking to expect! If you haven’t bought your ticket already, early bird is ending today, so […]

Using social media should be strategic not haphazard. Find out how… #GetSocial

There are some basic principles that get lost in the cut throat trenches of the business field each time when foot soldiers adopt street wise survival tactics. The current Zimbabwean economic situation over the years has created such an environment. This has resulted in a number businesses in the country adopting red sea framework blueprints. […]

10 reasons why your brand should #GetSocial

With the access to the internet ever increasing in Zimbabwe, the possibilities of where you are going to find users at the end of the day are somewhat limited at the moment to the big three: Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter. There are essentially social networks that have sprouted due to the ever increasing need for […]

Smartphone with 6 cameras, Facebook’s Hack: Global round up

Gmail now encrypts messages sent to Google servers (Mashable) Starting from Thursday 20 March Google will now use an encrypted HTTPS connection for sending and receiving mail. This means that Gmail will only transfer data between a user’s computer and Gmail servers through the secure protocol. In an announcement on its Gmail blog Google also […]

#GetSocial 2014: The A to Z of social media marketing in Zimbabwe

Every company or organisation craves for a strong brand awareness and in this 21st century,  social media is increasingly becoming the do it. The problem however is in knowing what works and what doesn’t. There are a lot of truths on social media and its dynamics, and while we can’t lay it all out in […]

The single most important benefit of LinkedIn

As you may obviously be aware, I love LinkedIn. So much so that I’ve recently been reading the stuff from my good friends Jan and Bert from The Networking Coach (we’ve never actually met by the way, but their deep insights into LinkedIn have been a tremendous help to me and thus I call them […]

Digital and social media marketing: What are the opportunities?

The roll out of affordable data products by service providers in Zimbabwe and the increasing number of people using internet-ready devices has created a massive online audience that brands should take advantage of in order to cost-effectively build awareness of their products or services and grow their market share as well. However, it is important […]

Your WhatsApp messages might not be as private as you think

Popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp has been put into the limelight again, this time over privacy concerns tied with the messages sent on the platform. According to an article published on Mashable it appears that other people can access your messages through downloaded Android applications. This was quoted from Bass Bosschert, a security consultant and […]

Announcing #GetSocial 2014

On 3 & 4 April 2014, #GetSocial Zimbabwe will be held at the Meikles Hotel in Harare.  We’ve been working to have a social media marketing event for a very long time now. We want to do it right; to deliver real value through useful content, engaging discussion and actionable outcomes especially for the participants. […]

Android users can now remove “last seen” notification on WhatsApp

The guys at WhatsApp have made some changes to the application that will definitely please a lot of users keen on privacy. You can now determine who views your “Last Seen” status, your profile photo as well as your status by adjusting your privacy settings. For users of Android devices all you have to do […]

Facebook announces new streamlined look for Facebook Pages

Facebook yesterday announced a new streamlined layout for pages that they hope will “make it easier for people to find the information they want and help Page admins find the tools they use most”. The new pages will be rolled out globally throughout the course of this week. Unfortunately, the new “streamlined” Facebook pages are […]

What are the chances you could make money off YouTube?

The power of social media has always been measured by how it gives everyone a chance to communicate their personal ideas to the whole world instantly. It’s interesting to note that there are some opportunities that lie in making money off what you say or do, as is the case with revenue created through YouTube. […]

5 compelling reasons why you should seriously use LinkedIn

Whether you are a large company, employee, young professional or entrepreneur, believe me when I tell you that you should be on LinkedIn. Here are 5 reasons why you should actively use LinkedIn. 1. Connect to the largest network of global professionals According to their website, LinkedIn operates the world’s largest professional network on the […]

Stop blaming Facebook algorithms for your social media failures

First , I’m no social media expert, so take everything I say as just first hand experience being part of the managers of our Facebook page, and having friends in the the industry who manage some of the most followed pages locally. I’ll take that again. First, I’m a social media expert. I’m part of […]

Facebook finally ends redundant email addresses

So finally Facebook finally decided to do away with an email service they forced on people, but people never used anyway. The email service which is based on your Facebook username (e.g: was introduced back in 2010 then made “compulsory” for  Facebook users in 2012. The emails became the publicly displayed emails instead […]

When will Facebook kill WhatsApp’s ‘no ads, no games, no gimmicks’ stance?

  Today we woke up to the biggest news in Tech so far this year. Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp has already got people worked on what will become of the popular messaging app, which arguably has more users than Facebook in Zimbabwe. Both parties in the deal moved quickly to squash any uncertainty […]

Facebook agrees to buy Whatsapp for $19 billion

  Social media giant Facebook has just announced, the purchase of instant messaging app Whatsapp. Commenting on the deal his Facebook wall, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg did not say how much Facebook will pay for the IM which has 450 million users, but the deal is rumored to be in the region of $19 billion […]

Sponsored tweets: Is it time for local celebs to cash in?

Nigel “Sir Nige” Mugamu, founder of 263Chat tweeted a sponsored tweet a week ago which got us thinking whether local celebs are missing out of a potential revenue stream. It’s quite interesting as well because you would think Zimbabwe is not ready for this model because the numbers on twitter seem to not justify it […]

Baba Jukwa posts shutdown notice of Facebook page (happening tomorrow)

In a post reminiscent of that made by the maker of Flappy Bird about a week ago (yes very unrelated but that’s what quickly came to mind) Baba Jukwa, the political Facebook page, announced today that he – or she, who knows – will be shutting down the page on Monday (tomorrow). The announcement was […]

Facebook’s 10th Anniversary gift and an idea of the future

About ten days ago the social media behemoth, Facebook, celebrated its 10th anniversary. On that day, Facebook gave each of its over 1.2 billion members a one-minute video that featured their top Facebook moments; a feature they call “Look Back”. To access this Look Back video, which is tailor made for each user, you simply […]

Twitter creating ‘pictureful’ advertising real estate with Facebook-like design?

So it’s quite interesting that Twitter is testing out another new design for their web client. Also very interesting that they are looking to make Twitter look more like the dominant social connections networks, Facebook and Google+. But even more interesting is why they’d want to departure so boldly from the Twitter one column news […]

Nafuna TV’s Nqobizitha ‘Enqore’ Mlilo, named top innovator by Google

Nqobizitha Mlilo, founder of Nafuna TV has been been named one of the 20 innovative and entrepreneurial web adopters from across sub-Saharan Africa and becomes a semi-finalists for the Google’s Africa Connected prize. Nqobizitha, through Nafuna TV, has been selected for using YouTube to provide his audience with animation and HD video content. According to […]