Econet launches own EcoCash Android app. Here’s the download

EcoCash-Android-AppEarlier this week, when we posted about the re-enabling of the EcoCash long USSD codes by Econet, we speculated that we may start to see some new Android apps in the coming weeks. It has happened sooner than weeks. Our sources in the industry have pointed us to Econet’s own Android app that was released to Google’s Play Store just last night. It hasn’t been announced yet though.

You can download it here. The app requires Android Gingerbread going up.

This official EcoCash Android app has a couple of things different from the unofficial one that came before it. First, the app doesn’t accept the user’s pin code. It just strings together the long USSD code and submits it on behalf of the user. The EcoCash USSD platform then takes over and requests the user’s security pin. This makes it more secure than the Droid app which would itself see the pin. To be fair Econet changed the structure of the USSD menu recently to accommodate this new way of entering the pin.


We should see similar apps coming up for Telecash in the coming weeks especially considering that the Telecash menu is already structured to accept pin codes after stringing the long USSD code.In fact, we have word a number of developers are on to it, so check back!

Goes without saying that we love this new app. If you have an Android phone, this makes things much much easier, especially in the specific use case of paying a merchant at the checkout point in a store.

What we’re dying to see next though is what any dual sim loving nation needs in such a case – an app that can do both EcoCash and Telecash!

Here are some screenshots of the EcoCash Android app:



ecocash-android-3 ecocash-android-4

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38 thoughts on “Econet launches own EcoCash Android app. Here’s the download

  1. So they disabled the long USSD codes because the Droid App developer had disrupted their plans of releasing an Android App………..

    Pathetic. But genius business strategy.
    If you cant beat them shut them down

      1. We all Hate Iphone till we get 1 and then we realise that sometimes things are just mearnt to work –

  2. My Galaxy S3 and Galaxy s4 cant find this app in the play store. I dont know what operating system im running though.

      1. I think someone needs to tell them to wake up and smell the coffee. At the end of the day we will end up with econet and telecel sharing the pie

  3. eCommerce and Payment solutions are beginning to shape up. What stops me from developing a mobile e-commerce app and bypass other ecocash payment gateways. Because is just a question on mapping the USSD code to pay the merchant on the CHECKOUT button. Of course the user enters the pin via an active ussd session. The app would then register an event listener so as to intercept the ussd response to verify the transaction #SimpleApplicationLogic if im not missing something.

    1. Taking a quick swipe at your logic. It would seem ok but as LK already highlighted earlier the possible reason for no data bundle menu is the resultant lengthy USSD string. Imagine what would be required to accommodate Merchant / Biller code, account, name and the rest of the fields normally used to pay bills especially. Just saying

      Inevitably API is the way to go.

  4. When you transaction with Eco-cash, sometimes it is not sending SMS confirmation that the transaction has been performed successfully. This is so annoying, that we have to relay on checking our wallet balance. Please Econet Services (Eco-cash) sort that loophole…

  5. ECOCASH APP debited wallet without crediting airtime topup. This happened after error message “MMI code error” or something to that effect. Does anyone know how I can get a response from Ecocash on this and the correction of this? In the meantime I cannot afford to risk more money by using this app.

  6. Any developers here? I am interested in a wordpress plugin for any of the three mobile phone payment companies, ecocash,telecash and netone. Would be happy to put in a bit of cash

  7. hello i was just wondering because this app is such a good idea and love but since im in new zealand am i able to buy air time for my mum in zim using the the 071 or she has to have 077… please just let me know if that possible pleaese

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