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TelOne Slashes Prices For Video-On-Demand Service DEOD – Now We’re Talking

TelOne has announced a massive price slash for their DEOD Video-on-Demand (VoD) service for both premium and on demand packages.

For the uninitiated, DEOD is a video streaming service that allows subscribers to stream shows and movies on a monthly or daily basis. The service was launched back in 2018 but TelOne hasn’t marketed it as aggressively as they should have in my humble opinion.

The new pricing for DEOD is now structured as follows:

DEOD PremiumWasNow

Difference between DEOD Premium and DEOD On-Demand?

DEOD premium gives you access to both on-demand content (the TV shows and movies you can stream whenever you want) and the more traditional TV channels that have daily programming routines.

You have hundreds of hours of movies and shows to watch which make up the on-demand selection as well.

Premium subscribers also have access to the following TV channels: Bloomberg TV, BBC World News, Euronews, Motorvision TV, and Fight Box.

A deal sweetener would’ve been making the Zollywood content (local movies) part of the premium package but the website suggests Zollywood content is available separately.

A good move?

When TelOne launched DEOD in 2018, they priced out a lot of customers by pricing it closer to services like Netflix – which offer far bigger and more compelling libraries. This was similar to the price Kwese’s VoD service launched with and that never really gathered steam…

This new pricing is a better reflection of the content selection available on DEOD and my only gripe with TelOne at this point is their marketing of DEOD. They have not pushed the service aggressively enough.

The recent popularity of Wadiwa Wepamoyo combined with people being stuck in their homes was a perfect opportunity for TelOne to market their Zollywood package which has over 50 local movies – there was interest in local content and ample free time but TelOne did not grab the opportunity that presented itself there.

Anyway more important is the fact that the content is now cheaper and I think this helps TelOne in terms of acquiring customers. Before a potential customer would look at the pricing and compare DEOD to Netflix whilst not getting an experience near that of Netflix but now with a much cheaper price to boot – potential customers can dip their feet in the water and judge the service on it’s own merits.

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