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Access Forex launches remittance USSD for Zimbos in SA amid lockdown fears

Local remittance service, Access Forex has announced that it has launched a USSD for Zimbabweans living in South Africa to be able to send money over the Christmas period. The move was motivated by the Omicron variant of the Coronavirus Pandemic which many fear could see the return of harsher lockdown measures. “Using *134*3042#, it is […]

Stanbic Bank says it has launched one of the biggest loyalty programmes in Zim

Stanbic Bank has announced the launch of one of what it says is the largest banking loyalty programmes in Zimbabwe. The PlusRewards programme, which will be launched today (1 December 2021) is aimed at supporting and enabling economic growth by providing Stanbic Bank merchants with a loyalty mechanism to drive customer engagement and ultimately additional […]

Zimbocash now has mobile app and they also rolled out 2FA

Zimbocash, the company that is pushing to be Zimbabwe’s “sound money solution”, has finally launched a mobile application on Android. The launch of the app has taken a bit of time and was something that I thought might be a bit far off after the crypto went down last year because the team at Zimbocash […]

OneMoney launches domestic remittance service: everyone wants a piece of this industry

The domestic remittance game in Zimbabwe has become a little crowded of late. Just a couple of weeks ago, Trolleycom launched a city to city money transfer service called MojoMula which followed BancABC’s City Hopper, NBS’ Instant Cash, Access Forex, Steward Remit and the most popular service on the market, Mukuru. Well, it looks like […]

ZESA gets a US$110 mil loan to improve tariff collection

The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC), a subsidiary of ZESA Holdings, was the beneficiary of a US$110.4 million loan from Afreximbank. The loan which was the largest part of a total allocation of US$188,600,000 to three other local companies (CABS, CBZ and ZB Bank) was confirmed at the Intra-African Trade Fair that happened […]

ZIMRA & HIT sign deal to develop software that will maximise tax collection

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority, (ZIMRA) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Harare Institute of Technology (HIT) that will see the latter develop software that will help the taxman further maximise revenue collection. “The prime objectives of the MoU are to provide a broad base for cooperation with the intention of mobilising domestic revenue […]

Apple will now let you repair your own device? What alternate timeline is this?

And here I thought 2020 was a weird year what with the pandemic and reports of something new and unheard of every week. Well, to be fair 2021 hasn’t been all that bad generally or maybe I am desensitized to the stuff that rumbles through the news cycle. However, this took me completely by surprise […]

Local insurance firm now has policies & coverage for drones

Last week’s drone conference was an eye-opener in many respects. The one thing I was not expecting to hear at the conference was that you need to have third party insurance for drones just like for your car. At first, I thought this is something that the drone sellers came up with to squeeze some […]

Local diaspora retail startup Imets cofounder gives more info on US$20/hr for drivers & more

Early last week we reviewed a US-based local startup called Imets. The company moved into the diaspora grocery remittance space and is akin to Instacart which basically means that you can shop through the isles of OK Zimbabwe, Spar and other local stores, in the diaspora, for your loved ones back home. Or if you […]

UNICEF & Impact Hub Hre testing Guta, a blockchain nutrition system for schools

The United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF), City of Harare Nutrition Unit and Impact Hub Harare are prototyping an application called Guta. The app is a blockchain solution that will help children and schools improve nutritional standards. “After a long year of planning around many lockdowns, building the technology and working with the Ministry […]

You may soon be able to hit pause while recording a WhatsApp voice note

The feature that I am sure many have been waiting for has finally hit the WhatsApp beta program. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp is working on allowing you to pause while you are recording a voice note. The pause function in beta seems to be available only to a select few testers on iOS. However, if […]

MojoMula, the newest city to city money transfer service

Remittances or money transfer services are big businesses in this dollarisation 2.0 era. International incomings have been impressive with 2020 posting the best figures the country has ever seen and 2021 looking to surpass that record. On the domestic front, there have been players who have sprung up here and there with BancABC’s City Hopper […]

4 takeaways from Zim’s first-ever drone conference

Last week Precision Aerial, Zimbabwe Flying Labs and the Drones for Good Network held Zim’s first-ever drone conference. The event was well attended and represented by a number of local, regional and international startups and organisations. For someone like me who had only dipped his toes into unmanned aerial systems, Drone Con Zimbabwe was overwhelming. […]

Local startup wins US$25K Holman Prize for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Local startup Gateway to Elation was named among three winners of this year’s Holman “LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired” Prize. The prize was launched in 2017 and awards up to US$25,000 to three people with sight impairment US$25,000 if they have “ambitious ideas that will challenge misperceptions about blindness worldwide“. Gateway to Elation […]

Mama Money: the social impact money transfer service

Remittances or money transfers are big business these days, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. There were projections in early 2020 that forecasted a dip in remittances but the opposite was the case as saw last year Zimbabweans in the diaspora sent back US$1 billion which was a record sum. 2021 looks to be picking up […]

ZUPCO & NRZ commuter train route launched in Bulawayo

According to Information Secretary Nick Mangwana, the NRZ and ZUPCO partnership is now running a route in Bulawayo. BULAWAYO NRZ-ZUPCO Cowdry Park commuter train has been launched this evening in Bulawayo. The train services will help ease the transport challenges commuters have been facing. #NDS1#EDTheGameChanger — Nick Mangwana (@nickmangwana) November 8, 2021 BULAWAYO NRZ-ZUPCO Cowdry […]

The govt has a crypto adoption framework, but it isn’t using it

The Zim govt is reportedly looking at the possibility of adopting cryptos and blockchain technology according to The Sunday News. The revelation was made at the Computer Society of Zimbabwe ICT Summit in Victoria Falls this past week by Rtd Brigadier General, Charles Wekwete the Permanent Secretary and Head of e-government Technology Unit in the […]

OneDrive will stop syncing files for users on Windows 7 & 8 in March 2022

Users who are still using Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 will no longer be able to sync files automatically with OneDrive starting from March next year. In order to focus resources on new technologies and operating systems, and to provide users with the most up-to-date and secure experience, beginning January 1, 2022, updates will no […]

US$30 million lost to Ponzi schemes this year, here’s how you can spot these scammers

Tough times are indeed a rich ground for scammers… Reportedly 10,000 Zimbabweans lost an estimated US$30 million to Ponzi Schemes this year. “At least 10,000 complainants reportedly lost over US$30 million between them. We have handled some 892 such cases involving thousands of complainants. The scammers quickly disappear after swindling the unsuspecting investors. Millions of […]

New Twitter Spaces update basically makes it an online radio platform

Twitter Spaces, the platform that dethroned Clubhouse, is now going to be available to non-Twitter users. This means that you can send a Twitter Spaces link to that one friend (we all have one) who for whatever reason doesn’t want or have a Twitter account. have friends not on Twitter? that's weird but now you […]

TelOne is using locally assembled devices at new customer experience centre

Yesterday state-owned telecoms company TelOne unveiled its new customer experience centre in Highlands, Harare. The facility is yet another step in TelOne stepping up its customer services offering. “We are on a journey to assert the business around Client Centricity, which is one of TelOne’s core values. Most certainly, without our clients we cease to […]

Zoom to start showing ads to users on the free plan

Zoom will, in a limited test, start rolling out ads to users on the Free Basic plan. This move is hardly surprising after Zoom’s astronomical rise in 2020, the platform is now the by-word for video conferencing beating out staples like Skype and ads are now almost run of the mill whenever a big platform […]

Zim gets a 3-star rating in UNICEF e-learning readiness report

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) conducted a study across 67 countries to assess their preparedness for e-learning in the event of emergencies like the COVID-19 pandemic. UNICEF’s study used three data sources to rank countries on a scale of one to five stars for pre-primary to upper secondary level and they are: Household Level […]

Will “Meta” give Zuckerberg enough distance from Facebook & Instagram controversies?

So it happened… Facebook is now “Meta”, well the holding company of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp is now called Meta. News of this was broken by The Verge last week in an exclusive that dropped before the official announcement was made at Facebook’s Connect Conference that happened last night. The metaverse kicks off So… essentially […]

Breaking down cryptos, potential regulation & opportunities in the Zimbabwean context

We held a Twitter Space breaking down a study that was done by The Zimbabwe Blockchain Technology Think Tank called “Towards Virtual Asset Regulation and Adoption of Blockchain Technology in Zimbabwe’s Context”. The think tank itself comprised of Hon Advocate Fortune Chasi, MP Dr Solomon Guramatunhu, MBChB, Opththamology Dr Immaculate Motsi-Omoijiade, PHD (she/her) Cryptocurrency Prosper […]

Telecash & OneMoney are still issuing high-risk magstripe cards

As far as I know, I have never owned a Telecel line and seeing as y’all were upset that I was “bashing” the country’s smallest mobile network operator for its 15% Teleceash bundle discount, I’ve decided to become a Telecel subscriber. Getting the line was simple enough and it’s cheaper than getting an Econet line […]

Steward Bank’s new local remittance service is charging 2%!

EcoCash Holdings Zimbabwe’s banking division, Steward Bank, has joined the local remittance or money transfer game. At this point, it’s hard not to assume that the folks over at Steward saw the success of City Hopper and decided to get in on the action. In their defence, the market is there and the pie is […]

Facebook sues hacker who scraped the data of 178 million users

On Friday Facebook filed a lawsuit against Ukrainian national Alexander Alexandrovich Solonchenko on allegations that he scraped the data of 174 million users. The hack/scrap according to a report by The Record was done by abusing Facebook Messenger’s called Contact Import. The feature basically allows users to synchronize their mobile phone contacts with Messenger to […]

ZOL pokes fun at TelOne over best provider poll on Twitter

ZOL’s Twitter Admin woke up and chose violence because the local internet service provider (ISP) had this to say to the final results of Cerevita Guy’s (@cypd_) best mobile ISP poll. Pisa 🔥zvema sure ne ZOL simcard. TEL^ONE of your many friends kuti we can now bring them together online zvemasure in more than 60 […]

Telecel’s 15% data bundle discount promotion: the stats say this won’t work

Zimbabwe’s smallest mobile network operator (MNO) Telecel has announced that customers will now be getting a 15% discount if they buy bundles through its mobile money arm Telecash. Enjoy a 15% discount everytime you get data bundles using Telecash! Hurry up and juice-up today. T&C's apply.#megabundlespromo#staysafe#tellsomeone — Telecel Zimbabwe (@Telecel_Zim) October 21, 2021 “Enjoy […]