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TECHNIKARI Mike Madoda & Barry Manandi: Football before social media in Zim & the state of the PSL

On this episode of Technikari, I was joined by one of the best sportscasting duos out there, Barry Manandi and Mike Madoda. I am sure all of you have heard their voices over the radio or seen them on TV and I had the pleasure of picking their brains about what football was as a […]

Suspension of loans: Bank charges are going up, here’s why

We have been going down the rabbit hole of the new “economic measures” and the most confusing one of them all was the suspension of lending or loans. I say this because Zimbabwe has not been a lending market because of the currency gymnastics that have been a feature of the last decade. One moment […]

4% forex tax & withdrawal levy: Forever banishing the idea of banking USD

Wangu wangu wangu! Might be an overplayed meme at this point, but it perfectly captions the response I and many others had to the new economic measures presented by the President late last week. Chief among those measures was an incentive for the use of local currency by slapping a 4% tax on forex transfers […]

RAM plus an SSD could saving you from buying a brand new laptop

We all like new nice things, to a point that people are saying “a soft life is my birthright“. However, unless your pockets can barely contain your income you are pretty much stuck with whatever you have. Especially here in Zim where even those who are formally employed have side hustles so they can meet […]

If TelOne was in the UK, customers would get USD11.00 a day for an internet outage

Yesterday TelOne announced that one of its fibre lines was damaged by an excavator that sunk into the ground causing an internet outage in some suburbs. The situation was complicated by a water line the digger also hit which meant that there were two problems to contend with to restore service. While browsing on the […]

Don’t travel without activating your COVID Vaccination Card’s QR Code

That COVID vaccination card QR Code oversight has come to bite Zimbabweans according to a report by NewsDay which said that port authorities in South Africa and Kenya were calling them fake after scanning the code and getting an error. “I faced difficulties crossing the border when I travelled to Kenya. The authorities said they […]

Standard Chartered says “sales process will commence in due course” as bank exits Zim

Last week, Standard Chartered Bank announced that it will be withdrawing from Zim along with Angola Cameroon, Gambia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone. The decision to do this is because these territories accounted for 1% of the bank’s income in 2021. We reached out to Standard Chartered Bank to get more information about what will […]

Standard Chartered is leaving Zimbabwe but its not happening overnight

Standard Chartered has announced that it will be pulling out of Zimbabwe as well as Angola, Cameroon, Gambia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Sierra Leone. Additionally, the bank will be scaling down operations in Tanzania and Ivory Coast, focusing only on corporate banking. The reason for the complete departure (and scaling back) from these markets, according to […]

EcoCash FCA wallet cash-in RETURNS. Is the informal market going to jump on?

Last night EcoCash Zimbabwe launched its domestic remittance service and at the same event, the country’s largest mobile money operator also announced that Cash in services are back through its FCA Wallet that will operate from the brand new *153# USSD (and mobile app). This development looks to be in line with the near as […]

EcoCash enters USD money transfers with a domestic remittance service

It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? With domestic remittance services launching left right and centre, EcoCash was the last marquee name that wasn’t in the mix. Which was, until last night, a little surprising… The remittance game in Zimbabwe is one of the most sought after because the figures for incoming funds […]

Zim has a new online store called Kwingy and its data free

E-commerce platforms have been launching left right and centre over the last couple of years because the pandemic brought about a need for businesses to have an online presence but without the hassle of having to engineer a website from scratch. Over the last couple of years or so we saw a number of websites […]

TECHNIKARI: A brand is not a logo, it’s a story SO TELL IT!!!

On this episode of Technikari, I was joined by Sherman Baloyi who is the Creative Director at OnaDsgn, a local brand strategy firm to go over why international companies spend thousands to even millions of dollars on their brand/branding or unique identity. The conversation covers how logos have become more than just “we do this” […]

2 Zim fintech startups selected for Dubai financial inclusion accelerator

The Catapult: Inclusion Africa is an initiative that is run by the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) Foundation and aims at advancing financial inclusion and empowering groups that “have been left behind by the traditional system”. The program is open to all sorts of fintech startups starting from those that offer financial services for […]

TECHNIKARI: This local entrepreneur wants you to make money selling domains & web hosting

On this episode of Technikari, I was joined by Privilege Nyauta, the founder and CEO of a local web hosting service called PnrHost which has a subsidiary called Resellme, a platform that allows anyone to sell domains and web hosting to businesses and individuals. The latter is the more interesting product, in my opinion, because […]

You can now book e-passport applications online. Here’s how you do it

Online e-passport applications are here! Well, not exactly… The express e-passport portal/centre is now up and running but it appears that it is only there for booking appointments according to a report by The Sunday Mail. “The main purpose of the Express Centre is to bring convenience to those who need emergency passports. There are […]

Express or 48-hour e-passports are now available

Earlier this year we went to the Passport Office to enquire about all the things that a prospective applicant would need to apply for an e-passport. While we were there we asked about emergency or express e-passports and we were told that the Passport Office would only start issuing them sometime in March. Well, it […]

Utande will soon be billing LTE packages in USD

Dandemutande subsidiary Utande Internet Services has announced through an email to customers that it will be billing its LTE packages in USD from the first of April 2022. The statement from Utande/Dandemutande’s CEO Never Ncube to customers reads as follows: Dear Valued Customer, We hope this letter finds you well. We consider your choosing Utande […]

Local logistics startup Thumeza expands to Zambia and Kenya

Thumeza is a logistics startup that focuses on “Providing working capital financing for those who power the movement of goods across Africa“. The company does this by trimming the gap in finances that independent logistics operators face when they are waiting for a payment for a completed job while they venture on to the next. […]

16 A’s at O-Level, now this young Zimbo has built an e-learning app

Takudzwa Nhongo in 2017, went about trying to find the problem with education in Zimbabwe. In the year prior the ZIMSEC pass rate was 29.96%. To understand what was going wrong, Takudzwa applied to write 18 subjects for his O-Levels and came out of that with 16 A’s and 2 B’s. This was quite a […]

Three months to pay up or City of Harare will make you pay in USD

The City of Harare’s Twitter activity has been something to behold. Over the last year, we have seen the local authority make pronouncements of new requirements and measures that the public will need to adhere to. This has been both good and bad, but we will get to that in a little bit. The thing […]

Local e-learning platform Kytte is offering offline accessibility, bite-sized lessons & more

E-learning was one of the major talking points of 2020 what with every sector adjusting to the pandemic. The immediate need to have online and or remote platforms (like TV and radio) was pressing and this was echoed from the highest offices in the land to startups to find solutions. We saw quite a bit […]

New fuel prices: It’s either ZUPCO, electric cars or we go on foot

I am not going to lie, I seriously contemplated cutting off a few friends who live beyond city limits when I saw the new fuel prices. Two price increases in the space in less than a week is ridiculous. But such is the interconnected world we live in and the pressures that come from events […]

Econet employee defrauds company of $4 million in juice card heist

When it rains it pours for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. In January this year, two (former) employees from the country’s biggest mobile network operator (MNO) were given a combined nine years for defrauding the company of ZWL$20 million and now there is a new report of another employee who defrauded Econet of ZWL$4 million in a […]

Local music streaming service wins promoter of the year at the NAMAs

Zimbabwean Pay-Per-View platform Gateway Stream Music was named the Promoter of the Year 2022 at the prestigious National Arts Merits Awards (NAMA) held last week. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, for whatever reason, Gateway Stream was the platform that got the exclusive rights to debut Jah Prayzah’s 2021 album “Gwara”. “Promoter of the […]

The big tech companies have really given Russia the middle you know what

Over the weekend, a video popped up on my YouTube recommended feed from a creator in Russia called NFKRZ (Roman Abalin) who was giving his take on the sanctions that were brought on by the invasion of Ukraine. He said in his video that he was unable to withdraw any funds from crowdsourcing platforms like […]

Tech startups in Africa raise US$1 billion in 2 months

According to Disrupt Africa, the continent’s tech startup ecosystem has raised a combined US$1 billion (US$1,123,556,000) in the first two months of 2022. The report states that this is the first time that the African tech startup ecosystem has achieved this feat. Disrupt Africa’s total figure for 2021 was US$2,148,517,500 which differs from other figures […]

Being an art entrepreneur in Zim & NFTs: the business of selling beautiful things

On this episode, I was joined by Peter Kaunda the Patron of the Arts at Artillery Gallery in Harare. He shared his experiences in the art scene in Zimbabwe on the business side, the art subscription services Artillery recently launched as well as the struggles of authentication, verification and insurance of art in Zimbabwe. You […]

Comrade Fatso vs PVO Bill: they tried to demolish Moto Republik, now coming for business model

On this episode of Technikari, we were joined by Magamba TV  co-founder Comrade Fatso to talk about the Private Voluntary Organization (PVO) Bill that seeks to regulate Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Zimbabwe. Magamba has been one of the few content companies that have come to strongly oppose the PVO bill and for good reason because […]

US$800 for 80GB, NetOne’s new One Fi prices are killing its MiFi use case

I am still reeling from NetOne’s new One Fi bundle prices… What possible justification can there be that a mobile network operator is charging tens of thousands of dollars more than internet service providers (ISPs) for similar packages and even more than uncapped packages? $99,000 for 80 GB?! NetOne’s new data prices (February 2022) Here’s […]

$99,000 for 80 GB?! NetOne’s new data prices (February 2022)

State-owned mobile network operator, NetOne Cellular yesterday announced that it would be increasing data bundle tariffs today. And like many, I was expecting a modest rise in prices however what I saw when I went to NetOne’s One-Fi bundles scared the life out of me… NetOne One-Fi Bundle Prices Bundle Old Price (ZWL$) New Price […]