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Author: Valentine Muhamba

Standard Chartered responds on the matter of the 2% Tax collections

Standard Chartered Zimbabwe has responded to our enquiry about the two years woreth of 2% Tax payments their customers were supposed to make over the next 3 months

Standard Chartered asking customers to pay 2 YEARS of the 2% Tax in 3 months

Standard Chartered Bank has notified it customers that it will be collecting two years worth of the IMTT or 2% Tax over the next 3 months.

Financial Clearing Bureau is now offering tenant vetting services

The Financial Clearing Bureau is now offering tenant vetting services to property managers, owners and developers.

Standard Chartered and its unconventional route to going digital

Standard Chartered didn’t do things in the way many expected when they went digital. In a sense, they went about it in reverse order.

You can now redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points

EcoCash has finally delivered because you can finally redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points.

Despite COVID-19, money sent to Zim from the diaspora is up by 48%

The pandemic has not slowed the flow of money coming from the diaspora, according to the latest figures by RBZ remittances are up by 48%

Stanbic Bank set to close Hwange and Westgate branches

Stanbic Bank has announced that it will be shutting down physical operations at it’s Hwange and Westgate branches in its ongoing digitization roadmap.

Liquid Telecom is activating an 82km fibre link in Botswana

Liquid Telecom has activated an 82km cross border fibre link in Botswana that links the Lobatse Border with the capital city Gaborone

New ZESA Tariffs: new powerband & small price reduction

New ZESA Tariffs: the national power company has added a new top-end powerband at a marginally lower price than the most recent tariff change.

Nedbank customers can now open Nostro & other additional accounts via USSD

Nedbank has announced that it’s existing customers can open additional accounts (like Nostro and Savings accounts) via the bank’s *299# USSD

The government is coming down hard on the informal sector

After spending months locked down and returning to low business the informal sector now has to contend with a government shakedown.

The 2021 National Budget: Tax relief didn’t go far enough

The Tax Relief measures in the 2021 National Budget didn’t go far enough as Zimbabweans are struggling to survive because of the COVID19 pandemic .

World Remit launches Black Friday prices for transfers to Zimbabwe

World Remit has announced that it has special Black Friday prices for family and friends to send money back home to Sub-Saharan Africa including Zim.

Phenomenon Technologies to represent Zimbabwe at Seedstars regionals

Phenomenon Technologies has won the local leg of Seedstars World Competition 2020. They will now proceed to the regionals stage of the event.

ZOL has finally launched a USSD platform

ZOL finally launched a USSD platform *656# where customers can now access account information and pay thier bill without needing data.

Zimbabwean businessman Adam Molai unveils US$1 million venture capital fund

Zimbabwean Businessman Adam Molai has launched a US$1 million venture capital fund called JUA Kickstarter aimed at supporting African entrepreneurs.

Liquid Telecom to take full control of Botswana subsidiary

Liquid Telecom has reportedly been given the green light to acquire the stake Botswana Power Corporation holds in Liquid Telecom Botswana.

Local startup Wellnescript has launched an employee wellness platform

Wellnescript has launched an online platform where companies can buy access for their staff to receive wellness courses on mental, physical health & more

MultiChoice Group selects Metrological to deliver premium OTT services to DStv

MultiChoice has selected Metrological to deliver OTT services, internet apps and localised content to it’s Explora Ultra and Streama decoders.

Harare City Council to blacklist rate defaulters

Harare City Council has said that it is considering blacklisting rate defaulters as it is owed more than ZWL$2 billion by businesses, residents & govt.

Phenomenon Technologies partners with UK firm to provide applied science kits

Phenomenon Technologies has announced a partnership with UK-based MEL Science to provide applied science learning kits in Zimbabwe and Africa

Zim drone expert to speak at the Drones & Unmanned Aviation Conference

Flying Labs’ Tawanda Chihambakwe is representing Zimbabwe as a speaker at the Drones and Unmanned Aviation Conference in South Africa.

Cimas has introduced 3 Nostro medical aid packages

Cimas has unveiled three new Nostro/foreign currency packages which the company says promise little to no healthcare services shortfall.

Cassava responds as to why Steward Bank customers can’t send money to EcoCash directly (& vice versa)

Cassava has responded to our inquiry concerning Steward Bank Customers being unable to send money directly to EcoCash and vice versa.

No EcoCash option in the Steward Bank ZIPIT menu, Strange…

You can send money from Steward Bank to OneMoney or Telecash but you can’t send to EcoCash?

Pachikuva, an online platform pushing for govt accountability

Pachikuva is an organisation that is looking to give Zimbabweans across the country a pulpit to voice their concerns on things happening in their communities.

FBC registers ZWL6.3 billion total income for Q3 2020

FBC Holdings has released a trading update for Q3 2020 and despite the economic situation in Zimbabwe the Group recorded ZWL$6.3 billion in total income

Comexposed Converge 2020 to preview Zim – UK collaborative VR film

On top of showcasing comic Art and other digital media, Comexposed Converge 2020 will also be previewing an immersive VR film that was done by Zimbabwean and UK digital artists.

CABS has partnered with World Remit

CABS has announced that it has partnered with global money transfer service World Remit. You can now collect your World Remit transfers at CABS branches nationwide.

USD withdrawals now available at select EcoBank ATMs

EcoBank has announced that customers and anyone else with a forex card can now withdraw USD from select EcoBank ATMs in Harare and Bulawayo.