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“Jumbo” all social media privacy settings in a single app

The one thing that most people can agree on is that no one can really trust big tech companies to protect our privacy. There will be regular privacy policy updates with promises of creating a truly safe environment for our personal information. But the truth is these changes are too frequent and can be very […]

TV shows and movies you can still catch before they leave Netflix (June 2020)

As June draws to a close, there are a number of TV shows and movies that will be leaving Netflix. Some shows and movies have already left. But there are still a lot them you can catch before they leave the streaming service for good (or until they are brought back some time in the […]

Opera has integrated Twitter into its desktop browser

The latest version of Opera comes with Twitter integration. The side bar that has WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram will now also feature Twitter. You can access the main feed, search, and direct messages without having to open and tab. Opera 69 also comes with A new weather widget Improved visual tab cycler. Tabs are […]

Ingressive Capital grows its African startup fund to US$10 million

Ingressive capital is a venture capital (VC) group that offers pre-seed and seed funding to startups in business-to-business, business-to-consumer, internet and fintech spaces. Ingressive Capital through new investment from Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority, Plexo Capital, Platform Capital, other institutional capital and backers have been able to expand their fund to US$10 million. The group’s investments […]

ZERA releases new fuel prices

Following the Forex Auction giving Zimbabwe an Official Exchange rate of 1:57, ZERA has released fuel prices with effect from the 24th of June 2020. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime […]

Coca-Cola Africa and Disrupt Africa partner to launch “Tracking Revolution Challenge”

Coca-Cola Africa has partnered with Disrupt Africa to launch the Tracking Revolution Challenge. All of this came about because Coca-Cola Africa can’t track its product beyond conventional retailers. Supermarkets and wholesalers can easily provide them with statistics on how they products are doing. The majority of their non-alcoholic beverages are sold through informal channels. There […]

Thoughts On The Cyber Security And Data Protection Bill

On the 15th of May The Cyber Security and Data Protection Bill was gazetted. The public was asked to comment on the bill in a process that ends on the 26th of June. The digital age has brought with it a unique set of concerns. Security was something that was assured by physical or geographical […]

A look at Microgrids, the pros and cons of localised power generation

Most countries rely on a large infrastructure and grids in order to power homes, schools and businesses. In most cases across the continent those power generating facilities are overwhelmed by population explosion. Even in places like rural areas where population figures haven’t changed and could be decreasing because of people moving into urban areas, electricity […]

Apple devices that will get iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS7 and Big Sur

Last nights Apple Worldwide Developer’s revealed a host of new and exciting features that will come with their new operating systems. Apple hasn’t yet confirmed a release date for when the new software will roll out. Till then, here is a list of devices getting the new software: iPhones iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone […]

Xiaomi patent shows a fresh take on sliding cameras

In a report by Pigtou, Xiaomi has patented a new front facing camera in a module combined with the rear facing camera. The design looks to increase the screen real estate on their smartphones. The patent shows a display with no bezels. The rear of the device has what looks like a conventional two camera […]

Apple WWDC 2020 highlights, new features coming to iPhones, iPads and more

Here are some highlights from Apple’s WWDC 2020. iOS 14 iOS 14 looks just the same as the iOS13 except the reworked widgets, these widgets are richer and filled with more data. Widgets in iOS 14 can be part of the regular apps in your pages, and they can also be resized. There is a […]

WhatsApp web will soon have voice and video calls

WhatsApp web is a handy tool for those who usually work from a computer and don’t want to take their phones out every time they receive a message. The only drawback has been that you can’t receive or make calls from WhatsApp web. According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp working on a call feature for the Web […]

Apple’s WWDC Is Happening Today, Things To Look Out For

Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference is happening today at 7pm Local Time. The conference, because of the global pandemic is now going virtual. You can stream the event on Apple’s YouTube account. Here’s what to look out for Operating System Updates This event is usually where Apple announces updates and new features to their operating systems. […]

Sharing Your Wi-Fi Password Using a QR code (Android)

Having visitors over means they’ll sooner or later ask for the Wi-Fi password in order to stay connected. I can never always remember my Wi-Fi password and I’ll always have to rummage through my notes to find where I saved it. Android has an option to share your Wi-Fi password using a QR Code. This […]

RBZ Says Zimbabwe Will Have Official Exchange Rates After Tuesday’s Auction.

The governor of the Reserve Bank John Mangudya has said in an interview in the Sunday Mail that the official exchange rate will be pegged after the Foriegn Currency Auction on Tuesday. What we are saying is very clear in that the auction market is going to receive bids starting Tuesday from an array of […]

African Fintech startup Chipper Cash lands USD18m funding

In a report by Tech Crunch, African cross border fintech company Chipper Cash has closed a Series A USD$18.3 Million fund led by a venture capital group called Deciens Capital. Background Chipper was founded by Ham Serunjogi from Uganda and Ghanaian Maijid Moujaled in 2018.  They met in America at University before they went on to […]

Spyware Found In Google Chrome Extensions

In a report by Tech Radar, there is a new spyware initiative affecting extensions on the Chrome Web Store. Awake Security discovered more than 70 malicious extensions on the Web Store and alerted Google of them. The add-ons were downloaded 32 million times. The extensions were those that would warn the user of suspicious websites […]

The Friday Night WhatsApp Scare

I’m sure by now everyone knows about last night’s WhatsApp hiccup. Last Seen, Online and Typing weren’t displaying in chats. When I tried to change any of the privacy settings last night I got this error, Down Detector last night logged a litany of complaints about this issue in the US, UK and Europe. The […]

Is The Private Sector Ready To Pay Its Employees In Forex?

The announcement by the government that Civil Servants and Pensioners will get allowances in US Dollars has put the private sector in a difficult position. Businesses had been operating to a large degree on the local currency. The money that civil servants are receiving may not be in physical currency, but the fact that its […]

EcoCash Airtime Recharges Aren’t Showing In Customer Accounts.

Customers have been tweeting out that they were buying airtime through EcoCash but weren’t receiving the funds. When they checked their EcoCash balance the money for the transaction was deducted. The problem started late last night and some still haven’t received their airtime or had their money returned to their EcoCash accounts. An Econet Spokesperson […]

“Keen”, Google’s New Social Network

Google are back in the social network game. It was only April of last year when they announced they would be ending Google Plus. This new platform isn’t anything like the old, but it’s similar to something already on the market. Keen is a platform created by Google’s Area 120 in collaboration with another in […]

Amazon To Add 3 000 New Jobs in South Africa.

In a report by Business Insider, Amazon has announced that it is hiring 3 000 customer service and technical support personnel in South Africa. “We are thrilled with the talent in South Africa, and we are excited to add 3,000 skilled jobs this year in customer service, and to help keep people working during this […]

How To Add A Virtual Background On Zoom

I have been seeing people online with virtual backgrounds while they are on a Zoom call. I thought that it was some feature you got if you paid a subscription. Never giving it too much thought for a while, I saw it again and wondered. Finally, deciding to do something about it, I went through […]

Tweet Your Voice, Twitter Testing Audio Tweets on iOS

Twitter over the years has been expanded the number of ways you can tweet. They have added images, videos, GIFs and doubled the amount of characters from 140 to 280. Sometimes the written word can’t quite communicate exactly what you want to say. We all have our individual vocal nuances and sometimes punctuation isn’t enough, […]

NetOne Releases New Data and Bundle Prices

Its price hike week. Econet yesterday released their new prices for bundles and data. Today NetOne has made their move after announcing that they will be reviewing their price structure as of today. Data Bundles Item New Price ZWL$ Old Price ZWL$ Hourly 1 Gig 30.00 25.00 Night Bundle (1GB) 50.00 40.00 Daily 30 MB […]

Zimbabwe Chamber Of Mines Set To Upgrade Their Systems

In a report by Mining Zimbabwe, the President of the Chamber of Mines Ms Elizabeth Nerwande is making it a priority to upgrade their resource centres. The goal is to ensure that information is a click away for members of the Chamber and other interested parties. After her re-election for a second and final term, […]

Huawei Surpasses Samsung in Q1, A Milestone For Chinese Phone Maker

Huawei surpassed Samsung in April to become the world’s largest smartphone maker. In a report published by Counterpoints Research Huawei were able to temporarily capture 19% of global market share. Samsung on the other hand saw a dip to 17%. This is the first time that Huawei has passed Samsung which has been unposed for […]

NetOne to Review Bundle Prices

NetOne has released a statement regarding a review of bundle prices: The Econet, NetOne price hike domino effect strikes again. Econet sent out notices to its customers that it will be reviewing its Bundles and SMS prices. NetOne has followed suit. The last raft of price hikes came in May and this new announcement has […]

You Can Now Do More Than Two Bank Transfers A Day. RBZ Reverses Decision.

The Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) an agency of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has reversed it decision issued on June 4th. The directive issued was to limit the number of internal bank transfers to 2 a day. The turn around came after Members of The Bankers Association of Zimbabwe made an appeal to the Reserve […]

My Journey From iOS To Android, Review of the Samsung A30s

Since 2016 I had been using an iPhone 5s. When I got it I was making a move from a Nokia Lumia 520, which I got because I wanted to try something new. The move at the time baffled most of my friends because they all asked “couldn’t you find an android in the same […]