Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

ZOL internet has been up and down, a problem with core network

It seems as though everything is not well at ZOL. There have been reports of unstable internet connection for most of the day. Facebook and Twitter pages have been slow to load or not loading at all. WhatsApp has also been dropping on and off, messages are also said to be taking forever to send […]

4 music discovery sites that could help you find new artists

Music like any artform is purely down to the taste and the affinity of the one listening to it. I am sure many of you have been part of heated debates about who is better in a genre or if an album was good or not. To avoid that war, we won’t be comparing tastes […]

FBC allowing Civil Servants to convert US$75 allowance via WhatsApp and email

The government some time ago announced that it was going to be giving it’s employees an allowance of US$75 a month. The allowance besides being insufficient was made worse by the news that this money was not going to come to civil servants in hard currency but will be converted to local currency at the […]

Google rolls out People Cards in India, a feature that creates user search engine profiles

Searching for famous people online is relatively easy. Information is readily available and it is usually accompanied by news about or surrounding them. It’s different if you are searching for someone who offers a service you need for example. The first route is usually asking around to see if anyone has the contact you are […]

Byo Chiefs FC at it again as the club unveils WhatsApp store

Zimbabwe’s most forward-thinking football side, the undisputed Zimbabwean football Twitter kings and it wouldn’t be a stretch to say “a national treasure”, has done it again. Bulawayo City Chiefs a couple of months ago opened an online merchandise store. Well, they have made that store even more accessible by opening unveiling a WhatsApp store. Now […]

Tougher times ahead for Huawei as smartphone chip supply affected by US sanctions

Huawei is facing yet another conundrum. This, like most of their most recent troubles, comes courtesy of the sanctions imposed by the United States. The initial round sanctions saw Huawei lose any support from US-based companies like Google. This limited physical component supply as well as software support. The second round of sanctions enacted in […]

Facebook is inviting African e-commerce startups to their accelerator program

Facebook recently posted an invite for African e-commerce startups to apply for their accelerator program. The 12-week long non-equity program focuses on networking, training, and mentorship for entrepreneurs. “In this critical time, Facebook is doubling down on commerce and accelerating its work to enable every business to sell online and help people gain inspiration, discover […]

Four months with the Samsung A30s. The good, the bad and things I am willing to overlook

A couple of months ago I reviewed my new daily driver, a Samsung A30s. It has been an interesting journey, the first few weeks were mostly adjusting to One UI. I may have underestimated the jump because I found myself on occasion swiping up expecting the iOS control centre to pop up, but that went […]

CABS launches a service to send money to any number, here’s why it won’t work

At first glance this looked rather interesting. A service that allowed CABS account holders to send money to any mobile money number. That initial excitement faded though as I went deeper into CABS’ new service Send-to-Cell. How does it work? As mentioned before CABS customer can send money to any mobile money number regardless of […]

Telekom Networks Malawi partners with KaiOS to introduce an affordable 4G phone

Affordable internet capable devices are always something worth celebrating, even if they aren’t happening in our backyard. This week Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) partnered with KaiOS Technologies to introduce an affordable 4G capable phone. Last month we reported on the Smart Kambudzi, Econet’s 3G phone which was also in partnership with KaiOS. Capabilities of the […]

NetOne has released new prices for mobile data and bundles

NetOne last week released prices that are in step with POTRAZ’s authorization for MNOs (Mobile Network Operators) to price according to the interbank rate. Mobile data and bundles prices have also been reviewed, and they are as follows: Data Bundles Item New Price ZWL$ Old Price ZWL$ Hourly 1 024 MB 60.00 30.00 Night Bundle […]

The first SMEs forex auction results are in

The first small to medium enterprises (SMEs) foreign exchange auction has concluded. This second auction is meant to be inclusive of smaller businesses. The big auction that is held every Tuesday has a minimum entry of bid US$50 000.00. So as you can imagine there would be a lot of businesses that wouldn’t be able […]

Google’s foldable Pixel phone will hit the market next year, according to a leak

In a report by 9to5Google, a leaked internal Android document revealed three Pixel smartphones in development. The codenames for these projects are “raven”, “oriole”, and “passport”. There were no specifics when it came to “oriole” and “raven”, but 9to5Google thinks that one of them could be the Pixel 6. These codenames are a deviation from Google’s […]

EcoCash has increased tariffs

EcoCash charges have been reviewed upwards. This follows a change made in March this year. The assumption is that the company has finally been given the green to increase the charges, as this is regulated by the Reserve of Zimbabwe. Here are some quick example of what you should expect to pay in fees for […]

SMSes may seem like a living fossil, but they were 10% of MNO revenue

SMSes are in many respects a relic from a time before internet based messaging platforms. At one point they were the only means by which text was sent digitally on mobile devices. There are those of a certain age who remember trying to say as much as they could in the 160 characters available. To […]

Bulawayo based firm partners with Chinese company on facial recognition systems

In a report by The Chronicle, Bulawayo based firm Brains at Work Consulting Pvt Ltd has entered into a partnership with a Chinese company called Clou Global Technology to be the sole distributor of Clou Global’s facial recognition and temperature scan systems. Who are the players in this deal? Brains at Work Consulting They are, […]

WhatsApp is rolling out a web search feature for forwarded links

WhatsApp is piloting a new feature to combat misinformation. We are all familiar with the forwarded label that is above any message, media or link that is transferred from one user to another (more than 5 times). Well, this feature ties into that. Links are one of the many ways that we get news and […]

Econet has released new tariffs for calls, data and SMSs

Following Telecel and NetOne, Econet has released new prices for out of bundle voice, data and SMS. These prices take effect from the fourth of August: Dear Valued Customer Please note our Voice, Data & SMS out of bundle tariffs as per regulatory approval effective 4 August 2020. Voice – ZWL$0.0722 per second Data – […]

Supersport is shaking up its channel line-up and adding an extra channel

SuperSport announced today that they are changing around their channel system by dropping the numbers and instead ordering them around individual sports. The numbering system on SuperSport has been around for nearly two decades, and SuperSport say that this new system is designed to make navigation easier for viewers. The channel shake up includes a […]

EcoCash “currency manipulation” probe delays Cassava Smartech financial report

Cassava Smartech announced that they have delayed the release of their audited financial statements for fiscal year-end February 2020. They made this announcement to shareholders citing that the delay is being caused by the “regulatory review” of one of the company’s key holdings EcoCash. The previously mentioned regulatory review is a currency manipulation investigation being […]

TunnelBear is giving Zimbabweans free 10 GB usage access on their VPN service

TunnelBear, a VPN service, has seen twelve times the amount of traffic coming from Zimbabwe. This is because Zimbabweans fear that there may be some sort of internet shutdown tomorrow. In light of this TunnelBear tweeted this: That’s right they are giving Zimbabweans 10 GB of data to use on their VPN service. This 10 GB is […]

Huawei overtook Samsung and Apple in device shipments for Q2 2020

Huawei has suffered some very serious setbacks over the last couple of years. The Chinese smartphone was banned from trading in the United States, and also lost support to Google Services. These two things would have, at the time, spelt a certain downturn for Huawei. Well, it seems that they have yet another first to […]

WhatsApp beta update, expiring messages and new privacy policy for users in Brazil

We last took a look at WhatsApp Beta version, which showed that they were testing and refining multiple account logins and advanced search. WhatsApp has added 2 updates to their beta through Google’s Beta Program. The first is expiring messages and the second is a new privacy policy for Brazil. Expiring messages This feature […]

[Update] Just in case the internet is switched off, make sure you have a VPN ahead of time

As reported earlier Professor Jonathan Moyo alluded to the internet being shutdown on Friday the 31st of July. In the event that something of this nature occurs, it would be prudent to download a VPN (Virtual Private Network) app beforehand. A Virtual Private Network extends a private network across a public network and enables users […]

Kenya’s Safaricom partners with Google to launch an affordable 4G smartphone

Safaricom has launched an affordable 4G enabled smartphone in partnership with Google. The device is called the Neon Ray Pro and retails for KES5 000.00 (around US$46.43). But with this program dubbed “Lipa Mdogo Mdogo” individuals will deposit KES1 000.00 (around US$9.29) and then pay KES 20.00 per day (US$0.19) to make up the balance. […]

Zimbabwe’s MoneyMart Finance are among 50 finalists in Jack Ma’s “Africa’s Business Heroes” initiative

Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH), is a competition set up by Alibaba Group co-founder Jack Ma under his African Netpreneur Prize Initiative (ANPI). ABH wants to identify entrepreneurs making an impact in their communities and to build an inclusive economy for the future. The 2020 edition had 22 000 applicants from twenty-one countries, half of the […]

NetOne releases new tariffs

NetOne has reviewed their prices following POTRAZ giving mobile network operators the green light to price at the prevailing Forex Auction Rate. The prices are as follows and take effect from the 29th of July 2020: Call Charge (Inc Tax) ZWL$/minute US$/minute ZWL$/second US$/second NetOne to NetOne 4.11 0.06 0.0685 0.0009 NetOne to Other (local) […]

Case Study: Zimbabwe, you don’t have to be a dev to make money online

Software and Web developers may rule the roost when it comes to online freelancing but that isn’t the only kind of work one can do online. There are a number of opportunities out there. It could be passion or a talent that hasn’t yet been realised, fully explored or it could purely be out of […]

Beware of the get-rich-quick schemes making the rounds

A couple of weeks ago we published an article that outlined the identifying features of pyramid and ponzi schemes. Their spread has unfortunately continued and it is very concerning. Many of you may have seen a number of get-rich-quick schemes being forwarded on WhatsApp or being advertised on social media. Some of them are even […]

Mobile tariffs going up, operators now charge based on interbank rate. Telecel first

The telecoms regulator, The Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has approved telecom operators to base their pricing on the interbank rate. This is to fulfill the recently published statute from government which says: “Any person who provides goods or services in Zimbabweshall display, quote or offer the price for such goods or […]