Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

The legendary Nokia 3310 turns 20 today

On the 1st of September 2000, the world bore witness to the birth of a true icon, the Nokia 3310. To those who used this phone, I’m sure they will remember it fondly. I’ll admit that I only got one much later on but it was nonetheless a very good phone. It was one of […]

ATU Africa Innovation Challenge 2020 has begun

The African Telecommunications Union (ATU) has begun the ATU Africa Innovation Challenge 2020. The challenge this year has been heavily influenced by the coronavirus pandemic. The contest is looking for solutions that can address problems that have arisen because of COVID-19. The launch of the competition was set around the theme: How Africa Can Stay […]

TelOne increases prices for internet packages

TelOne has increased the prices for their internet packages. This is, of course, following on ZOL’s price adjustment last week. TelOne prices, however, look to have taken a massive leap from the last price increase late last month. TelOne internet packages as of 22/02/2022 The new prices are as follows: These prices take effect from […]

Netflix is offering free access to select tv shows & movies and you don’t need an account to watch

In what seems like an attempt at broader appeal Netflix is now offering non-paying subscribers free content. The series and movies Netflix is offering are as follows: Stranger Things Murder Mystery Elite The Boss Baby: Back in Business Bird Box When they See Us Love is Blind The Two Popes Our Planet Grace and Frankie […]

Econet data bundle prices increase by about 60%

Econet data bundle prices have been increased to match the prices set by the other mobile network operators. For whatever reason Econet lagged behind the other two (NetOne and Telecel) but this increase puts Econet in and around the same prices as the other two. New Econet data bundle prices are as follows: Daily data […]

Econet data bundle prices set to be increased soon

Zimbabwe’s largest telecommunications company Econet will soon be increasing prices for data bundles. This is hardly surprising because Econet, for whatever reason, is the only mobile network operator that hasn’t yet increased data bundle prices. Telecel and NetOne both reviewed their prices for data bundles not long ago. In a report by the Herald, Econet […]

FBC Bank now allowing individuals to open bank accounts via mobile

The reach of banking services has been broadened by FBC Bank through the launch of a virtual banking service. In a statement, the bank announced that it is now offering individuals a facility to open full bank accounts through mobile, via USSD (*220#) or the FBC Bank app. This is something similar to what we […]

Walmart and Microsoft joining forces to buy TikTok

In another twist to the TikTok saga, Microsoft and Walmart have reportedly joined forces to buy the troubled social media platform. TikTok has had a roller coaster ride for a while now. From the company facing a ban in the United States, an outright ban in India, and user privacy issues. For TikTok keep its […]

ZOL prices in local currency creep up again

ZOL has increased local currency prices for their internet packages to match the prevailing Foreign Exchange Rate. The price increase is hardly surprising because this happened last month at around the same time. The new price adjustment takes effect from the 2nd of September 2020. USD Prices remain unchanged The prices are as follows: Package […]

Google Maps saved locations is getting a much needed update

I am one of those people who rely heavily on Google Maps. It is the one app that regularly compels me to buy a data bundle. This is only because I never remember to save offline maps. The application’s saved locations feature is one that I have used a number of times but the user […]

What can you buy with the ZWL$5000 EcoCash limit?

In abiding by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s directives, EcoCash has instituted a ZWL$5000.00 a day limit on transactions. The outline of how this will affect daily transactions is as follows: “Transactions by all individuals shall be pegged at a maximum of ZWS5,000 (five thousand Zimbabwe dollars) per day with immediate effect. This threshold relates […]

DStv M-Net Movie channels are getting a facelift

Following up on the Supersport channel renaming. DStv seems to be giving the M-Net movie channels the same treatment. In an announcement made by DStv Zimbabwe, the M-Net movie channels will now have a new format. More of a merger of M-Net Movie channels than a facelift The M-Net movie range of channels will be […]

ZB Bank unveils a VISA prepaid card

ZB Bank in the announcement they made about Kesto diaspora service hub that is meant to tailor services for Zimbabweans living abroad also launched a prepaid VISA card. In the press statement, ZB said that there will be three types of Visa enabled cards. These are a debit card that can be linked to a […]

Tecno smartphone reportedly comes with malware preinstalled

Low-cost smartphones are products we have covered a number of times. They are one of the tools that lower the bar to entry for people to have access to internet services. Well, it seems like one of those smartphones was a vessel for malware. Findings reported by Secure D Upstream’s full-stack anti-fraud platform revealed that […]

WhatsApp is refining storage manager feature, updates on advanced search and more

Back in June WhatsApp was reportedly working on a storage manager of sorts. This feature is meant to help users better manage the media received through WhatsApp. In a report by WABetaInfo, it seems like there have been strides made in this respect. The current storage display gives users a readout of the media have […]

EcoCash & others given until 30 September to connect to ZimSwitch

The assumed deadline for the ZimSwitch’s role as the national switch was the 15th of August 2020. That deadline has passed and that led many to wonder when this measure will come into effect. Earlier this week sources at EcoCash revealed that they hadn’t met the deadline that was set by the Reserve Bank of […]

RBZ calls on banks to bring convenience to Civil Servant allowance liquidation

The RBZ seems to have some idea of the plight of Civil Servants when it comes to the liquidation of their US$75 allowance. There have been banking institutions that have tried to make lives easier for Civil Servants in this respect. But to some institutions that have lagged behind and the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s […]

Yaita, a Zimbabwean package delivery e-commerce model in step with the times

A couple of weeks ago we featured an article that looked at ZimPost’s e-commerce aspirations. ZimPost has the infrastructure to make the most of the e-commerce bloom caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This isn’t to say they have sat on their hands. They have made strides in roping in outlets as partners but there is […]

ZOL now offering “Fibroniks on the Go” across Africa

One of the perks that ZOL offers are it’s Wi-Fi hotspots dotted across the country. These Wi-Fi spots offer ZOL and non-ZOL customers free internet access for a limited period each day. The benefit for ZOL customers (Wibroniks and Fibroniks) is that they can access “Fibroniks on the Go” through ZOLSecure. This is a service […]

GlueVP launch event reveals more about the homegrown video conferencing software

Yesterday we reported on GlueVP, a platform developed by Zimbabwean Richard Chinomona. Glue VP is a homegrown video conferencing software alternative to the established brands like ZOOM. There was a launch event for the platform today that revealed more about what GlueVP has to offer and why it was chosen by the Zimbabwean government as […]

MTN Group appoints Zimbabwean Ralph Mupita as CEO

MTN Group, Africa’s largest telecommunications company, has appointed Zimbabwean born Ralph Mupita as their new Chief Executive Officer. Ralph Mupita who previously held the position of Chief Financial Officer will ascend to the CEO post on the 1st of September 2020.  “After a rigorous and extensive search process, we are pleased to have appointed someone […]

Facebook is now charging VAT to Zimbabwean advertisers

Facebook, on their Business Help Centre, announced that they will be charging Zimbabwean advertisers Value Added Tax (VAT). The tax, which is pegged locally at 14.5% will apply to businesses and individuals whose “Sold To” country is set to Zimbabwe. Facebook will be charging VAT for ads regardless of whether they are for business or […]

No, you can’t send money from EcoCash to OneMoney yet

On the 9th of July, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued a directive that made ZimSwitch the national payments switch. This meant that EcoCash was going to be relegated to being just another wallet. ZimSwitch as the national switch for Mobile Money means that one can essentially send money from EcoCash to OneMoney or Telecash […]

More ZOL woes, as ISP is facing challenges with payments and MyZOL portal

ZOL has had a rough go of it of late. A couple of weeks ago we reported that Customer Services Staff were on an effective go-slow because of wages, subcontracted staff and NSSA payments issues. Last week the internet service provider had a problem with its core system which led to customers experiencing fluctuating internet […]

Google is apparently working on addressing Chrome’s battery consumption problem

Battery life has long since been an issue what with all the applications we have and use on our devices. Device makers have had to keep in step with these developments by offering features like quick charge, higher capacity batteries, and power saver modes on devices. Google Chrome is among those apps that require more […]

Better late than never, Telegram finally rolls out video calls

Back in April Telegram promised to add a video call feature to meet the video conferencing demands brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. At the time it seemed like Telegram were looking to capitalise on Zoom‘s security deficiencies. There may also have been a smidge of giving Zoom a run for their money but even […]

FBC was listening, as Civil Servants can now convert USD allowance via USSD

The ladies and gentlemen over at FBC must either have an ear to the ground or they had this one in the pipeline. A couple of days ago we reported that FBC was making facilities available for Civil Servants to liquidate their US$75 allowance over WhatsApp and email. As progressive as those moves are they […]

RBZ & ZRP step in to stop the spread of Pyramid and Ponzi schemes

It seems as though the authorities have now taken aim at the number of Pyramid and Ponzi schemes in Zimbabwe. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) and the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) are now rooting out these operations. We have reported on these organisations before and how they have spread in these very difficult times. […]

Report shows users on Netflix and other streaming services were targetted by hackers

Streaming has redefined how we consume content. The days where we have to be drip-fed episode after episode over a long period are quickly going. The convenience of having a whole season to watch has made it easier for users to consume tv shows at their own pace. As convenient as these services are they […]

Akashinga: a documentary about the brave women protecting our wildlife

Wildlife conservation is something that I have heard in passing or in conversation a number of times. The idea of it is clear, but never having been in those communities where it is a reality there is, on my part, a feeling of detachment. That is until I saw a tweet on my timeline about […]