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OK is ditching physical coupons & going digital for Grand Challenge Promotion

One of the country’s oldest promotions, the OK Grand Challenge is back and is sticking digital channels according to the launch event for the annual promotion held late last week. You can watch the launch event on YouTube with the player below or by clicking the link here The last edition of the OK Grand […]

EcoCash enters USD money transfers with a domestic remittance service

It was just a matter of time, wasn’t it? With domestic remittance services launching left right and centre, EcoCash was the last marquee name that wasn’t in the mix. Which was, until last night, a little surprising… The remittance game in Zimbabwe is one of the most sought after because the figures for incoming funds […]

Strive Masiyiwa’s daughter replaces him on Econet board

Just over a month ago, Econet Wireless announced that their founder, Strive Masiyiwa, was stepping down from the board of directors of the company. He had been on the board since inception in 1993 and the announcement closed the chapter on a very long and dramatic 29 years.  The Masiyiwa story at Econet is far […]

Zim entrepreneurs! There is US$50K up for grabs, do you have what it takes?

Game Changers Zimbabwe has announced a US$50,000 competition for 30 local entrepreneurs to secure funding, mentorship, investment and a full-stack business support system. The initiative is seeking to develop Zimbabwe through empowering a new generation of Zimbabwean youth entrepreneurs with equity investments, mentorship and advisory support. The goals for the program are to: Create sustainable […]

Zim has a new online store called Kwingy and its data free

E-commerce platforms have been launching left right and centre over the last couple of years because the pandemic brought about a need for businesses to have an online presence but without the hassle of having to engineer a website from scratch. Over the last couple of years or so we saw a number of websites […]

TECHNIKARI: A brand is not a logo, it’s a story SO TELL IT!!!

On this episode of Technikari, I was joined by Sherman Baloyi who is the Creative Director at OnaDsgn, a local brand strategy firm to go over why international companies spend thousands to even millions of dollars on their brand/branding or unique identity. The conversation covers how logos have become more than just “we do this” […]

2 Zim fintech startups selected for Dubai financial inclusion accelerator

The Catapult: Inclusion Africa is an initiative that is run by the Luxembourg House of Financial Technology (LHoFT) Foundation and aims at advancing financial inclusion and empowering groups that “have been left behind by the traditional system”. The program is open to all sorts of fintech startups starting from those that offer financial services for […]

Women entrepreneurs check out this US$60K Challenge

The COVID-19 pandemic has reversed at least twenty years of progress for women and girls. The pandemic has overwhelmed health systems and supply chains across the globe and has derailed progress in sustainable development. In parallel, the pandemic has also catalyzed the acceleration of innovation, including in the booming health technology market. In this context, […]

Pay a monthly fee to use a phone that you’ll never own? Apple thinks that could work

The business of selling phones used to be a simple one. A manufacturer made a phone and a customer coughed up the asking price, took the phone home and the business was concluded. There was some kind of warranty but for the most part, it was like buying tomatoes at the market. That’s pretty much […]

ZIM STARTUPS! Jack Ma’s US$1.5 mil African Business Heroes is back!

The “Africa’s Business Heroes” (ABH) prize competition, one of the Jack Ma Foundation’s flagship philanthropic programs spotlighting and celebrating Africa’s entrepreneurial talent has opened applications for its fourth annual edition. Entrepreneurs from all 54 African countries, across every sector, age group, and gender are now able to submit their applications, in either French or English, […]

Local logistics startup Thumeza expands to Zambia and Kenya

Thumeza is a logistics startup that focuses on “Providing working capital financing for those who power the movement of goods across Africa“. The company does this by trimming the gap in finances that independent logistics operators face when they are waiting for a payment for a completed job while they venture on to the next. […]

Half of all smartphones sold in Africa are Transsion brands. How did itel, Tecno and Infinix’s parent get so dominant?

If you’ve been on Zimbabwean social media in the past few years you have seen the jokes about itel. Snobby Zimbabweans love mocking itel smartphone users. Yes, the elites with $55 iPhone 5’s love telling us how much better than us they are. Unfortunately for them, most Zimbabweans and Africans at large do not care […]

Econet employee defrauds company of $4 million in juice card heist

When it rains it pours for Econet Wireless Zimbabwe. In January this year, two (former) employees from the country’s biggest mobile network operator (MNO) were given a combined nine years for defrauding the company of ZWL$20 million and now there is a new report of another employee who defrauded Econet of ZWL$4 million in a […]

The big tech companies have really given Russia the middle you know what

Over the weekend, a video popped up on my YouTube recommended feed from a creator in Russia called NFKRZ (Roman Abalin) who was giving his take on the sanctions that were brought on by the invasion of Ukraine. He said in his video that he was unable to withdraw any funds from crowdsourcing platforms like […]

Tech startups in Africa raise US$1 billion in 2 months

According to Disrupt Africa, the continent’s tech startup ecosystem has raised a combined US$1 billion (US$1,123,556,000) in the first two months of 2022. The report states that this is the first time that the African tech startup ecosystem has achieved this feat. Disrupt Africa’s total figure for 2021 was US$2,148,517,500 which differs from other figures […]

Being an art entrepreneur in Zim & NFTs: the business of selling beautiful things

On this episode, I was joined by Peter Kaunda the Patron of the Arts at Artillery Gallery in Harare. He shared his experiences in the art scene in Zimbabwe on the business side, the art subscription services Artillery recently launched as well as the struggles of authentication, verification and insurance of art in Zimbabwe. You […]

Wondering why your business’ branding isn’t working? Listen to this…

Brand identity/branding has long since been a cornerstone of any company or collective. If your potential customer can’t distinguish you from a competitor or make you out at all, then sustainability is going to be difficult. This not only speaks to your logo or commercials but also of your internal branding as well as your […]

Old Mutual’s Eight2Five Hub celebrates 1st Anniversary

The Eight2Five Innovation Hub, home for entrepreneurs, celebrated its first anniversary. The Eight2Five Innovation Hub powered by Old Mutual Zimbabwe focuses on creating a modern, professional, and energetic work environment to stimulate the creativity and productivity of entrepreneurial businesses and their teams. “Current times are changing very fast, demanding young people to be proactive. We […]

Zim partners foreign firm to collect taxes from companies like Facebook. Who is this partner?

Nothing leads to more delays and inefficiencies than a government department/parastatal trying to go it alone. It is therefore refreshing to see more and more public private partnerships in Zimbabwe.  We saw the Justice Service commission partner a globally known company to help establish a tech-first approach. Now, the government has partnered with another global […]

Cassava appoints new Africa Data Centres CEO

Cassava Technologies has today announced that it has appointed Tesh Durvasula as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Africa Data Centres (ADC) effective 7 February 2022. He will be responsible for driving growth, innovation and strategy of Cassava Technologies’ data centres to meet Africa’s accelerating demand for data and digital infrastructure. “At Cassava Technologies […]

RBZ’s fintech sandbox needs to be more than a footnote in tomorrow’s MPS

Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) Governor Dr John Mangudya is set to deliver the Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) tomorrow (8/02/22) according to a report by The Sunday Mail. Now, as usual, we will see what the central bank has been tracking as well as the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of its policies. Chief among those […]

Zim entrepreneur appointed to board of a US$200 mil Africa startup fund

Shingai Mutasa, the founder of Masawara Group a local investment firm, was appointed to the advisory board of a US$200 million Africa startup fund according to a report by TechCrunch. The whole initiative is the work of the Norrsken Foundation which if you remember not so long ago announced that it was looking for startups […]

Steward Bank retrenching workers owing to digitalisation. What does that mean?

The big bank purge continues as Steward Bank becomes the latest to retrench employees. Over the last few years, Zimbabwean banks have been letting employees go for various reasons. The most common being digitalisation rendering some jobs redundant and the tough economic conditions in Zimbabwe, especially in the Covid era. In Steward Bank’s case, they […]

ZIMRA exceeded its own expectations in Q4 2021 with a 48% uptick in collections

The Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) has released its Q4 2021 results and the tax authority went over and above its own projections for the period under review. ZIMRA recorded ZWL$161.08 billion in gross collections which is a 48.91% increase on its target of ZWL$108.17 billion. The net revenue collected was ZWL$157.19 billion because ZIMRA said […]

Full Text: CBZ Bank and CBZ Building Society want to be one business

In a press statement released by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ), CBZ Bank and sister company CBZ Building Society have applied to be unified as a single entity The statement on the proposed unification reads as follows: PROPOSED AMALGAMATION OF CBZ BANK LIMITED & CBZ BUILDING SOCIETY IT is hereby notified, in terms of […]

Two Econet employees got 9 years for stealing $20 million

Two employees of Zimbabwe’s biggest mobile network operator (MNO), Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, Mukai Mapunzure (Sales Consultant) and Gavin Guwu got nine years in prison for defrauding the company of $20 million (ZWL$). The former was facing 108 counts of fraud and got seven years. While the latter had 98 counts and got two years. The […]

2 Zim female-led startups selected for Women Entrepreneurship for Africa accelerator

The Women Entrepreneurship for Africa (WE4A) has announced that 100 female-led startups have been chosen to join its accelerator programme. Of those chosen, there are two Zim startups Artisanal foods (Consumer Products) and Anaya Investments (Agriculture). The former is a food manufacturing company that is headed by Kudzai Makaza and the latter is a vegetable […]

Strive Masiyiwa appointed to Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation board

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has appointed a board of trustees, with Strive Masiyiwa, Baroness Nemat (Minouche) Shafik, Thomas J. Tierney, and Gates Foundation CEO Mark Suzman joining co-chairs Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates as members. The board members will work alongside Gates and French Gates, bringing independent and diverse perspectives to help […]

Strive Masiyiwa’s net worth is now at US$2.7 billion – Forbes

Econet Group Founder Strive Masiyiwa’s net worth has been estimated at US$2.7 billion according to Forbes’ latest rankings. Masiyiwa is now in 10th place tied with South Africa’s Jacobus Petrus “Koos” Bekker, the founding director of African Telecommunications giant MTN and later became Chairman of Naspers (DStv’s parent company). “Despite the global coronavirus pandemic, Africa’s […]

Local remittance service Tumai has a 5% extra airtime, ZESA and data promotion

The remittance game, be it for money, goods and or services has blossomed over the pandemic era even when early projections forecasted a decline because of restricted incomes for the African diaspora. Locally we have been inundated with new services coming to the fore and older ones offering discounts and transaction free periods to entice […]