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Zuva Petroleum Launches Website With Fuel Finder & More New Features

Zuva Petroleum has launched a new and revamped website which they term as being part of the “evolution of the Zuva brand”. As the world continues to evolve, we have chosen to keep moving with it. Innovation lies at the heart of our business operations. We aim to conveniently serve our customers by implementing technologies […]

Here Are Some Apps To Make Working From Home Easier During The Coronavirus Crisis

Coronavirus has forced a significant number of people to start working from home and with such a sudden shift it’s no surprise that many companies aren’t exactly prepared for the transition to start working from home. This list of applications will help companies that are still looking for the right tools for their employees to […]

Are You A Developer And Would Love To Join Techzim?

Hey, we are looking for driven coders who are interested in joining in the work we do. We are making this call for applications quite open, we are looking for broad skillsets in different areas of our business. This is a good opportunity for you to tell us exactly what you are good at, what […]

ZRP Computerising In Hopes Of Eliminating Corruption

Minister of Home Affairs Kazembe Kazembe has said the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) along with the Registrar General’s Office will be getting computerised with the intent to improve efficiency and weed out corruption. Computerisation lessens pressure on our officers thereby improving efficency as it helps them serve clients quickly. Minister Kazembe Kazembe Will this root […]

Minister Kazembe Kazembe Says Solution To Passport Crisis Is By Applying Online

The passport office has been having a torrid time keeping up with the demand for the travelling document for a long time. Whilst the short-term solutions have included citizens with foreign currency paying for the most expensive passport, that’s not exactly a sustainable solution considering how many people can actually afford that passport. Home Affairs […]

Mobile Phones Will Feature Prominently In 2022 Census – Zimstat

Zimbabwe National Statistics Director-General Mr Taguma Mahonde has said that our mobile phones will play a significant part in the mapping and collection of data during 2022’s census which is expected to cost $1.4 billion. Given this background, Zimbabwe is focusing on following the global trend of the use of mobile devices for mapping and […]

This US Politician Wants To Ban People Under 21 From Owning Or Using Cellphones

A politician in Vermont – A northeastern US State- has introduced a bill that prohibits ownership or use of smartphones for people under the age of 21. Why has Democratic Sen. John Rodgers proposed the bill? For a number of reasons which are not as silly as you might have thought when you saw this […]

National Budget To Include Resources For Launch Of Space Satellite

During Mthuli Ncube’s 2020 Budget presentation yesterday, the Finance Minister announced that as part of Research and Development efforts the government will set aside resources to launch a space satellite: The Budget has set aside resources for the Research and Development programme, including the launch of the space satellite. Mthuli Ncube – Finance Minister As […]

EcoFarmer Launches Diaspora Agriculture Finance Plan

EcoFarmer recently announced that they will now be offering a Diaspora Agriculture Finance Plan that allows people in the diaspora to buy farming equipment and inputs for family and friends through Cassava Remit. Whilst the service seems to be unavailable on the Cassava Remit website at the time of writing EcoFarmer ads concerning the service […]

Microsoft Japan Adopted a 4-Day Work Week & Boosted Productivity By Almost 50%

Where my public holiday and long-weekend lovers at? Developments coming out of Japan at Microsoft might pique your interest. Microsoft Japan was trialling a 4-day work week and the experiment was extremely popular with employees and also increased productivity by 40% due to the fact that the shorter workweek came with less and more efficient […]

Government To Introduce e-Cabinet Next Year

During the 36th Cabinet Matrix held yesterday, the Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa briefed the Cabinet regarding progress on moving towards a paperless eCabinet system that will change the way cabinet meetings are held. The eCabinet will be accompanied by an “Executive Electronic Dashboard” allowing for the monitoring of priority government programmes in realtime. Both […]

EcoFarmer Launches An Uber/Vaya For Farming Equipment

Today Cassava Smartech’s EcoFarmer launched a platform for farmers to hire farming equipment like tractors, borehole drills etc. The service can be described as a marketplace where farmers and owners of equipment meet much like the sister company, Vaya is a marketplace for people who need transport and those who have cars ‘lying idle.’ Farmers […]

My Experience Being A Part Of Techzim So Far #techzim10

I’ve wanted to share more about my experience at Techzim for the longest time but always seemed to be too busy experiencing and not spending time documenting. Happy to finally take the time to let you in on what it has been like being a web developer at Techzim. Now I didn’t start as a […]

Zimtribes’ Now Allows Users To Contribute Meanings Of Local Names & Surnames

We’ve talked about Zimtribes before – an online platform where Zimbos can document their family history through building generational family trees with ease. The platform’s newest feature allows Zimbabwean’s to create a database of the meaning of local names and surnames which sounds pretty cool. The feature description is something I instantly agreed with after […]

Jeff Bezos Is A Thief – Wikipedia’s New Description Of The World’s Richest Man

Update: Wikipedia has since corrected the error by replacing the word, “thief” with “charity donor” It looks like one of the Editors at Wikipedia has made a gross error which tarnishes the image of the world’s richest man, Jeff Bezos. Wikipedia is describing Jeff Bezos as a thief among a number of honourable adjectives. Visit […]

Download: Mnangagwa Govt Got An Average Score On Fulfillment Of Election Promises

We have talked about Sivio Institute before particularly regarding their online tool that keeps track of how the government is performing against election promises made by President Mnangagwa and his ZANU PF party. If you haven’t checked it out, you should visit Cool tool. Using data compiled from this tracker, Sivio Institute has published […]

Techzim Is Hiring, Do You Like Experimenting And Growing Business Online?

Hey there, we are hiring! We are excited by the steady growth of Techzim Market, the online commerce side of our business. Growth comes with the challenge to keep growing. We intend to meet this challenge head on. We are thus looking for an individual who will go on this fun adventure with us. Who […]

4 Thieves Caught After Stealing Batteries At Econet’s Base Station

Four thieves were caught by the police after they had stolen 24 batteries at an Econet Booster, thanks to a vigilant security guard. According to a post on Twitter by the Zimbabwe Republic Police: They were taken to court & 3 have since been convicted and sentenced to 8 years imprisonment while the case against […]

Strive Masiyiwa To Step Down As Chairman Of AGRA

Econet Founder, Strive Masiyiwa is stepping down as the chairman of AGRA (Alliance For A Green Revolution In Africa) on Wednesday. AGRA was founded in 2006 with the aim of eradicating hunger through creating an efficient African food system. The Econet Founder had held the post for more than 10 years and during the period […]

President Mnangagwa’s Website Now Carries Stories Like, “How To Make A Girl Love You”

Last year in March we wrote about President Mnangagwa increasing his online presence when he launched a website. The website was only one of other several platforms (Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp) on which the President had a presence. Out of curiosity, today we went back to the site to check what new content about His […]

The More ZESA You Use, The More You Pay- Here’s How It Works

ZESA has announced a new billing system for domestic consumers of electricity. Instead of paying a flat rate, they want to cushion households that use less power somewhat. Fullard Gwasira, the ZESA PR Manager said: The Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company would like to advise its valued customers that it has now started implementing […]

Econet Takes Insurance Broker To Court 

Econet’s insurance arm, Econet Insurance Pvt Ltd is at loggerheads with its broker, Auto and General Insurance Brokers (AGIB) over insurance policies and premiums, according to a NewZimbabwe report. What transpired? Apparently, Econet subcontracted AGIB to sell (broker) insurance policies and collect premiums on its behalf. As part of the contract between the two companies, […]

Zim Becomes 26th Member Of Smart Africa Alliance

Monday the 5th of August marked the day when Zimbabwe had the honour of being the 26th member of Smart Africa Alliance. Smart Africa Alliance is an initiative which seeks to “accelerate sustainable socioeconomic development on the continent, ushering Africa into a knowledge economy through affordable access to Broadband and usage of Information and Communications […]

Hwindi & Stanbic Team Up To Encourage Responsible Drinking

It’s that time of the year again when people travel during the Heroes and Defense Forces holiday. As people will be partying, drinking and traveling, the holiday is infamous for occuring accidents which take away lives and injure many. Raid-hailing start-up, Hwindi and Stanbic Bankare mindful of the carnage that happens during the holiday because […]

ZESA Electricity Tariffs Increased 3 Fold And 5 Fold

As you probably know by now -since ZESA has been crying about this a lot- the tariffs we were currently paying to get electricity are woefully below the cost at which the electricity is being produced. During the MidTerm budget event, new tariffs were announced effective immediately and they are structured as follows: The electricity […]

New Zupco Buses Come With Appealing Features

Yesterday the President commissioned 42 Zupco buses as part of the government’s plan to “develop an integrated and multi-model urban transport system”. Besides the cheap fares offered by these buses, there are some attractive add-ons that may urge you to habitually use the buses whenever you have journey. The add-ons come in the form of […]

USD Cash Guaranteed For Remittances At Steward Bank Outlets

No doubt the talk of town still is the recent changes to Zimbabwe’s currency regime. The first reaction from ordinary individuals like you and I was of course panic and nervousness. The dust seems to be settling now. Your remittances money is yours The monetary authorities have clarified that forex you receive into Zimbabwe from […]

Nashua Zim Completes Fitting Of 3D Printed Prosthetic Hand

[Image source: Nashua FB] A few months ago we shared the inspiring story about Nashua’s 3D printing efforts. The company is 3D printing and giving away prosthetic hands to individuals who would have not been able to replace their limbs after accidents. Back then the company was still getting to grips with the tech and […]

Pampers Develops A Smart Diaper To Track Your Baby’s Urination And Sleep Patterns

Recent technological advancements have made it possible to make almost everything we use in our daily lives ‘smart’ – phones, homes, TV, and diapers. Yes, you read that right: smart diapers. Pampers, one of the world’s leading diaper brand, is set to launch smart diapers. The company announced that it would be launching the new […]

Zimbabwean Teen Named One Of Top 50 Women In Engineering In UK

A young Zimbabwean teen, Melissa Chigubu has been named as one of the top 50 engineering students in the UK. Melissa who has has been living in the UK since 2012 is currently doing her apprenticeship at Advanced Manufacturing Training Centre’s(AMTC). Speaking about Melissa’s achievement,AMTC’s managing director, Paul Rowlett said: Melissa is a talented and […]