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The Power Of Social Media For Communications

Social Media has changed human behaviour as it reshapes all structures – family, business, society, and governance. Ignoring social media has opportunity costs that Zimbabwe cannot afford as we deliberate our US$6 billion debt.

NetApp Launches Zimbabwe Partnership With Frolgate Technology

NetApp, the NASDAQ listed fortune 100 company, launched their Zimbabwe presence today through Frolgate Technology, a local ICT solutions company. The launch was done at a hotel in Harare.

Telecel Wins Market Penetration Leadership Award

Telecel Zimbabwe has been awarded the 2010 Frost & Sullivan Award for Market Penetration Leadership within the Southern African Development Community.

Possible Econet Data Bundle Prices Revealed

We just received an update on our Twitter feed from an alert Tafmak with details on the new Econet pricing for the data services to be announced 2 days from now.

Zimbabwe Ubuntu Maverick Meerkat Release Party This Sat

It’s October and the second Ubuntu release of the year has just been made available for download. As is tradition now, the Zimbabwe Ubuntu Loco team hosts an Ubuntu Release Party to celebrate the new version.

Econet to Partner Afre on New Life Assurance Product: EcoLife

We just received information that Econet and Afre Corporation (formerly First Mutual Life Assurance Limited) will be announcing a new Life Insurance product to the press tomorrow. The new product is called EcoLife

Econet Receives Inaugural US Embassy ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ Award

U.S. Ambassador Charles A. Ray and Fred Mutanda, Chairman of the American Business Association of Zimbabwe (ABAZ), today announced the winners of the first annual “Investing in Zimbabwe’s Future” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards: Econet and African Sun Zimbabwe Limited.

Pastel launches its Payroll and Human Resources software in Zimbabwe

Pastel’s Payroll and Pastel Payroll Human Resources software are now available for the first time in Zimbabwe, following their launch in Harare on Thursday last week.

Head to Head, FIFA 11 vs PES 11 – Part 2

Last week we were happy the ICT Africa 2010 Exhibition was upon us; to be honest I wanted to see if any exhibitors would bring some games and gaming consoles with them. After having just gone through a copy of PC Format and seeing how the E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010) had left visitors mesmerized.

About Zim Gaming

So what is this hype about games? One might ask. Why the introduction of a gaming category on this blog?

Well, It’s aimed at gamers (both aspiring and established), where we look at the latest games, gaming consoles and PC Gaming regalia. The aim being to create a strong Zimbabwean gaming community, and hopefully one day host our own gaming expos.

Embracing Social Media as a Business Tool: ZOL on Facebook, Twitter

Last week Zimbabwe Online, one of Zimbabwe’s largest internet providers, launched ZOLife an Internet and paper magazine offering information and tips about the Internet. Stuff like how to choose a good internet package, some 101 basics on fibre connectivity, VSAT and so forth.

Your Organisation and Data Security

Generally, data security is the process or procedures put in place to ensure that data is protected from corruption and unauthorised access. The focus behind data security is to ensure privacy while protecting personal or corporate data.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Slashes International Rates

We’ve just been informed through a release by Econet that the largest mobile operator in the country is slashing International call rates by 50%. A huge drop and one effectively making Econet the cheapest network for international calls

Econet South Africa’s Virtual Operation Sells 500,000 Lines

We just received a press release from Econet with information that Econet Wireless South Africa has sold more than 500,000 SIM packs the past 12 months. Econet is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) in South Africa where it piggybacks on Cell C infrastructure.

Axis Solutions Wins ICT Africa 2010 Best Exhibition Award

Yesterday evening ended with a cocktail celebration sponsored by Africom to officially close ICT Africa in 2010. As is the tradition, the Thomson Publications best exhibition award is given to the ICT Africa best exhibitor on this night.

Low Turnout at This Year’s ICT Africa Exhibition

Compared to previous editions of the ICT Africa exhibition, this year’s event saw a remarkable decline in attendance. Visitors to the exhibition park in Harare were so few the place looked empty most of the time.

ZOL Launches ZOLife Magazine

Zimbabwe Leading Internet Service Provider ZOL launched a new magazine yesterday on the sidelines of the ICT Africa 2010. The magazine is run online as a blog at and also has a free offline paper magazine to be issued six times a year.

Photos From ICT Africa 2010 – Day 1

Below are the photos took today at ICT Africa 2010. The event is being held at the Harare Exhibition Park. A bigger venue. The exhibition looks a lot smaller than last year’s and we noticed Yo Africa, one of the biggest ISPs is absent from the event.

Zimbabwe to Host Trinidad & Tobago Delegates at ICT Africa 2010 Conference

Zimbabwe’s Ministry of ICT is hosting a delegation from Trinidad and Tobago at a conference running alongside this year’s ICT Africa exhibition. The conference has been organized by a global faith based NGO called Congress WBN head quartered in Trinidad and Tobago.

The New Red Africom, Mobile Broadband and Voice Services

Earlier today, Africom officially launched its new branding at a function held at the Meikles Hotel in Harare. The central theme of the new Africom is connectivity, converged connectivity. We mentioned a few days ago that this was going to happen.

Econet to Change Number Prefix from 091 to 077

We just received an email with the information that Econet will be changing its prefix number from 091 to 077. Here’s the full text of the email:

Head to Head, FIFA 11 vs PES 11

With Africa’s 1st World Cup over, another battle biggest soccer spectacle is just about to begin, planning of which started long before the world cup in SA. Two rival giants both stretch their teams to the limit for the ultimate clash.

Telecel Makes Per Second Billing Optional for Prepaid Subscribers

Telecel, the second largest mobile operator (by subscribers numbers) launched ‘Per Second’ billing on its network on 1 September. We started seeing adverts for the new service this week and noticed something that made us sto

Techzim’s Downtime Yesterday and General Site’s Stability

ver the past few weeks, we have had a few stability issues with this site. Yesterday for example the local mirror of the site went down with the “500 Internal Server” error below for some hours.

Africom Rebrands as it Makes Entry into Consumer Connectivity Market

We just learned that Africom is rebranding itself. The new Africom, a red one, will launch this Friday, 10 September. Part of the rebranding includes the replacement of the current logo with this new one here.

Zimbabwe’s Fiscalised Electronic Devices Program

About 3 weeks ago, Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Finance and the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) launched fiscalised electronic registers and fiscal memory devices

ZELLCO Introduces VoIP Services

In an email yesterday, ZELLCO a mobile virtual network operator invited subscribers to register for public VoIP services. According to ZELLCO, the service is being offered by a local network called Gigatel.

Social Engineering as a Hacking Technique

Political science refers to social engineering as an attempt by government or private groups to change the views and behaviour of citizens. In computer security, social engineering is the art and science of tricking people into revealing confidential information

Clouds of Change, Your Role in the Clouds

Cloud computing and virtualization are bringing a paradigm shift for the classic IT function. Adapting your skills to the new technical requirements could make all the difference and ultimately increase your visibility and depending on your current situation, those clouds on the horizon bring welcome relief or are the beginning of the end to your career.

The Verbal POTRAZ Response on Line Registration: We’re Talking to Telecel

Ok, so three days ago we complained that the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ will not respond to our questions about the validity of Telecel’s mobile line registration methods. Yesterday, we finally got something, a verbal response. According to Mr. Chiripanhura the POTRAZ finance director the official response was will be coming “maybe before the end of […]