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6 days ago 

Liquid Telecom launches cloud storage & file sharing solution for enterprise in Zimbabwe

Liquid Telecom, launched an enterprise data storage, cloud storage and file sharing service called CrashPlan Africa. If you’re wondering if this isn’t just a Box or Dropbox with an African tag, hear this: This is enterprise first, and IT departments get the premises based cloud option. The closer competition may actually be SharePoint than the purely cloud syncing stuff.

2 weeks ago 

uMAX company, Dandemutande, in 4th annual consecutive loss

Masawara’s annual results for the year ended December 2014, show that Dandemutande, a subsidiary they own, went through a 4th consecutive loss making year, posting of a loss of US $1.2 million. The loss has however improved from the $2.1 million posted in 2013. Dandemutande is the internet provider behind the uMAX and Utande brands. Dandemutande however managed to increase revenue […]

3 weeks ago 

Zimbabwean startup, BitFinance, accepted into Savannah Fund accelerator

A Zimbabwean startup called BitFinance that’s building a  Bitcoin exchange in Africa and a Bitcoin ATM just got admitted into Savannah Fund’s 4th accelerator class. The fund is based in Kenya and you probably remember them for being part of a funding round that went into biNu. Savannah Fund says as part of the this class, BitFinance will get […]

3 weeks ago 

Would Masawara buy Telecel from Vimpelcom?

A new dimension of a possible buyer emerged today following the talks yesterday between Vimpelcom and the ICT minister to find a solution to the Telecel closure. Apparently Masawara may buy Vimpelcom’s  share in Telecel Zimbabwe. A New Zimbabwe article says government plans to “force” Vimpelcom to sell to Masawara. The article doesn’t say if Masawara would actually […]

3 weeks ago 

Supa: Don’t read too much into Tweet. No Orange player replacing Telecel

So yesterday, the ICT Minister, Supa Mandiwanzira set off a storm speculation with  his “orange” future for Telecel tweet: @cemambo @Techzim @Mathuthu Just finished a very positive mtng with Vimpelcom. It would appear the future of TZ is orange, it’s bright — Supa Mandiwanzira (@SupaCollinsM) May 5, 2015 Could this mean an operator that has an […]

3 weeks ago 

Net Neutrality pressure forces Facebook to open up internet.org

The net neutrality pressure in the 1.3 billion people market called India is yielding some interesting results. Facebook announced today a loosening up of internet.org to let “anyone” provide zero rated content via the platform. Developers, says Facebook, will be able to create services that integrate with Internet.org. Our first reaction was to doubt Facebook’s sincerity especially as […]

4 weeks ago 

“We’re shaking up the NetOne management” says ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira

“We’re shaking up the management of the company!”. This is what the Zimbabwean minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, told us yesterday in a phone interview over the restructuring exercise happening at NetOne. “What is NetOne’s performance in comparison to the other operators?” he asked, “Government as a shareholder is very much aware of the performance of the other […]

4 weeks ago 

One Africa Media close to buying into Zimbabwe’s classifieds company, Webdev

A couple of months ago, we got wind that there was some kind of partnership deal going on between Zimbabwe’s largest classifieds classifieds.co.zw and what is now Africa’s largest classifieds group, One Africa Media. We reached out to Webdev and we were told there wasn’t much of a deal yet. Enough to mean changes in ownership at least. This week however, the guys over […]

4 weeks ago 

NetOne executives’ jobs on the line as massive restructuring begins

The telecoms industry in Zimbabwe was taken aback this week when suddenly, 24 executive level jobs for a mobile operator were advertised in the press. Starting the very senior position of COO, CTO, CFO down to managerial positions like Head of IT infrastructure. The speculation began; could this be a new company preparing to take Telecel’s place. Why would […]

4 weeks ago 

POTRAZ revokes Telecel Zim licence. Orders shut down within 30 days

News today is that Telecel Zimbabwe, the country’s 3rd largest mobile operator has been ordered to shut down by POTRAZ. The operating license of the company has apparently been revoked, following the disagreements they had with the government over the issue of payment of license fees and indigenisation. We have since confirmed from our sources in […]

1 month ago 

An opinion on the “Corporate rot” at Econet Wireless Zimbabwe

Today when I came upon a NewZimbabwe article with the title “The corporate rot Econet is hiding” I thought I had stumbled onto a typical “I hate Econet” piece. There’s enough supply of those on the internet and usually they are just emotional anti-capitalist outbursts that lack any intelligent engagement on the issue – so I’ve stopped reading them. […]

2 months ago 

Here’s an opportunity to learn the Arduino at workshops to be held in Harare

If, like me, you’re curious to play with devices like Ardiuno and Raspberry Pi so you can do some DIY robotic stuff during your free – or even make it career – you will love to know that there’s someone offering Arduino workshops right here in Harare. The workshops are provided by Maspaka, an electronics company in Harare that also does those […]

2 months ago 

Keen to Understand Kenya more? Here’s a list of Kenyan blogs in various categories

I’m always wondering what publications to follow in countries I’m interested in understanding more about.so when i got this list from a Kenya colleague, I thought it’d be useful to other people out there as well. It’s Kenyan blogs in various categories compiled for Kenya’s blog awards. The thing with awards ofcourse is that depending on the […]

2 months ago 

News agency, The Source, fails to get Econet case referred to Con court

The Herald reports that Reuters affiliated online news agency, The Source, this week failed to have their case referred to the Constitutional Court. The referral case was heard by Justice Joseph Musakwa (the same judge that granted an order to have them raided by Econet) and refused to do so on the basis that The Source undermined the authority […]

2 months ago 

Online publication raided by Econet and Steward Bank issues statement

We have just received a statement from the online publication, The Source, on the events that have happened around their offices being raided by Econet Wireless executives accompanied by the Sheriff and Police. The statement essentially calls out Econet Wireless and Steward Bank on their actions since yesterday, apparently exposing the ill intent of the two companies against […]

2 months ago 

Econet, Steward & the raid on The Source: Is this a violation of the Constitution?

Information we have so far suggests that the raid on a Zimbabwean based online publication, The Source, is about getting a journalists to reveal their sources. On the issue of journalists revealing the sources, Section 61 (2) of the Constitution of Zimbabwean guarantees this: Every person is entitled to freedom of the media, which freedom includes […]

2 months ago 

Exclusive: Econet launches EcoShopper. Seeks to disrupt the supermarket

Remember Econet Zimbabwe chief, Douglas Mboweni, hinted last year at getting into e-commerce soon? They just did. The company will be launching its first foray into e-commerce today with the introduction of – you guessed it – EcoShopper. It’s not your typical e-commerce. Or let me say it’s not your fully fledged e-commerce operation but there are some key […]

2 months ago 

Here’s a HIFA event you can’t afford to miss: The convergence of music and tech

So this year’s HIFA is around the corner and you’re probably wondering what it has in store. The official website doesn’t have a programme yet, but we’re receiving emails loaded with exciting stuff to look forward. One we got today is on an event called the Impact Music Conference which will see some notable leaders in the music and tech sector discuss the stuff […]

2 months ago 

WhatsApp calls not working on 3G, EDGE connections in Zimbabwe

So, since yesterday, we’ve been calling friends using the new WhatsApp calling feature. What we were curious to test is ofcourse if the WhatsApp Calls feature is the big disruptor to the mobile operators that it’s been hyped to be. That WhatsApp Calls are some special thing we don’t have already in the form of Facebook Messenger, […]

2 months ago 

We have an agreement, says Telecel, in response to license cancellation

Telecel (well, Vimpelcom the majority owner) has just sent out the press release below as response to the order to shut operations. The release essentially says that the company takes it the announcements seriously and that they have an existing agreement with the government to comply with legalities within an agreed time frame. The agreement they are bringing up is […]

2 months ago 

This’ how angry Zambians & Nigerians are over the DStv price increases

So apparently the DStv price increases – those annual increases they announced two weeks ago – have attracted quite a backlash. “I love sport but will not pander to thieving” said one commenter to the story we posted here. Nigerians and Zambians are taking it even further – petitions to boycott the service! Here’s a petition a Nigerian is running […]

3 months ago 

Telecel ordered to stop operations as license issue gets out of hand

A report just published this evening by the government owned Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), says Telecel has been ordered by the government to stop operations outright. We’ve tried to get in touch with the company, but no response has come so far. We understand though that VimpelCom officials (they hold 60% of the company) are currently in the […]

3 months ago 

MTN releases 2014 annual results: US $12.8 billion revenue. Growth slows down

MTN has just started announcing their 2014 annual financial results. The company continued to perform well last year, after a good half year. Total revenue for the year was R146.2 billion up 6.4% from the previous year. Based on today’s exchange rate, that’s US $12.8 billion revenue for the year. The group’s total subscribers across the 21 […]