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Top Facebook Accounts To Follow For Latest Info About #ShutdownZimbabwe Protests

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We understand that Twitter is too new-school for some people that’s why they are still on Facebook. So its only fair to also give these people a list Facebook accounts to keep abreast (that’s if you are in Zimbabwe and you have VPN to use social media) with the ongoing Shutdown Zimbabwe protests, just like the list-of-Twitter-accounts-to-follow we gave you before the internet was cut off. Here are some Facebook accounts to follow in no particular order:

The Herald


President Mnangagwa

Open Parly

Zim Media Review


Team Pachedu

ZBC news

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8 thoughts on “Top Facebook Accounts To Follow For Latest Info About #ShutdownZimbabwe Protests

  1. How does vpn work? I downloaded tunnelbear but then they wanted your card details and a fee? Which one is 100% fee? #nohopeforzimbabwe

  2. What is this Govtn?? Now you know why any non corrupt Country like from the West won’t lift sanctions or ever dream of investing here? All I can say is that this Govtn like the past are here for themselves & not the people! The amount of money struggling Zimbabweans have lost who rely on social media like Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to sell their products. Shame on you you cowardly Govtn. What a100% mess you have put us in & then punish us who can’t put food on the table while you live a life of luxury through us. COWARDS. NO BACKBONE. PLEASE GOD PUNISH THEM.

  3. Fear grips thieves and killers. The chief killer orderd the shutdown of social media because social media is the light of the innocent. Shame on these Zim leader monstors


    Even in a true democracy, people on social media have a responsibilty – TO BE RESPONSIBLE.

    Why, during the 10 – 20 minutes yesterday – Wednesday evening around about 7:00 pm when facetime, whatsapp, etc were evidently working, was I the recipient of the following?;
    About 10 whatsapps, 6 of which were from presumably forward, forward, forward, forward, forward addicts who cannot help themselves irrespective of the consequences.
    3 of these forward messages were the same message but from three different forwarders and they are headed by Kaka Brazilian – Zim Solutions – News and Views
    In brief it describes OPERATE DEFLATE THE TIRES (sic) and ends with 1994 Rwandan genocide type of instructions.

    Whoever this fool is, I suggest that anyone knowing him or her or the group that is represented by Kaka Brazilian, expose immediately who it is.

    With this sort of irresponsibility – and the serial forwarders – is there any wonder why the social media has been clamped down on?

    This is not ALRIGHT – its gross stupidity. .

    1. Why would you keep online internet that is being used to organise people to LOOT? You are stupid fools! Rights have responsibilities! You cant say we want internet to broadcast looting and inspire others. If I was in charge, I would locate the rights activitists first and beat you first before closing the internet so that you know your limits! Democracy without respect of property rights is not democracy at all its anarchy!

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