Eddie Cross: I’m excited about the Zim economy

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Eddie Cross

Today I was joined by the former member of the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe’s Monetary Policy Committee, Eddie Cross. We explored the recently launched ZWL $50 note, the contrast in policy and environment from Rhodesia to present-day Zimbabwe. The forex auction system and if it has been a success, his current capacity in financial policymaking and the general outlook going forward.

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  1. Always off Topic

    I guess Eddie is right to a certain extent. Zim’s future is bright, but then again you can pick any moment in Zim’s history and say the same thing. My point is, yes there is massive potential, there has always been massive potential, yet we all go about our business dreading any new anouncements from RBZ/Finance Minister/President/Vice President, because we all know thats all it takes to blow everything up.
    Eddie is quite the character and I have to say the guy is kind of full of it at times, but i like that he is not afraid to speak his mind.
    I thoroughly enjoyed this episode. Thank you.

  2. Madzibaba

    Zim’s economy can do better with less announcements from government by the way announcements which confuse or destabilise the markets.Government officials should learn to be on mute when there is nothing of substance to talk about….that will help our economy ndatenda…

  3. Concerned manufacturer

    The problem is RBZ is not fair to manufacturing jeweller’s when we apply for gold they say pay in USD so they should provide us the USD to purchase from fidelity refiners whats the the point of giving us licenses when we cant acquire the USD

  4. Anonymous

    I never had you Mr cross condemn anytime this money printing story year after year you respond I the same.
    .I m excited..

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