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Google is bringing a privacy feature from Android 11 to older versions

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One of the really cool things that came on Android 11 was a feature that automatically reset app permissions. The feature works by revoking or auto-resetting the permissions of apps that haven’t been used in a while. When you use that app again, it will then need to ask you to authorise access to various parts of your device.

The feature is great but it was initially slotted for Android 11 and above. Now Google has said that it is bringing that feature to mobile devices running Android 6/Marshmallow and higher.

The threshold of Android 6 is good because the OS was released in 2015. And since that time there have been a number of devices that have been locked out of upgrading to newer versions of Android. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that there are millions of those devices still in use, particularly in Africa. Upgrading to a new device is costly in these parts and for most Android 6 works well enough.

According to Google, the feature will start rolling out to eligible devices in December this year.

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