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ZOL extends LTE service coverage to 4 new cities

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ZOL has yet again added new locations to its LTE network.

Our LTE service is now live in more locations near you! Explore without limits. Turn It Up with Zimbabwe’s Leading LTE service.

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The new cities that have been added to ZOL ever-growing list of locations are Chivhu, Chegutu, Chipinge and Karoi. These new areas come just a couple of months after the internet service provider announced a 28 location expansion and base station capacity increase.

Additionally, ZOL has pushed itself further ahead of its competition, TelOne’s Blaze and Utande’ LTE. Both are still locked in Harare, however, at the launch of Utande’s Facebook partnership, it was mentioned that we should expect a coverage expansion in the near future.

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16 thoughts on “ZOL extends LTE service coverage to 4 new cities

  1. Is there an option to unlock my regional locked sim card to have network access we’re ever zol have network in zimbabwe

  2. pa kungeo locker ma sim cards kumaita ma landline zvakadhakwa..u have to change ma sim cards wakuenda kubasa n wodzorera wadzoka..u nid to remove geo lock

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