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Calling all web developers, we’re hiring!

As Techzim, we’re part of a bigger family that includes Pindula and Soccer24. At Pindula and Soccer24, we publish simple trustworthy summaries of latest Zimbabwe general and soccer news. We’re looking to build more tech to enable us to grow the businesses further and we’re excited for you to join us. So what’s the job […]

Love code? Techzim is hiring developers

2020 was quite an eventful year for Techzim as it was for the world at large. For 2021 we have a lot more ambitions that we’d like to achieve and we’d love it if you’d join our technology team. So what’s the job description? Well, we have a number of projects that cover web and […]

[Podcast] Taxing The Digital Economy In Zimbabwe

On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we have a discussion on taxing the digital economy in Zimbabwe. Some of the questions on our minds were: Is Zimbabwe entitled to earning tax because its citizens are consumers of products from international companies? Can Zimbabwe get Google, Facebook, Airbnb to pay taxes? Is there an alternative […]

[Podcast] Our Experience Working Without An Office

At the beginning of 2019, most of the Techzim team stopped coming to the office to work and eventually the office was closed. On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we share what our experience has been like working from home, a cafe or pretty much anywhere. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number […]

Podcast On OneMoney To Overtake EcoCash In 2 Years

On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we have a discussion on whether the statement by NetOne CEO Lazarus Muchenje that OneMoney will overtake EcoCash in 2 years is even possible. Some of the questions on our minds were: Has OneMoney been growing? What are the use cases for OneMoney? How is NetOne convincing people […]

Podcast On The EcoCash Outage

On this episode of the Techzim podcast, we have a discussion on the EcoCash system upgrade that turned into an outage. Some of the questions on our minds were: Do these things happen? What could they have done better? The new features, how are they? Isn’t Zimbabwe too vulnerable to EcoCash? You can listen on […]

My Experience Being A Part Of Techzim So Far #techzim10

I’ve wanted to share more about my experience at Techzim for the longest time but always seemed to be too busy experiencing and not spending time documenting. Happy to finally take the time to let you in on what it has been like being a web developer at Techzim. Now I didn’t start as a […]

Internet Access Has Been Restored To Some Zimbabweans

Late last night at around 22:00, internet access for Zimbabweans was shut down following a directive from the government. Just a few moments ago, it looks like the internet access has been restored though it’s currently only for a few people. The networks that currently have access are NetOne, TelOne, Telco and Utande. It should be […]

Podcast On Zimbabwe’s Year In Tech In 2018

Podcast recapping 3 things in tech that happened and were interesting in Zimbabwe. We take a look at bots in Zimbabwe like Batsi, Shandu, Chipo; video on demand services like Kwese iFlix, TelOne DEOD; and hackathons that were hosted in the year 2018. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount […]

Podcast On Steward Bank *236# And Kashagi Nano Loans

They say we don’t need banks anymore, well physical banks that is but we still do need banking. Well, the recently announced Steward Bank banking in 60 seconds via *236# USSD code allows you to open a bank account right from your mobile phone whether it’s smart or not. If that wasn’t enough convenience for […]

Podcast On AfricaCom 2018 Covering Artificial Intelligence, A Smart Feature Phone, Startups And 5G

From 13 – 15 November, AfricaCom 2018 was held at the Cape Town International Convention Center. What did the 21st edition of Africa’s largest telecoms conference have in store for delegates? Here are some of our highlights from the event covering artificial intelligence, a smart feature phone, startup funding and 5G in Africa. Quick NetOne, […]

You Shouldn’t Trust Artificial Intelligence With Making Big Decisions, Thoughts From AfricaCom 2018

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic here at AfricaCom 2018 in Cape Town and we just took a look at whether you would trust artificial intelligence to be your lawyer? That discussion left me with a fundamental question. Should we entrust artificial intelligence to make big decisions? AI is quite amazing, you give it data, […]

AfricaCom 2018: Would You Trust Artificial Intelligence To Be Your Lawyer?

So day 1 of AfricaCom 2018 has officially wrapped up and kicked off the Artificial Intelligence Summit which is already proving to be thought-provoking. Some of the talks that were held as part of the AI Summit day 1 were: “Going beyond business – how can AI help to digitize Africa’s communities?”, “Building an autonomous […]

7 Talks I’m Looking Forward To At AfricaCom 2018

It’s that time of the year again, AfricaCom is back in Cape Town from 13 – 15 November for its 21st edition. Just like in 2017, the 3-day event promises to bring a wide range of talks covering FinTech, Internet of Things, 5G and smart cities among other topics. Unlike the previous year, AfricaCom 2018 […]

Paynow Has Made It Easier To Build Projects That Accept Online Payments

Today at DevFest 2018, Paynow announced their developer hub which aims to make it easier for developers to create new platforms using the popular payment gateway. The developer hub has different development kits that solve the mystery that used to be developing using the Paynow API. In the company’s own words, “previously when you wanted […]

Highlights From Google Developer Group DevFest 2018

Today, Google Developer Group Harare hosted their DevFest event at Batanai Gardens. The event brought together people, some seasoned developers and others beginners, to learn, network and have some good old fun. Here’s a summary of what piqued my interest at DevFest 2018. Artificial Intelligence Can Open Doors Dr. Panashe Chiurunge opened up the talks […]

Watch The Made By Google 2018 Event Live Here

Today, Google will be releasing some new hardware and software at their Made By Google 2018 event. Despite the numerous leaks that are floating around the internet of their next flagship phones, the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL, you still might be curious to see what they ended up making. Well, let’s see whether the […]

[Podcast] Capitalk Tech Talk: Fake News On Social Media

It’s not a secret that fake news is now a part of our daily lives as we spend more time online consuming information from different sources. Such sources range from websites run by traditional and reputable media houses to chat applications like WhatsApp. With so many ways to get information, the question “What is true” […]

Developers Are An Important Part Of The Data Science And Smart Cities Conversation In Zimbabwe: Thoughts After The FB Developer Circle Meetup

So the last time the Harare Facebook Developer Circle held a meetup, it was an artificial intelligence masterclass and well as the name says it was a bit too technical even for the seasoned developers who attended. Now, the meetup held today at Impact Hub catered for everyone regardless of skill level. The meetup was […]

Harare Facebook Developer Circle Hosts An AI Masterclass And Virtual Reality Demos

Today at Impact Hub Harare, the Harare Facebook Developer Circle held the second workshop of AI Masterclass, a program of 5 workshops on artificial intelligence created by the amazing experts at AI Research Lab of Facebook (FAIR). The workshop continued on from where the first workshop left off, which was held last year in November, […]

Here’s What Zimbabweans Searched For On Google In 2017

So the year is about to come to an end and like every year, Google has released data on what people searched about throughout 2017. Around the world, people searched for a wide variety of things from recipes, song lyrics to people or television shows. The data available for what Zimbabweans searched is not as […]

Facebook Opens Up AR Studio For You To Create Augmented Reality Experiences

You know those cool effects you can use to add a wizard hat on your head or breathe fire out of your mouth? Well, now you can make them yourself and showcase your creative powers on Facebook. Facebook recently announced that they’re opening up their AR Studio which will allow you to create these augmented […]

What I Did When The Internet Went Down In Zimbabwe

So today, the internet went down in Zimbabwe from around 11:45 to 17:17 and this was due to a core platform failure on the Liquid Telecom network which is the backbone of internet service providers in Zimbabwe. I’ve always known that most of what I do for a living severely depends on having internet access […]

You Actually Don’t Need Funding For Your Startup – AfricaCom 2017

At the center of the image above is Dinesh Patel, CEO of OrderIn which is one of the largest food ordering services in South Africa. Today, at AfricaCom 2017 during a discussion titled “Start with the problem not the solution – what keeps your target market awake at night”, he said that thinking that your […]

AfricaCom 2017 Day 1 Launches The Event With Some Cool Exhibitions

Today marks the first day of AfricaCom 2017, a 3-day event which is Africa’s largest technology, telecoms and media event. AfricaCom has been running for the past 20 years mapping Africa’s technology journey and celebrating the achievements of some companies in the tech sector at their Awards ceremony. This year’s edition is being held at Cape Town […]

You’ll Not Want To Miss These 5 Talks At AfricaCom 2017

Last time we talked about how Econet, Liquid Telecom and ZOL have been shortlisted for Awards at AfricaCom in various categories like fintech, customer experience and innovation. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the talks that you might not want to miss at AfricaCom 2017, Africa’s largest technology, telecoms and media event. Start with a problem, […]

Econet, Liquid Telecom And ZOL Shortlisted For AfricaCom Awards 2017

AfricaCom 2017, Africa’s largest technology, telecoms and media event, is right around the corner and with it, it brings an awards ceremony that will be part of the 3-day event. AfricaCom Awards aim to celebrate the achievements of the best companies, solutions, products and personalities improving connectivity and driving Africa. For the AfricaCom Awards 2017, 3 […]

AfricaCom 2017, The Largest Tech Expo In Africa Is Here And We’re Ready!

There’s no doubt that Africa has come a long way to reach the point where it is now in telecoms and other technology-related sectors. If you were to try and imagine where we came from, it might be hard. Fortunately, AfricaCom, Africa’s largest technology, telecoms and media event, has been part of the journey for the […]

Instagram Stories Stop Motion might be the feature you’ve been waiting for

You know GIFs, those short 3-5 second video clips that you might love since they say more than a picture but are not as data intensive as a normal videos since they don’t have any audio or highest quality? Instagram is working on a feature called Stop Motion that will allow you to create and […]

Facebook Community Challenge: A Chance For You To Win Part Of US$165000

Around the middle of July 2017, a new tech community was created and launched by Facebook in Harare. The community is called Developer Circles though its doors are open to both developers and non-developers. The main purpose of the community is to create a place for people to learn new or old Facebook technologies and […]