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Mthuli Ncube Discusses Impact Of 2% Tax In Aftermath Of Cyclone Idai

They say you can only know the true state of a car when you lift its bonnet and look inside. And so it was back in September, when I was appointed Minister of Finance, and got to take a look at the true state of our nation’s finances. The budget deficit was huge, and growing […]

Netone Restores Communication In Areas Affected By Cyclone Idai

Netone was one of many companies whose infrastructure was destroyed during the devastating Cyclone Idai. Accordingly, this left thousands of Netone’s subscribers failing to communicate. It’s comforting to know that the majority of residents in Chimanimani and Chipengi are now back online as Netone has restored 24 of 27 base states that had been affected. […]

Was The $200k Donated By POTRAZ To Cyclone Idai Relief Funded By USF?

There’s been a rumour circulating that POTRAZ donated $200 000 to Cyclone Idai Relief efforts and that this donation was funded by the USF (Universal Service Fund) contributed to by mobile network operators. Sources closer to the situation informed us that though POTRAZ did donate to relief efforts, the money was not sourced from the […]

Cyclone Idai: Vaya Tractors And Trucks Clearing Roads And Distributing Food In Chaimanimani

Everyone who has been to Chimanimani and Chipinge in the aftermath of Cyclone Idai is describing how dire and heart wrenching the situation is. A lot of help is still needed and will be needed for quite some time. Let’s not move on along with the news cycle, let’s keep the momentum and resources flowing. […]

George Charamba MUST Comment On Social Media Role In Cyclone Idai Relief

The long serving spokesperson to the president who has served two presidents has quite the low opinion of social media. He has blamed social media for a number of things in the last couple of years. He loves to give these smirky, ‘clever’ and dismissive comments about the technology. War on social media Charamba once […]

Cyclone Idai Reflection: Data Science In Disaster Preparation And Relief

Hi! My name is Njabulo Sandawana and am the founder of Ant Analytica. Ant Analytica is a Big Data Analytics startup based in Harare. At Ant Analytica we leverage data science and Analytics to help companies build automated solutions and provide insights that lead to sustainable growth. The recent disaster that occured in the Eastern […]

{Press Release} EcoCash Commits $5 Million To Help Its Agents In Cyclone-hit Areas To Get Back On Their Feet

EcoCash has set aside $5 million for small businesses in the Cyclone affected areas in Zimbabwe which include Manicaland and Masvingo as part of an initiative to help rebuild the economy of their areas. The initiative, named ‘Project ReBoot Livelihoods (PRL)’ by Econet Wireless founder Mr Strive Masiyiwa, will see EcoCash, working with its sister […]

We Have Not Withdrawn Cyclone Relief Efforts, Says Econet

Econet Wireless has not withdrawn its relief effort operations to victims of Cyclone Idai because of alleged political interferences, contrary to some reports. In a statement, Econet said it was continuing with its relief work, and its teams had as of Tuesday March 26, 2019, carried out the highest number of missions in a single […]

[Press Release] Telecel Donates Food and Clothing to Cyclone Idai Victims

Mobile Operator Telecel Zimbabwe has donated groceries and clothing worth over $50 000 towards Cyclone Idai relief efforts. Moved by the loss of life, injuries and damage to infrastructure caused by Cyclone Idai, Telecel has set up a merchant code 217105 on telecash where Telecel subscribers can send cash donations. All they have to do […]

Strive Masiyiwa To Build House And Give Monthly Allowance To Gogo Who Walked 17 km to Donate

Strive Masiyiwa is again on the front page for all the good reasons. The Billionaire has decided to do something big for an old lady (Gogo) who made headlines last week for going to great lengths just to make her donation to the Cyclone Idai victims. Gogo’s tale Before even many people and companies got […]

Cyclone Idai: Remittance Company Partners GAIN Cash & Carry To Help You Donate Effectively

UK based remittance company, Zympay has partnered up with GAIN Cash & Carry Whelesalers to enable people in the diaspora to donate to Cyclone Idai relief efforts in a safe and accountable manner. There has been a lot of initiatives to mobilise resources for the families affected by the natural disaster. Most are well meaning […]

PyData Harare Hosting Natural Disaster Solutions Hackathon

Cyclone Idai came and went but the destruction left in its trail is quite devastating. With this in mind, PyData is partnering with Impact Hub to host a hackathon focused on creating an early warning system for natural disasters. The hackathon-description from Data Science Zimbabwe explains why they feel this is something they need to […]

Cyclone Idai: Here’s A Website Launched By Red Cross To Help Families Find Missing Relatives

With hundreds of people reportedly missing as a result of the Cyclone Idai disaster, many people are desperately looking for their loved ones. In these times you wouldn’t know where to even start to look for a missing person. But thankfully, The International Committee of the Red Cross has a website called, Family Links you can […]

Econet Using Drones To Assist In Cyclone Idai Rescue Operations

Cyclone Idai relief efforts are ongoing but that’s not to say everyone who was affected by the disaster has been found and is safe. Econet Wireless Executive Fayaz King tweeted that some fellas from Cumii will be helping out the search party by deploying drones. In the event that these drones identify stranded victims, helicopters […]

World Remit Does Right Thing & More After Initially Refusing To Remit Cyclone Donations

A storm was brewing for World Remit after they initially declined to remit donations raised by a Zimbabwean to victims of the Cyclone Idai victims free of charge. The response on social media was quite interesting as a number of people expressed their shock and some even went a step ahead pledging never again to […]

Press Release: FBC Holdings Makes Contributions Towards Cyclone Ida Relief, Contribution Goes Beyond The Immediate

As corporate and individual citizens continue to to come together and offer assistance. FBC Holdings is also doing its part. Below is a press release from the group. [Please let us know of other companies that are contributing so we can add what they are doing to a special category we have created for Cyclone […]

Here’s How Zimbabweans In South Africa Can Make Donations To The Cyclone Idai Relief Fund Using EcoCash

After initiating a crowdfund for the Cyclone Idai’s relief fund, EcoCash is now appealing to Zimbabweans in South Africa to remit their donations as well through the EcoCash platform. That’s a good idea considering that there are loads of Zimbabweans in South Africa and they may well be skeptical of using online crowdfunding platforms to contribute […]

Watch: This Video By Google Earth Shows The Damage Caused By Cyclone Idai

This video shows the nature of some of the damage caused to roads leading to Chimanimani — David Coltart (@DavidColtart) March 19, 2019 Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because […]

WorldRemit Refuses To Remit Cyclone Idai Donations To Zimbabwe And People Are So Dissapointed

WorldRemit is in a fix after their conversation with Freeman Chari, a successful upcoming entrepreneur was posted on Twitter. In the conversation, Freeman asks World Remit to waive transaction fees on the $23 000 donations he wanted to send to Zimbabwe for people affected with Cyclone Idai. But the remittance service not only refused to […]

To Donate Towards Cyclone Idai Relief Here Are Your Options – Every Contribution Counts

Zimbabweans have really come together in facing the devastating effect of the tropical cyclone Idai which has affected a lot of people in Manicaland, Zimbabwe’s eastern province. The UN describes this as the worst natural disaster in Southern Africa ever. Almost a hundred Zimbabweans had been confirmed dead at the time of publishing this. thousands […]

[Press Release] Econet Responds To Cyclone Idai Emergency With $5 Million

Econet Zimbabwe group of companies have collectively contributed RTGS$5 million for the cyclone emergency efforts in Eastern Zimbabwe. The company has channelled the funds to Higherlife Foundation, which is now deeply embedded in efforts to respond to the crisis. Dr Kennedy Mubaiwa (MD), who heads the Foundation, said Higherlife was mobilising various types of support, […]

Netone Pledges $50K To Cyclone Idai Fund- Here’s Also How To Make Your Own Donation Using OneMoney. Thanks Netone

Netone is another Mobile Network Operator that has decided to set up a relief fund for the Cyclone Idai disaster. Netone has led the way by pledging $50 000 for the purchase of food to provide to those areas heavily affected by the cyclone. You can make a donation to the fund using Netone’s mobile money platform, OneMoney. […]

Econet Pledges to Match Dollar-For-Dollar On All Contributions Made Towards Cyclone Idai Relief Fund. Thanks Econet

As always Econet is already leading the way again in raising money for Cyclone Idai relief efforts. The Mobile Network Operator is daring you to donate any amount you can and Econet will in return contribute the exact amount. That is, if 1000 people contribute $100 000, Econet will also contribute $100 000 (Click here […]

How To Donate To The Cyclone Idai Relief Fund Using EcoCash And Other Means

This national crisis brought about by Cyclone idai needs everyone to chip in, that’s why Econet has set up a biller code you can use to make your donations. Without further ado, let me take you through the process of making your precious donation. How To Donate To The Cyclone Idia Using EcoCash Dial *151# […]

Cyclone Idai Crisis: Call These Numbers For Help

Cyclone Idai is ravaging many parts of the country, with many people losing their lives and property. Our thoughts and prayers are with them. As the cyclone is still expected to cause trouble, you can use the following numbers when you in an emergency situation: Emergency 111 – Econet subscribers Toll free number 114 – […]

Track The Direction Of Cyclone Idai In Real-time On This Website

Everywhere I went today, people are talking about the cyclone, Cyclone Idai, that’s about to hit Zimbabwe (already hitting in some parts) any day from now. After weeks of enduring the scorching weather, people are longing a bit of rain to cool down the temperatures. Alas, its cyclone that’s coming and not normal rains. If you want […]