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Here are the 7 most successful Internet video outfits in Zimbabwe

These Zimbabwean outfits are tapping into the power of internet video to build brands, grow a following and even make some money.

Digital migration inches forward as city of Mutare sets up first digital signal

Zimbabwe’s national digital migration project has inched closer to completion after the first digital signal was recently registered through a site in the eastern border city of Mutare.

Local artists’ failure to understand YouTube exposes them to online content theft

Household names and local superstars like Killer T, Oliver Mtukudzi, as well as the horde of yesteryear superstars like Leonard Dembo, John Chibadura, the Bhundu Boys and Plaxedes Wenyika have content that has appeared on scattered YouTube channels with different users generating views that could be converted into revenue by the creators themselves.

Beneath the Surface: The Internet Video Economy in Zimbabwe

A quick one on our focus this month of April (the background here). We’ll be working to understand The Internet Video Economy in Zimbabwe and sharing our discoveries as we. Specifically, we’ll explore the following: The size of the internet video market right now. We would like to quantify this as much as possible even in dollars The players, […]

Out with the old ways… The future is beneath the surface

Here’s how our blogging has worked here at Techzim: we pick up news (we discover, are tipped, or our interest grows in some issue we think should be discussed) and we blog it. The news and our opinion of course. Usually these are quick on the surface updates. Every once in awhile we do in-depth, both in us understanding an […]

Econet’s Kwesé TV to launch by August 2016, set to square up against MultiChoice’s DStv

Kwesé TV, the internet TV service owned by Econet and targetted at Sub Saharan Africa will be going live before the start of the 2016-2017 English Premier League season which kicks off in August this year.

Econet group hires former SABC, Multichoice & MTG media exec to head Kwese TV

Econet Wireless International has hired top African television media executive, Joseph Hundah, to head its newly formed Kwese TV across the continent.

Yet-to-launch operator Viva Mobile introduces new VOD service, fights for visibility with diverse content & free access

In the meantime, Viva Mobile has introduced its subscription-based video on demand TV service known as Uhuru TV (stylised as uHuru TV) with a pre-launch campaign that is offering early signups a free 7-day trial.

MultiChoice confirms that there’s no price increase or reduction for DStv this year

But that’s asking for too much. With a near monopoly, MultiChoice doesn’t need to do any of this, not yet anyway. The competition hasn’t matured yet, so suspended price increases and bouquet improvements like English Soccer on a $32 package are what we’ll have to accept.

Econet secures English Premier League rights for its Kwesé Sports TV service

The Econet Wireless Group has just scored one for its internet TV and Video On Demand (VOD) ambitions. Its subsidiary, Econet Media, has acquired the package of free-to-air broadcasting rights for the Barclays Premier League in sub-Saharan Africa.

Local producer explains sad state of Zimbabwean television & the internet’s opportunity as a solution

Citing the rise of online content consumption patterns that have powered the rise in popularity of material from producers like P.O Box and Zambezi News, Makamba pointed out how Zimbabwean content is scattered across various platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook, something that he believes points to the opportunity of a central distribution platform.

MultiChoice announces DStv South Africa price increases. Will DStv Zimbabwe follow suit?

The sharp price increase has been blamed on a weakening South African rand which has placed MultiChoice in an uncomfortable position as it acquires content from the global market where stronger currencies like the British pound and the United States dollar are used.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe responds to economy & illegal SA subscribers, brings EPL, Euro 2016 & La Liga to DStv Compact

It’s a significant step back for MultiChoice Zimbabwe. Last year, it migrated all major European Football coverage to its Premium bouquet which is priced at $82. Needless to say, the change, which coincided with the start of popular European Leagues in August, wasn’t welcomed by Zimbabwean subscribers who already complain about other unfair practices like regular price increases.

Over-aggregation in Zimbabwean internet media

The media industry in Zimbabwe is struggling and facing many challenges including political interference, waning revenue streams, staff layovers, job redundancies and company closures. Some of these challenges are not unique to the country but being experienced the world over. The Zimbabwean media industry is still very print-centric and hesitant to adopt new technologies. The […]

Zimpapers, again, accused of stealing content. And why it’s complicated.

In November last year, we posted an article titled “Zimpapers accused of stealing content by local bloggers…again. In it we talked about the unsustainable practice of stealing content that is rampant in Zimbabwe. What triggered that article was an incident where a Zimpapers publication had copied articles without permission from a local internet publisher called SSN. At that time […]

Digital migration project delayed again as switch to digital broadcasting is set for December 2016

The crossover to digital broadcasting was supposed to have been achieved by April this year, but according to the Minister of Information, Chris Mushowe, this schedule can only be met if the government sticks to payment dates set with the contractor.

Dear Zim web developers & media: Please don’t disable right clicking on your websites

Dear Zimbabwean people that build websites and offer content for reading, I just thought I would quickly share one frustrating thing that I’m forced to go through almost daily now. Lately, I run into more and more websites that have right-clicking disabled. Selecting text is also disabled. I have to manually enable all these things. Usually […]

Liquid Telecom launches ipidi TV in Kenya, faces strong challenge from market leader, Zuku

At the beginning of the year, Liquid Telecom launched ipidi TV, its Video On Demand service in Zambia. This was its first entry into the market after more than 2 years of development. Now, the pay TV service has been launched in Kenya, marking Liquid Telecom’s entry into the triple play race for the East African market.

Netflix starts blocking users outside the US from watching certain shows

According to reports in Australian media, some users of uFlix, which is a Melbourne-based unblocker, have received notices from the popular streaming service telling them to switch off their unblocking service. uFlix has said that the notices have only been served to a few users but it anticipates that more will be affected in the next few days.

Netflix to crack down on people who watch shows not meant for their territories

Netflix, the VOD service which was recently opened up to 130 new countries including Zimbabwe has said that it will be clamping down on subscribers who use proxy services or unblockers to access content that isn’t meant for their territories or regions.

Zimbabwe’s digital migration now 34% complete

Zimbabwe’s digital migration which is meant to ensure that the country adopts international standards for broadcasting and content distribution through digital channels is 34% complete.

Here’s what you need to access Netflix in Zimbabwe

Here’s a run through some of the things you need to access Netflix in Zimbabwe.

MultiChoice says it welcomes Netflix’s arrival – Here’s why it’s not worried

MultiChoice the Naspers-owned pay TV service and parent company of DStv has welcomed the arrival of VOD service Netflix in Africa because this offers subscribers more options. However there are other reasons why it isn’t worried by the new service.

CEO of iROKOtv “Africa’s Netflix” shares thoughts on Netflix entering the continent

Jason Njoku, the larger than life personality behind iROKOtv, recently shared his own perspective on what Netflix in Africa really means for iROKOtv. Part of his blog post touched on how iROKOtv isn’t going to whither away because Netflix is in Africa.

How to get all of Netflix’s content in Africa

If you signed up for Netflix when they went global yesterday becoming available from Angola to Zimbabwe, you were probably disappointed to find that all the shows you expected to find are not there. Shows like House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad… all the good recent stuff. The reason is that […]

Netflix, where’s my House of Cards?

In fact, a lot of the recent shows that have been tucked under the Netflix banner in the USA aren’t accessible. Some of this content is geo-locked. The reason – Netflix cannot make this content accessible in markets where it doesn’t have distribution rights.

Netflix launches in Zimbabwe

One of the announcements that have come out of CES 2016 is that Netflix the Video On Demand (VOD) Service is now active in 130 countries worldwide with Zimbabwe included in that bunch.

Digital TV is now months away as digital migration enters content production phase

The digital migration exercise which was a focal point for national broadcast service providers last year has entered into the content production phase and every Zimbabwean is expected to have access to digital television by March this year.

Liquid Telecom’s VOD service ipidi tv launches in Zambia

According to its website, people using Hai Zambia Fibre internet can access ipidi tv and a promotion has been launched offering free ipidi TV until 30 April 2016 for every Hai customer who signs up for ipidi by 31 January 2016.

Econet offers its subcribers free access to Spanish football

Under this promotion, Econet will be offering free access to all content on this website which includes the Copa Del Rey, a Spanish football tournament. Econet has pointed out that it has secured exclusive rights to Copa Del Rey, meaning that when Kwesé TV does launch sometime next year, it will be the only platform providing access to the tournament.