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GOING SOLAR: Solar Power Design Basics – Solar Panels

We have looked at the basics of power consumption and energy management. Once you have achieved near perfect energy management through either physical means or by changing to energy efficient equipment, you are ready to GO SOLAR A lot of articles have been written about the components that form the solar powered electric system, view […]

Internet access for underserved Zimbabweans

Internet access is a basic human right or at least the UN declared it so. This is not misplaced at all. The internet brought an impact to human knowledge and general development on pretty much the same scale as the invention of reading and writing. The same attention given to the promotion and protection of […]

Top up your current qualification to a degree at ASHE International College

I promised to follow up on the narrative about ASHE International College, here I am keeping a promise… Last time I mainly touched on the Australian Matriculation programme that ASHE offers. In keeping with their belief in flexibility, ASHE runs professional programmes with multiple exit points from Certificate to Degree. Currently, the college is training […]

Looking for the best options after O and A Level in Zimbabwe? This place provides a 21st Century education

What does a 21st-century education look like? This is not any easy question to either ask or answer. I am more aware of what it should not be but not what it is. Education in this century should NOT be rigid and it should not be boring! Thankfully, there are options like ASHE International College that provide an education that is neither of those two.

Love is Orange this Valentine’s

We have partnered Dee-Kaw-Zee, Innovative Technologies and Zimpost to show our appreciation to the love of our life. Yes, you got it right- you, our readers are collectively the love of our life. How then do we show our love to such a diverse group of individuals? Easy- we will help you be romantic this Valentine’s. We are calling this the ‘Love is Orange Challenge.’

Steward Bank delivers convenience through Diaspora Banking, clients in Zimbabwe should get the same

Our previous article on the Steward Bank Diaspora Banking Unit generated quite a response! If anything, the comments showed how Zimbabweans have been frustrated by our banking sector. We cannot and will not downplay this disgruntlement because in one way or the other we have been harassed and excluded from our own money by those […]

Living outside Zimbabwe? Here are 6 reasons to sign up for Steward Bank’s Diaspora account

Should a Zimbabwean in the diaspora open a bank account in Zimbabwe? What are the benefits of holding an account in Zimbabwe when you work and live outside the country? What are the hoops you have to go through to open and hold such an account? I will try to answer these and related questions […]

Fancy yourself a bit of online presence for your business? Here is an affordable option you can try.

From my experience using the internet it has come to light that quite a healthy number of small scale businesses either lack online presence or they have an outdated version of it. We understand how being online is of paramount importance to a business and acknowledge the promotion that Esaja is offering. They are offering […]

Here’s how to unbox the opportunity of the internet

Seconds from 2017, without planning to, I went on a Google search to find something brand new to take into the new year with me. In the last few months of 2016, I had adopted a new habit. Whenever I was getting “no’s” from people to my ideas or suggestions, I would say to myself […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding Electricity And Consumption…

Last week we looked at how relevant knowledge about basic electrical terms such as Direct Current and Alternating Current communicates with our daily lives. My intention with this series is to be as technical friendly as possible so that wherever possible, our book of reference will be the basic textbook or secondary school dictionary. Flowing […]

GOING SOLAR: Understanding Electric Power…

Following my exploratory “Countdown to Alternative Energy” write-ups that I have posted over the last two weeks, (Part 1 & Part 2) a few questions have come through. There have been more enquiries about Solar Power among all the other alternative energy options that are available. That is understandable because we are under the African […]

Energy – The Countdown To Going Alternative Part 2

Image Credit: Upsplash – Rodion Kusaev You have made a decision to utilise alternative energy that is clean and green. Congratulations on making this wise decision. Last week, we focused on how you determine your needs, how to choose the appropriate technology and how to select service providers. Now that you have selected the service providers […]

Energy – The Countdown To Going Alternative Part 1

Image Credit: Upsplash – Rodion Kusaev You have decided you need energy, and it has to be clean and green. Whether it is to save money, backup your grid supply, become energy independent or as a primary source of energy, there are a few facts you need to know and embrace in order to make […]

Cyber conversations can lead to crisis and reputation damage: Seminar, 18 Nov 2016

“The world has gone digital”, and its global citizens community – are demanding more accountability, transparency, positive, corrective action and engagement. On a daily basis, conversations about brands occur both online and offline, but the most damaging are the negative ones that occur online and via instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp.  However it is these […]

Is Bitcoin Legal in Zimbabwe?

My name is Simbarashe Machiridza. I have been a lawyer for over 10 years and I have been working in the bitcoin space for the last 2 years. I am currently the compliance officer at BitFinance. Is Bitcoin legal in  Zimbabwe? The short answer is that is Yes, bitcoin is legal in Zimbabwe however it […]

TelOne Centre of Learning to host telecoms training from October to November: Effective Strategy, LTE, IP, Sales

After successfully providing telecoms training in May this year LTE course and a mini MBA, TelOne Center of Learning will this October and November host more telecoms training in Harare. The centre is once again partnering Informa Telecoms & Media, which is a leading authority in telecoms research and events globally. The following course are scheduled: Effective Telecoms Strategies […]

Here’s How Entrepreneurs In Zimbabwe Are Making Money…

A number of entrepreneurs have caught on to the opportunity that Ownai is the best, FREE online classifieds website. It is providing them with an opportunity to scoop the best bargains and make a profit out of selling. For almost a year now, Zimbabweans have been enjoying free access to the largest marketplace from their […]

HGI Web Developers and Designers Hackathon 2016

Image Credit Hove Group Investments (HGI) is a business solutions service provider that is focused on creating and implementing unique solutions in line with client requirements. HGI works with a variety of technology partners bringing a wealth of international experience to the local market. Our objective is to help customers integrate their ICT solutions […]

Web design for businesses: why 80% of websites add no value

Whether you work from home, running an SME or a corporate, a website is something that can bring the change you need in your business. I am sure you are familiar with this type of promotional talk! There is something for you here. Only 20% percent of website owners benefit from their websites. I want […]

Does SMS still have any value?

As the access to the internet increase and more and more people switching towards using ‘over the top’ services such as WhatsApp, Twitter and Facebook the old means of communication called SMS may slowly be losing its appeal. Having appeared on mobile devices as far back as the 1980s, the communication medium though having taken […]

The rise of plastic money

What is plastic money? ‘Plastic money’ is a term used to refer to credit or debit cards that enable you to make purchases without using cash or cheques. Credit cards are provided after an application process. If you are accepted, the credit card provider will give you a card and a credit limit, which restricts […]

Buying Online Made Easy With Ecocash VCN…

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, buying things online from Zimbabwe is actually a very simple process. Since 2014, through EcoCash Debit card, if you’re on EcoCash you can buy stuff online from a range of sites that include (America’s biggest online shop), AliExpress (cheap gadgets from China), Alibaba (cheap bulk buying from China), […]

Why’s Instant Nameserver Updates Feature is a Huge Deal…

All nameserver changes for local domain extensions are done by emailing the respective registry. The quickest registry takes, on average 5hrs and at most 24hrs. Other registries may even take more than 3 days to effect the change. If you factor in DNS propagation, it can take 4 days or more before your domain starts […]

UNICAF Master Degree Scholarship Now Available With Up to 80% Off. APPLY NOW!

The UNICAF Master Degree Scholarship Now Available With up to 80% Off. APPLY NOW!

Here’s a review of Samsung’s ‘perfect’ phone, the Galaxy S7

Half of all smartphones purchased in Africa (52.1%) are made by Samsung; over the years, the Korean maker has also made significant inroads into Zimbabwe, among other countries in the region. With such an outsize market share in a field that also includes Apple, one might wonder how the Asians continue to dominate. How is Samsung killing […]

Our review of Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S7 Edge

Here’s a review of Samsung’s flagship phone, the Galaxy S7 Edge, which is arguably the best mobile device on the market right now.

TelOne Centre for Learning Introduces University of Derby accredited Telecoms Mini MBA

The TelOne Centre for Learning  has partnered Informa Telecoms (a UK based research, training and events company that you probably know for the annual AfricaCom events) to offer the Informa Telecoms Mini MBA and LTE Courses in commercial and technology. The Telecoms Mini MBA  is a 5 day program starting on 30 May and will cost $3,200 […]

Local hub Stimulus Africa to host Entrepreneurship and ICT for Development Symposium

A Zimbabwean hub, Stimulus Africa presents the inaugural Stimulus Africa Entrepreneurship Symposium [SAES] ICT for Development [ICT4D] 2016 that will be held from the 30th March 2016 to the 1st of April 2016.

Automating the Agriculture Contracting Value Chain in Zimbabwe

There are clear value drivers that should be achieved which include promotion of technology in contract farming in Zimbabwe The use of mobile technology has been extended to the agriculture sector, particularly contract farming, through Agro Axess, a mobile application developed by Expert Decision Systems (XDS). Agro Axess is an advanced crop input-output management solution, […]

5 tips to help you when buying a new (or used) laptop in Zimbabwe

Here are 5 things you should consider before buying a laptop in Zimbabwe.