NetOne Introduces e-Learning Bundles – Cheaper Than Econet?


Last week we wrote a speculative article on whether NetOne was working on eLearning bundles that would be launched soon. Well the bundles have been launched but some of the speculation that we were led to believe didn’t come to fruition.

The bundle itself will have 3 tiers, Regular, Heavy, Extreme and they’ll be structured as follows;

Scholar Data Bundle
Bundle NamePriceData (Mb)Price /MB Validity 
Regular$150.00       9,0000.01730 Days
Heavy$200.00     13,0000.01530 Days
Extreme$250.00     20,0000.01330 Days

Compared to Econet’s e-Learning bundles there are some interesting differences to note:

  1. NetOne has 3 eLearning bundles to Econet’s 2 options. NetOne wins out on giving subscribers and learning institutions more choice.
  2. The only comparable bundle between the two is the $200 bundle and NetOne will give students and institutions 13GB whilst Econet subscribers will get 10GB.
  3. The ZW$250 bundle gets you similar amounts of data on both networks which means the quality of the network will decide which provider you’ll end up going with at that price point.

How do students & schools access the bundles?

For Universities to qualify for the E-learning data bundle they will need to have a minimum of fifty (50) students who will share their student registration numbers. Universities will prepay for the data before the bundles can be credited.

NetOne’s eLearning bundles will remain as part of their offerings until December 2020.

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8 months ago

I heard econet’s 20 gig scholar bundle costs 350 or 385 not so sure instead of e 250 u mention. I can be wrong i dont knie wz juss pointing out

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    8 months ago

    Yes Econet’s 20GB is going for $350 not $250. I think it’s just an error

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8 months ago

So one cannot access this bundles without interference of the university? If so please help us because some of us are behind as econet already have agents in place

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    7 months ago

    WhatsApp me on +263716297960 ill help you

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8 months ago

and the university needs to be at the forefront. .. some of these universities are far behind meaning there is a barrier between student and elearning bundle, how unfortunate….

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5 months ago

Its difficult to coordinate up to 50 people in a class of 15 students,for instance i am in a class of 15 students,please help

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    Farai Mudzingwa
    5 months ago

    Hi Tary, I think it’s worth reaching out to NetOne and explaining your problem. I don’t think 50+ is a commandment. There might be wiggle room

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      4 months ago

      Is this bundle available econet hakuchina yaaaa

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