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The Olympics are here and ShowMax Pro is offering a two for the price-of-one deal

Earlier this week we covered how you can stream the Olympics 2020 events (the event is taking place this year due to the pandemic). One of the easiest (but not cheapest) methods is to stream the events you want to watch using ShowMax Pro. Thankfully it seems someone at Multichoice was listening. ShowMax Pro is […]

Full Text: TelOne makes unvaccinated workers stay at home and withdraws their COVID-19 allowances

On Wednesday (21 July 2021) TelOne issued a notice informing its workers that those among them who had not been vaccinated would now be required to stay home. In addition to this, TelOne said it would no longer be paying COVID-19 allowances to the same group. The message was among a series of COVID-19 counter-measures […]

Netflix to pivot into games as it tries to beat saturation

I am sure you have had your fill of a priest and a rabbi walking into a bar jokes. Today I have something a little different. Have you heard the one where Netflix gets into mobile gaming, competes against Google’s Stadia and Nvidia’s GeForce? Well, it’s not a joke it’s real. Netflix has confirmed that […]

WordPress 5.8 is out and it comes with WebP and more

Recently the folks behind WordPress released this year’s second major release of WordPress for this year – WordPress 5.8. And it comes with an awesome surprise that I gushed about a few weeks ago. This release now natively supports WebP. As I said in the earlier article this is huge. Just to recap WebP is […]

You can now pay for your ZBC Licence Online, here is how

These past few weeks I have been writing about how state broadcasters in Zimbabwe and South Africa are finding it hard to collect licence fees. One suggestion I made about ZTV was how they should make it easy for people to pay their licence fees instead of just relying on inspectors to go door to […]

Google now rejecting prepaid cards for some of its services

Recently I decided to brush up on my JavaScript skills and decided to deeply learn the language, something I have avoided for years for some reason. As part of my learning, I was required to sign up for a Firebase account and during the process, I was asked to add my card details. I whipped […]

How to watch the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games online

The past two years have been very unusual. Not only have we had to contend with lockdown after lockdown and wave after wave of COVID-19, we have also had to contend with several misnomers. Not only were the November 2020 examinations actually written in 2021 the just ended Euro 2020 finals were also played deep […]

South Africa’s SABC licence bill is less controversial than expected

Recently South Africa published its South African Broadcasting Corporation SOC Ltd Bill of 2021 as approved by Cabinet on 30 June 2021. At its heart, the bill deals with how SABC licences will be paid and collected from the public going forwards. I have to say, contrary to what we had been warned to expect, […]

How to make your Ubuntu Desktop look like Windows 11

Although my laptop is more than capable of running Windows 11 that is never going to happen. While Windows 11 is no doubt an awesome operating system with stunning visuals and very impressive under the hood improvements I stopped dual-booting many years ago. That was after discovering that the only time I was booting into […]

Zimbabwe versus South African WhatsApp data bundles

WhatsApp data bundles are a practice I don’t agree with, however, no matter what I think they are a part of our lives. One thing I have noticed though is that whenever I am in a group with ordinary non-tech Zimbabweans in South Africa, the South African based people there seem to always whine about […]

Xiaomi overtakes Apple to become the world’s second-biggest smartphone maker

New data by analysis company, Canalys, shows that Xiaomi, the Chinese device maker, is now the second-largest phone maker in the world after overtaking Apple. Xiaomi achieved this feat after achieving a massive 83% growth in shipments. Samsung remains the top phone maker in the world with a staggering 19% of the world’s phone market […]

Full Text: ZOL wants you to inform them when Wibroniks LTE lines change hands

It seems ZOL is very much aware that there is a thriving informal market for ZOL Wibroniks LTE Sim cards out there. In a recent email, they informed customers that when they sell or buy a line from a third party there is a need to inform ZOL so that the company can officially transfer […]

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe calls for early redemption of debentures

A few days ago Econet Wireless Zimbabwe (Econet) issued a notice to its debenture holders offering to redeem debentures it issued on 17 January 2017 early. This means instead of waiting for them to mature about three years from now, the holders of the debentures can have them redeemed now. The debentures have a market […]

Microsoft launches Windows 365: Windows in the cloud

It’s now official, Windows 365 is now a thing. Starting next month you will be able to buy a subscription to a virtualized Windows desktop that includes apps, data and settings as part of Windows 365. Initially, the service will allow you to run a remote Windows 10 desktop but eventually, you should be able […]

Say hello to Gmail’s authenticated brand logos

The biggest problem with the internet is that anyone can claim to be anyone. When I was a boy all an organisation needed to prove that a piece of communication was from them was a stamp. They would write stuff on a piece of paper and at the end, someone with authority would sign and […]

The pay for news rollercoaster continues as Google is fined $590 million USD in France

Recently Google was fined a fine of about 500 million Euro in France by the country’s Competitions Authority known as the FCA. Their crime? Refusing to pay “fairly” for the news snippets from various French publishers that are shown as part of the Google News page. Back in 2019, the European Union passed a law […]

You no longer need proof of residence to pay your DStv using Conticash

A few weeks ago we received some pleasant news, several Bureau de Changes were now allowing people to pay for their DStv using RTGS at the official rate. One of these exchanges was ContiCash who are part of the Conti family of fintech services that includes a money remittance service and a payment gateway that […]

You can now download Linux Mint 20.2, here is what’s new

Last week the Linux Mint team rolled out Linux Mint 20.2 which is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS hence the version which is 20.x. This iteration of Mint is nicknamed Uma as per their tradition. While Ubuntu uses an adjective and endangered animal name, Linux Mint versions have almost always been named after goddesses. If […]

Ecobank account-holders worry as the bank says it will be backdating collection of 2% tax

It has been almost three years since Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube introduced his much-hated 2% tax. It’s still not clear why the tax was introduced, so many reasons have been given, but it is now an accepted fact of our lives. Sometimes something outrageous concerning the tax happens however and people are forced to question […]

This upcoming WhatsApp update will please media fanatics

One thing that annoys me about WhatsApp is how it automatically crunches or compresses the images and videos you send. What you send is not necessarily what the person on the other end will get. In casual environments that’s not a big deal, compressing images means that they can be transmitted faster, WhatsApp gets to […]

Zim & Sub-Saharan Africa now have a mobile Netflix plan, here is what you get

Those who know me know that I am a fan of Netflix, they are the pioneers of the streaming model and have done pretty well for themselves. For a fixed fee, you get to watch what you want instead of having to troll around torrent sites. Netflix and other similar platforms like Showmax put an […]

South African students can now get Microsoft’s Office 365 for free

US students have always had the good life. A lot of tech companies have always showered them with discounts. They get free domains with Namecheap, they pay less for Spotify, they get free Jetbrain licences, a free Github pack and they get Google Workspace for free. Above all, they get Microsoft Office for free too. […]

Multichoice embroiled in a spat with the Nigeria tax authorities

Multichoice Nigeria, a subsidiary of the South African giant and pay-TV operator has had their Nigeria accounts frozen. They are embroiled in a spat with the Nigerian Tax authorities (Nigerian Federal Inland Revenue Services i.e. FIRS) who claim that the pay-tv operator owes them a staggering US$4.3 billion (1.8 trillion Naira) in taxes. According to […]

How to watch Amazon Prime Video shows in Zim the right way

Here is a little known fact, Amazon Prime has been available to Zimbabweans for years! Just like Showmax they even have a mobile-only plan that’s dirt cheap and sells for below $1.99, although that’s not available to Zimbabweans yet. They did however previously have a special US$2.99, 6 months trial which has since been discontinued. […]

The govt is again asking for exemption letters, technology would have made this a smoother process

Despite the government not explicitly admitting it, Zimbabwe is in the throes of a third wave. Ever since the month began, the country has been recording thousands of cases daily, with hundreds of cases coming from each town. Faced with such a spike, the government has now decided to go back to a well-tried and […]

Ugandan social media tax scrapped & replaced by a 12% internet tax

Starting this month, Ugandans will no longer have to pay the social media tax that their government introduced back in 2018. The daily tax of 200 Ugandan shillings (approximately 5 US cents) was required every time you wanted to use social media. It was an over the top tax which resulted in millions of people […]

You need to uninstall these apps from your Android phone & change your Facebook Password

One of the things they tell you when you have an Android phone, tablet or some other device is not to sideload software because this is the easiest way to pick up viruses. The presumption is that everything in the official Play Store is kosher. However, nothing can be further from the truth. As we […]

How to add the snap-windows-to-corners feature to Ubuntu

One great feature that Windows 11 has finally embraced is the snap Windows to corners feature. In fact, the new OS comes with several variations of it that are a definite improvement to what we are used to in Ubuntu. When the feature was announced, I was under the mistaken belief that you could show […]

Paynow now allows you to accept more than $5,000 ZWL using EcoCash & Onemoney

When it comes to accepting local payments automatically in your app or your eCommerce store, Paynow has been the go-to for most developers for years. They were a godsend to most people given how hard it is to access the official OneMoney, Telecash and Ecocash APIs back then. Shockingly, it is still very hard to […]

JioPages might just be the best browser for your Android TV Box

While it’s common cause that Android TV Box is just another Android device there are a number of caveats you always have to bear in mind compared to the normal Android experience out there. The biggest one in my experience is the lack of a touch screen. This makes the user input a nightmare-try typing […]