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Zimbabwe to manufacture 50,000 computers a year through Chinese partnership

It is anticipated that the company formed by Inspur and the government will manufacture 50,000 computers a year. This agreement is also set to culminate in the development of a National Data Centre; a high-tech park; projects for e-education, e-taxation and e-migration; as well as the development of a high-performance computer system.

This Easy Engine gives you WordPress on steroids

First of all I have to swear that this has got nothing to do with the current noise about This article was planned ages ago based on my own experiences. Schadenfreude is not really my thing. One of the things I learnt this year after deciding to avoid shared hosting and opting to go […]

Choosing a download manager in Ubuntu

Here’s a run through some awesome download managers to use in Ubuntu that ought to give you options, epecially if you are picky about command line software.

Here’s a guide to configuring DNS Resource Records

In a previous article, we looked at the most commonly used DNS Resource Records, we now need to look at how we configure these records. In this guide, we will use cPanel as our control panel. Here is a step by step guide to configuring the DNS resource records;

I will keep my key, thank you

With the rise in the number of cloud storage services, the subsequent fall in prices of the same cloud storage services and the increasing adoption of broadband internet, more and more Zimbabweans are making use of cloud storage services as a backup option. Most people do not take care to encrypt their files on their end before they entrust these to some third party.

Muzinda Hub develops free websites as part of global education campaign, calls for support

Muzinda Hub is partnering with the Global Business Coalition for Education to run an initiative called the #UpForSchool Campaign, in Zimbabwe. The hub will be developing free websites for the first 20 schools that support this cause by mobilising 1,000 signatures for the #UpForSchool petition.

The trouble with Android…

Here is a sad fact: If you are a Zimbabwean reading this from your Android device there is a 99% probability ( ok I just made that number up but you get the idea) that you are doing so from a vulnerable device that has not been updated in a long time if ever.

Choosing an email client: the webmail option

As a follow up on the guide to setting up secure email for your startup, this article looks at some of the most popular web mail/cloud clients that you can use to join the cloud bandwagon.

What is a DMARC policy, and why should I set it up anyway?

Still on the topic of setting up your own email servers for your startup, here’s a look at a DMARC policy. What is it? Well, it will allow you, for example, to tell servers receiving your emails what to do when they receive emails purporting to be from you that fail either SPF or DKIM checks.

Want to verify the sender of that e-mail? Here’s how to set up DKIM signing on your server

DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail), makes use of a pair of private and public keys to electronically sign mail. Any server implementing DKIM can, therefore, verify that the email came from the origin that it purports to come from.In this article, we look at how you can configure your email server to sign your outgoing emails using DKIM.

Will your computer run Windows 10?

The Windows 10 upgrade is being made available at the end of this month. When you upgrade to Windows 10 between 29 July 2015 and 29 July 2016 from any of the previous releases of Windows, you will get a free lifetime Windows 10 licence on that device. Here’s how to verify of your machine can run the new Operating System.

Zimbabwean inventor showcases his own drone, electric car and green generator

A local inventor, Sangulani Chikumbutso, who is part of a company called Saith Technologies, has come up with prototype inventions that will change the way communication and energy is known in the field of science. He showcased his own electric car, drone and generator. Here are some of the pictures.

Here’s how and why you should disable Flash

I decided to disable Flash player in all my browsers. My laptop has Ubuntu installed on it, and being a security conscious user, I always keep it up to date. After a lot of research I was convinced that Flash was the Achilles heel on my machine, a hack waiting to happen.

Creating a SPF record for your domain

In this installment, we will look at how you can configure an SPF ( Sender Policy Framework) record for your domain. We are going to assume you have a basic working knowledge of how to edit domain records using the tools like CPanel, Webmin, or your host/domain name provider’s control panel or (for those who are really geek-crazy) by hand in Bind.

A visit to the laptop battery doctor

Laptop battery trouble is a nightmare, especially if you’ve got a brand that is hard to replace. I recently faced that sort of fate, and luckily I was referred to a battery doctor that fixed my Fujitsu battery. This is an awesome solution especially if you are in a fix.