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Windows is now 35: Here are my first memories. What are yours?

Windows is now 35, here’s a trip down memory lane. This doesn’t have to be a soliloquy, feel free to share your experiences with the OS.

Video:This is a $35 fancy looking speaker with a couple of tricks

In this video we check out the Touch Lamp portable speaker. It goes for just US$35 but provides a lot of features for the money. It’s a night light with 7 different lighting scenarios. It’s also a very high quality bluetooth speaker in terms of the sound it produces and the finish of the product. […]

Video: Apple & Google installed a COVID-19 tracker in everyone’s phone

In a bid to fight the spread of COVID-19, Google and Apple partnered up to add a COVID-19 contact tracing feature into Android and iOS. Here is how you can find it as well as how it will work. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney […]

[Video] Crazy Tech At CES 2020 Part 2

In this video we take a look at even more crazy tech from CES 2020. Heated and cooled beds, A digital piano made out of phones, a machine that harvests water from air. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD […]

Do Slow Websites Annoy You? Google Chrome Will Warn You

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers out there and for a good reason. The web browser is constantly adding new tweaks and updates to optimize users’ web browsing experience. It was https or SSL certificate issue two years ago that filtered many websites out of presence on Google platform and now […]

How To Watch DStv On 5 Devices At No Extra Cost

If you live in a household that has many people who clash on what to watch on DStv, then you’d be glad to know that you can watch your DStv subscription on 5 different platforms. On these 5 different platforms each person can get to choose what they want to watch on DStv without affecting […]

Microsoft To Close Down Windows Phone 8.1 Store In December

Another nail has been hammered into Windows Phone’s coffin. Microsoft announced that Windows Store for Windows Phone 8.1 will be discontinued on December 16,this year, making the obsolete operating system useless. Microsoft has been slowly leading Windows Phone to its demise. In October 2018, Microsoft stopped accepting the new apps for Windows Phone 8.1, and […]

Apple Accused Of Sending User’s Browsing Data To Chinese Tech Giant. Here’s How You Can Stop It

Do you know Apple is sending web browsing data of some of its users to Chinese Internet company Tencent?I am sure many of you are not aware of this, neither was I, and believe me, none of us could expect this from a tech company that promotes itself as a champion of consumer privacy. It […]

Opera’s Gaming Browser Uses Less RAM and CPU Power Than The Normal Opera

Opera recently announced the GX browser and it’s targeted at gamers and comes with features such as a performance control centre, themes as well as twitch integration. The truth is I’m not a PC gamer so I’m not best placed to review such a product. Because this is the case I’ll just be taking a […]

Apple Releases iOS 13.1, Here’s Why You Need To Update Your iPhone Now

Apple is rolling out iOS 13.1 just a week after the initial release of iOS 13. As announced by Apple earlier, the update will be available to a number of smartphones going right back to the iPhone Special Edition, which was launched 3 years ago. Not only that, even the 7th-generation iPod Touch will receive […]

You May Soon Make Phone Calls From Your Windows PC

Microsoft is reportedly testing a new feature that will enable users to make phone calls right from their Windows computers. Screenshots posted on Twitter byAjith (@4j17h) suggest that the feature is already live in Microsoft’s Your Phone Android app, although, it’s still in the testing phase and is only available to select users. Your Phone […]

This Is What Android 10 Would Have Been Called

During the latest episode of the All About Android podcast this week, Vice President of Android engineering, Dave Burke, and software engineer, Dan Sandler, set the record straight about why the company ditched dessert names for upcoming Android releases. The two guys also spoke at length about a number of different subjects, including gesture navigation, […]

Apple Sues A Start-up For Selling Copies Of iOS and iPhone Apps

Apple is taking legal action against a company named Correllium for making an iPhone emulator. Correllium’s virtual iPhone service allowed anyone to run Apple’s latest operating systems on PC as soon as they get released by paying Correllium. Apple claims that Correllium has been encouraging its customers to sell the vulnerabilities to black hat hackers. […]

5 Must-have Android Apps That Notify You When Your Battery Is Full

Unless you use an app, you won’t get a notification that tells your phone has reached 100% of full battery. Even though overcharging your phone won’t make your phone explode, it’s advisable not to continue charging it after it has reached 100% as I explained before in another article. These following apps will not only […]

Number Of Loyal iPhone Users Declining, Reveals Study

iPhone fans are generally pretty adamant about switching to Apple’s newest mobile hardware. However, a report now suggests that fewer number of iPhone users are trading in their old handsets in favor of a new variant. The loyalty of iPhone users, which includes their retention and upgrading has declined by 15.2% as compared to March […]

Huawei Says Hongmeng OS Is Not For Smartphones, Plans To Continue Using Android

Even with the US-China trade tensions easing somewhat over the past weeks, Huawei continues to work on its in-house operating system, HongMeng OS, which is also expected to be marketed as Ark OS in some markets. Lately, media reports over the past few weeks have consistently claimed that that the new software is being prepared […]

Huawei Files ‘Harmony OS’ As Another Name For Its Operating System

A new trademark application from Huawei suggests that the company has been working on an operating system called ‘Harmony OS’ for smartphones and computers. According to LetsGoDigital, the application was filed with the European Union Intellectual Property Office as well as the UK’s Intellectual Property Office on July 12, 2019, and is classified under: ‘mobile […]

IBM Patents Smartwatch That Can Transform Into A Tablet

While Samsung is struggling to fix its first-ever foldable smartphone, the Galaxy Fold, to relaunch it for the masses, IBM is going ham with the whole foldables concept. The tech giant seems to be jumping into foldables with high hopes and a passion that shows in their latest concept. IBM has apparently patented a smartwatch […]

[Updated] New Smartphone OS Promises To Offer Premium Speeds On Devices That Cost Less Than $100

You may have never heard of CloudMosa before but they are working on a pretty fascinating project? They are calling it Puffin OS and they claim that their smartphone OS will make budget devices that cost less than $100 which compete with flagship and premium device. A statement on Puffin OSs website hails the operating […]

Microsoft Promise They Won’t Abandon Huawei Laptop Users

Worry not if you are a user of a Huawei laptop because Microsoft has still got your back when it comes to providing you with security updates. Yesterday Microsoft confirmed: We remain committed to providing exceptional customer experiences. Our initial evaluation of the U.S. Department of Commerce’s decision on Huawei has indicated we may continue […]

Huawei Will Fully Refund Users If Google And Facebook Apps Stop Working – Report

We all know that the US trade ban on the Chinese giant Huawei has not only impacted the sales of different Huawei products but also tarnished the reputation of the company. The ban has resulted in several US companies cutting ties with the Chinese company, with Google announcing that Huawei will lose access to Android […]

Microsoft Now Selling Huawei Laptops Again

Huawei’s laptops are now back on Microsoft Store online in the United States after disappearing from the site a month ago. In an e-mailed response to The Verge, a Microsoft spokesperson said: We have been evaluating, and will continue to respond to, the many business, technical and regulatory complexities stemming from the recent addition of […]

Huawei’s Foldable Phone Release To Be Delayed

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Fold still up in the air, many were hoping to get their hands on the Huawei Mate X to get their foldable smartphone fix in June. Unfortunately, the company has revealed that it will not be launching its first foldable smartphone in June as originally planned. A spokesperson […]

Government Resorts To Using A Vehicle Tracking System To Stop Abuse Of Its Vehicles

If you find yourself at any (most) government institutions, just take a look at their backyard (or front yard) and see how many vehicles are abandoned. A good number of those vehicles are not working because they were in the hands of our public servants who abused these movable properties. In light of this, the […]

5 Alternative Mobile Operating Systems To Android

Android is dominating the mobile and there are no doubts regarding this. According to statistics, Android has a share of 75%, iOS has a share of 22% and remaining operating systems share the rest. We want to talk about these “remaining operating systems” which you probably have never heard of and you will perhaps want […]

5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Is Charging Too Slow

A phone that charges fast comes in handy almost all the time. When your smartphone takes longer than usual to charge it becomes excruciatingly annoying. I mean, if you charge your phone for longer hours than you use it, then there’s a problem. If you are experiencing this and you have found asking yourself why […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Stop Using Your Laptop Whilst It Sits On Your Lap

Laptops are one of the most common productivity tools today- they are portable and quite convenient. Contrary to its name, however, a laptop does not belong on your lap-unless you want to expose yourself to harmful electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation. Your vital organs get an unhealthy dose of electromagnetic radiation from your laptop computer, if […]

Here Are Some Leaked Screenshots Of Huawei’s Future OS

If you’re among the group that firmly believes that Huawei will walk away from Android and become a stronger company, this article is for you. Huawei’s replacement Ark OS – has been spotted in the wild and here’s what it could look like: I said it could look like this because the screenshots shared could […]

Apple Kills Off iTunes After 18 Years 

iTunes has been the talk of tech town recently, as rumours circled that the all-encompassing app was living its final days. And last evening, Apple confirmed its demise at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference event. R.I.P, iTunes. The platform was used by Apple users to listen to music and podcasts, and watch films and TV […]

You Can Now Download Files Up To 200MB Using Mobile Data On Your iPhone

Apple has silently implemented a change in the App Store that’s likely to be well received by iPhone users with unlimited mobile data plans. The tech giant now allows its users to download apps, games and files that are 200 Megabytes (MB) big. The older limit was 150 MB, and anything larger than that required […]