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Deep Dive Into The Sasai Platform: Part 1 – Will It Work? It’s Simple!

Before I talk about this, I know that this is basically a really late analysis in most of your eyes. And in some ways, it is. Sasai is a platform that was released with fanfare late July although it was officially launched for use on the 1st of August, and it all went downhill from […]

Econet Subscribers Tired Of Sasai Spam Messages

If you’re an Econet user and you haven’t received the “your friend x has joined Sasai” message from Econet, you’re a special and extremely lucky subscriber. I’ve been receiving the messages over the past few days but I hadn’t heard anyone else complaining so I bit my tongue and chose not to write about this […]

MisRed Helping Local Start-ups To Market Their Products On Twitter For Free

If you are an entrepreneur who’s still trying to get their little company off the ground, it can be beyond your means to do a big marketing campaign to let the public know you. But fortunately, we are in the age of social media where a single marketing message can be heard or seen by […]

For #Twimbos, It’s a Marvelous Time To Be On Twitter

By Fungai Machirori Twimbos – the collective term used to describe Zimbabweans on Twitter – have indeed come a long way. Just under a decade ago, when the platform had only a few active and consistent users, most Twimbos tended to know each other personally. And where they didn’t, physical meetings would be convened here […]

Instagram Dark Mode Now Available For iPhones With The Latest iOS Version

Instagram has finally released their dark mode but right now it’s only available for iPhone users running iOS 13 and upwards. The dark mode isn’t available on Android yet but iOS users already have access to the new mode. Unlike on Twitter where you can toggle dark mode on/off on Instagram, the app will follow […]

PICTURES: Computer Society Of Zimbabwe 45th Anniversary Dinner

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EcoCash Dismisses Fake News About Money In EcoCash Wallets

You’ve probably seen a disturbing message circulating that’s saying EcoCash has been ordered to clear money in people’s wallets by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Well, now EcoCash has come out saying that it’s purely fake news. Also read: The Politics Of EcoCash, EcoCash Agents And Selling Cash Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge […]

VISA & Mastercard No Longer As Enthusiastic About Being Part Of Facebook’s Libra Crypto

It’s well documented that since the announcement of Libra a few months ago, very few political leaders have come out in support of the idea. If anything most political leaders are pretty apprehensive about leaving Facebook to go ahead with plans to form a global cryptocurrency unchecked. These political uneasiness has spread to partners of […]

Chakachaya paSasai Promotion Might Finally Incentivise People To Start Using Sasai

Sasai has been around for a while now. Unfortunately, no one outside of Cassava/Econet can really know how well the chat app is doing because they haven’t shared the number of active users. The application has been downloaded by over 100 000 users which is no small feat but I remember Econet celebrating similar milestones […]

Facebook Now Stops Users From Sharing Pirate Bay Links

Facebook now blocks users from sharing The Pirate Bay links on their Facebook timelines or in chat messages. This is coming on the heels of similar steps taken by Facebook against other torrent sites in the last couple of weeks. This ban can be linked to the company’s strong stance on copyright infringement. Background to […]

Facebook & WhatsApp To Be Forced To Share Encrypted Texts With The Police

Western governments have been probing at how they can intercept with encrypted messaging and it seems the UK will become one of the first countries forcing social media platforms to reveal messages to the police. In a treaty expected to be signed next month between the US and the UK, social media platforms will be […]

RBZ Governor Responds To Circulating $10 & $25 Coins Images

And again the Governor he’s pissed off by social media. The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor, Dr. John Mangudya has dismissed images circulating on social media of coins that the central bank is allegedly about to introduce. He told the Herald: It’s all fake news; I don’t know what is happening back home.There is nothing […]

Sosholoza’s ‘Any Bank To Any Wallet’ Is Not Really Secure

Accidentally, l figured out something that got me thinking: Is the Sosholoza Any Bank to Any Wallet really secure? Or it’s really “Any Bank to any Wallet?” Yeah it saved me yesterday when their services where down, l had to resort to their “new” baby Sosholoza which really came through. (Thank you Steward Bank).Once upon […]

Sasai Adds 135 Services, It’s Now Like WeChat At Full Throttle

If you had opened Sasai two weeks ago you’d have been disappointed because there were just a couple of services on the platform. But yesterday Cassava Smartech unveiled many services that add up to 135 that are all now accessible in Sasai. From KFC to Alibaba to Spotify to DHL: these are just a few […]

Twitter Now Lets iOS Users Pin Their Lists

Twitter has announced a new feature in its iOS app that allows users to pin up to five lists to their timeline. In addition, a smooth swipe gesture has been implemented to browse through lists right from the home screen. The pinned lists can be easily rearranged as you prefer. Take a look at the […]

Twitter ‘Hide Replies’ Feature Being Tested In More Countries

Twitter is expanding its testing of the hide replies feature to users in USA and Japan. The feature will allow the user who tweeted to hide replies on their tweets (viewers will be able to see the hidden replies). Twitter is doing this to afford users a higher level of control on their tweets. According […]

How Will YouTube’s New Verification Rules Impact Local Content Creators

YouTube recently changed the way verification on their platform works and it’s not clear whether these new rules will favour or affect local YouTubers. Previously YouTube verified creators with more than 100 000k subscribers but all this is coming to an end. At some point in October, creators will only be verified if they have […]

Reactions To 2% Tax Ruling & Mthuli Ncube Response

Right now, Twitter is awash with comments about yesterday’s court ruling on the 2% tax. Take a look at just a few of the comments What a arrogant message from one who clearly is now basking in the illusion of invincibility shared by all in Zanupf. That tax is punitive and unjustifiable considering the failure […]

Telegram Mocks WhatsApp’s File Transfer Size Limit

Recently, WhatsApp took to Twitter to flaunt its file transfer limit of 100MB but the feedback wasn’t what they (WhatsApp) expected. Telegram took the opportunity to mock WhatsApp’s relatively tiny 100MB file transfer limit. What happened WhatsApp tweeted telling its users that if they are stressed about the limitation on email attachments, the file transfer […]

Certain Posts By Influencers On Instagram Will No Longer Show To Users Below 18

There’s been a lot of debate about influencers and whether or not they have real jobs or any influence – last time my colleague looked at this he felt it was “hard to say” whether or not they had influence. I kind of disagree with his stance and if you use Instagram, then you’ll probably […]

LinkedIn’s New Skill Assesment Validates Your Skills In Certain Areas

LinkedIn is social media for grown-ups and in line with the no-nonsense approach that most of us take once we go there, they’ve introduced a new Skill Assesment feature that allows “recruiters and hiring managers to more effectively pinpoint which candidates are a good match on the basis of proven skills.” Hiring is one of […]

CBZ Dismisses Fake USD Notes Allegations, Says The Notes Didn’t Come From Them

Following posts on social media that it had issued fake notes, CBZ has just released a statement dismissing the circulating post. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash or OneMoney number: Buy Please dial our USSD code *405# on your phone to buy airtime because this page will […]

13 Funniest iPhone 11 Memes

Apple announced the launch of its next-generation iPhone at its annual event on Tuesday. Apple’s new iPhone 11 emerged with a dual rear camera setup, while iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max stood out for their three-rear camera features. Given the three-rear camera’s design, social media has been poking fun at the feature […]

Internet Is Going Crazy With These Robert Mugabe Memes

The death of former President Robert Mugabe has invoked the creativity of people to create memes of him. Here are just a few but interesting memes we’ve just compiled: Mugabe resurrection meme goes viral — Local News24/ (@LocalNews24_7) September 7, 2019 This famous #Mugabe quote got me thinking if he would work for #Zimbabwe […]

Trending Rare& Famous Video Clips Of Robert Mugabe

Take a look at the legacy of former President Robert Mugabe through the following video clips: Rest in Peace, Robert Mugabe, a revolutionary hero with the power of love and an intermittent champion of Pan-African ideals, principles, and advocacy, yet ended with the depiction as a whirl villain with the love of power.#RIPMugabe — […]

Twitter Reactions From Famous People About Ex-President Robert Mugabe’s Death

Story of the day: Zimbabwe’s longest serving and controversial President, Robert Mugabe has died this morning. And as usual Twitter is going crazy with comments about the former President’s legacy. Here are some comments from public figures: It is with the utmost sadness that I announce the passing on of Zimbabwe's founding father and former […]

Twitter No Longer Allows You Tweet Via SMS

In case you don’t know it already, Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked last Friday after the phone number associated with his account was compromised “due to a security oversight by the mobile provider”. In response to that, Twitter has announced that it has temporarily turned off the tweet-via-SMS functionality that is believed […]

Econet Customers Complaining About Data Disappearance Again, Econet Says It’s “Investigating”

It’s a couple-of-years old problem and Econet thought it had solved it but it didn’t. I’m talking about ‘Disappearing Data’. Many Econet subscribers are complaining about losing data they are so sure they didn’t use. Now the issue of disappearing data has caught the public’s attention after celebrity, MisRed complained on Twitter. . @econet_support we […]

Harvard Student Drags Uganda President To Court For Blocking Him On Twitter

A Harvard student has dragged Uganda’s President, Yoweri Museveni to court for blocking him on his Twitter handle. Hillary Sseguya, a Ugandan currently pursuing a Masters’ degree student at Havard University, is seeking to compel the court to issue an order to Museveni to unblock him from accessing his Twitter handle. Sseguya whose Twitter username […]

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey’s Account Was Hacked

A string of racist and anti-Semitic tweets were posted from the account of Twitter CEO and Founder, Jack Dorsey, after it was reportedly hacked on Friday. His account was reportedly hacked by a group called ‘Chuckle Squad’. Twitter confirmed the breach and said that it has initiated an investigation into the issue, and assured that […]