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Belgium’s Regulator Releases List Of Over 100 Shady Cryptocurrency Platforms

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) of Belgium has issued a another warning to the public about ‘scammy’ cryptocurrency exchanges. In a new warning to consumers, the FSMA has updated its list of scam digital currency exchanges and related companies. FSMA mentions that fraudsters are using cryptocurrencies to “swindle consumers.” So the list provided […]

DStv Will No Longer Remove 2 Of The 3 Popular Channels Tomorrow

DStv subscribers will be happy to know that some of the channels that the company was going to remove tomorrow will continue to air on DStv. Channel24’s report says that History and Lifetime channels won’t be cut off but Crime + Investigation will get the chop. This was made possible by a new agreement that […]

Zim Digital & Social Media Awards To Host Free Online Conference Focusing On Social Media

Zim Digital and Social Media Awards is going to host a 5-day online conference which will be graced by “digital and social media marketing experts from Zimbabwe and Africa” who will “unpack the digital landscape in Africa and discuss how African brands can better leverage digital platforms to achieve their desired results”. The conference dubbed, […]

{Updated} Netone Facing Downtime

In the morning we had written (below) that Netone was facing downtime but now the network is properly functioning.  Since morning Netone’s network has been down and users haven’t been able to text, call or even check balance. Netone’s has released a statement acknowledging that it’s facing downtime due to a network upgrade which took […]

Samsung Releases 4 Apps For Optimizing Your Device

Samsung has released four apps that will help you to optimize your device and get the most out of it. The four apps include File Guardian, Battery Tracker, Battery Guardian, and App Booster and they form what Samsung calls its Galaxy Labs. Let’s talk about each service under this app, starting with File Guardian. It’s […]

Telone Unveils New Voice Tariffs

POTRAZ recently approved tariff hikes for telecom operators in response to inflationary pressures. In light of that, Telone unveiled new tariffs that started to apply today. Here are the tariffs: Also read: Econet New Data Bundle Pricing: $52 For 1.2 GB Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): EcoCash […]

Unremovable Malware Affects 45 000 Android Devices

There’s a new malware making the rounds, known as xHelper which uses a clever mechanism that allows it to reinstall itself on the infected device, making it almost impossible to remove. The first reports of xHelper infections emerged in March when a few hundred devices were affected, but now it is estimated that the number […]

Former Kwese TV Subscribers Find New Use For Abandoned Kwese Decoders

It now over a year since Kwese TV met its death. You probably remember that the shutting down of Kwese TV was met with a backlash from people who had spent money on Kwese decoders and satellite dishes. If you walk into some homes these days you will find some Kwese decoders being used as […]

WhatsApp Sues Israeli Company For Hacking 1400 WhatsApp Users

Facebook filed a lawsuit against Israeli mobile surveillance firm NSO Group on Tuesday, alleging that the company was actively involved in hacking users of its messaging service, WhatsApp. Earlier this year, it was discovered that WhatsApp had a critical vulnerability that attackers were found exploiting to remotely install a spyware called Pegasus on targeted Android […]

ZOL’s Wibroniks (LTE) Vs Telone’s Blaze

ZOL and Telone are the newest providers of mobile internet and people seem enthusiastic to use their services as they have proven to be cheaper than mobile internet offered by Mobile Network Operators. Anyway, for now, let’s see which one between ZOL’s LTE and Telone’s Blaze offers a better deal. The table only shows comparisons […]

Netone Revises Khuluma 24/7 Bundles

Netone has revised its popular Khuluma 24/7 voice calling bundles perhaps in line with the new voice tariffs that came into effect today. Here are the new tariffs from today onwards: Also read: Econet Voice Tariffs Are Actually More Expensive Than They Initially Announced Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime […]

42 Android Apps Caught Spying And Serving Annoying Ads. Uninstall Them

It looks like Google just can’t catch a break from bad apps on the Play store. A few weeks ago, the search engine giant had dropped 15 sneaky apps that never delivered the promised service, but flashed annoying full-page ads and ruined the Android experience on mobile. Now, ESET security researchers have uncovered 42 adware-infected […]

(Updated) Telecel & Netone Introduce New Voice & Text Tariffs

Like any other sector in Zimbabwe, the telecoms industry is being forced to adjust its pricing in line with the everchanging economic reality characterized by rising inflation and the loss of value of the Zim Dollar. So, Netone and Telecel have followed in the footsteps of Econet in increasing voice, SMS and data tariffs. The […]

iPhone 5 Users Need To Upgrade Their Devices By November 3

Apple recently released a statement telling iPhone 5 users that they must urgently the latest update. This update addresses a problem that affects millions of GPS devices worldwide. If iPhone 5 users to decide not update their devices, it will leave their devices without much of their capabilities. According to Apple, it is important that […]

Google Releases ‘Paper Phone’ To Help Curb Smartphone Addiction

Google has started a special experiment that would help you break free from the digital world for some time. Dubbed the Paper Phone, it’s exactly what it sounds like and will see you printing out a phone booklet to carry around with you instead of actual smartphones. Paper Phone is part of the Digital Wellbeing […]

iPhone Users Should Delete These 17 Apps

Apps are an important source of functions for smartphones, but also a source of problems. They are often the entry point for malware and other serious security issues. We have seen lately that Android is the most targeted and apparently most vulnerable mobile OS. But the truth is that iOS also has it’s own flaws […]

New App Allows Diaspora To Buy Fuel For People In Zim & They Won’t Queue Up To Get It

Ezfuel is a new app in town that makes it possible for people all over the world to purchase fuel for friends and family back in Zimbabwe. So instead of asking your beloved uncle in the UK or Sweden to send money to buy fuel, he can simply download Ezfuel, purchase fuel for you and […]

How To Remove ‘Cellular Download Limit’ & Download Files Larger Than 200MB On iPhone Or iPad

Apple has made plenty of changes for its latest iteration, iOS 13 which include improved privacy, new security settings and the highly anticipated ‘dark mode’, to name a few. One change that may have slipped under the radar, however, is the ‘Option to download large apps over mobile data’. Much to the annoyance of iPhone […]

ZOL Unveils New Wibroniks Prices (October)

ZOL has just released new prices for its Wibroniks service. The new prices will come into effect on the 1st of November, this coming month. Here are the new prices: According to ZOL “all prices for Fibroniks packages remain unchanged”. Also read: Explainer: What You Need To Know Before Buying ZOL’s LTE Data Sim Card […]

Government’s Recklessness Messes Up Netone’s Chance To Expand Its Network

The government may have just messed up Netone’s chance to better it’s infrastructure after it pulled a stunt on the Chinese creditors. According to a report by the Independent, government inexplicably withdrew US $10 million from an escrow account that held money for the expansion of Robert Mugabe Airport. According to one official who spoke […]

Researchers Develop Software That Increases WiFi Range By Over 60 Metres

Presently, physical devices like Nest WiFi of Google or Eero of Amazon can be boosters to extend the range of the signals, and they work really well. However, researchers have developed a software that can help us achieve the same outcome with the Wi-Fi range increased by over 60 meters. While Wi-Fi requires speeds of […]

How To Watch DStv On 5 Devices At No Extra Cost

If you live in a household that has many people who clash on what to watch on DStv, then you’d be glad to know that you can watch your DStv subscription on 5 different platforms. On these 5 different platforms each person can get to choose what they want to watch on DStv without affecting […]

How To Avoid EcoCash Taking Your Money & YoMix Not Crediting Your Bundles

If you an Econet and YoMix user who also happens to be on Twitter, you’ve most probably bumped into tweets like these: Why? Why? Why? @econet_support @econetzimbabwe that I bought data using Yomix application and money is deducted but with no data being credited. — Desire (@princechisuvi) October 23, 2019 @econet_support why did you deduct […]

Apple Watch Saves A Man’s Life

The ‘fall detection’ feature of Apple Watch has saved yet another life. This time, Apple’s wearable called emergency services when a young couple in the U.S fell over a steep cliff while hiking. What happened? Last week, James Prudenciano and his date were hiking in a park in New Jersey. After the sunset, James had […]

How To Remotely Access Your Computer From Your Phone

Google has made it possible to access your Windows desktop or your Mac from your phone, even if its an Android phone or an iPhone. And it doesn’t have to be iPhone for macOS, you can mix and match – all you need is the Chrome Remote Desktop app running on both devices. Here I […]

New Study On ‘Obsessive Gaming’ Disputes World Health Organisation

A fresh study by Oxford University suggests that obsessive gaming may be an expression of underlying psychosocial frustration rather than an evil in itself. This contradicts the World Health Organization’s recent decision to identify obsessive gaming as a mental illness. The new research suggests that most excessive gamers aren’t truly addicted to the games themselves. […]

How To Turn Off All WhatsApp Notifications

At times, the WhatsApp notifications can be overwhelming. Of course, you won’t uninstall WhatsApp just to avoid WhatsApp notifications. The other option that’s available is to turn off your mobile data or Wi-Fi. But the problem with that is that it will stop notifications from all other apps that need to connect to the internet. […]

Several Banks Blacklist Samsung Galaxy S10 Due To Fingerprint Vulnerability

The Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint problem may be a lot worse than we initially anticipated, as banks are starting to blacklist the device. The story started last week, when some users reported that their ultrasonic fingerprint sensor would unlock the device no matter what finger was used due to a $3 screen protector. The problem […]

Top 10 Most Dangerous Celebrities To Search For Online

Cybercriminals know that people love and admire celebrities and do everything possible to take advantage of this interest and capitalize on it. McAfee researchers have compiled this year’s list with the most dangerous celebrities to search for online. Here are the most dangerous celebrities: Alexis Bledel James Corden Sophie Turner Anna Kendrick Lupita Nyong’o Jimmy […]

Huawei Might Release First Phone To Run Both Android & Harmony OS By March 2020

Huawei’s recently launched Mate 30 that runs on Android but which doesn’t run any Google apps and services. This is a major drawback for these phones in all the markets (excluding China) as all the users out there rely heavily on Google services. This particular situation is the result of the ongoing tension between the […]