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Cassava Fintech Apologizes & Explains About Sasai Spam Messages

Cassava Fintech has heard your complaints about promotional spam messages of its Sasai app and they have apologized and fixed the issue. Company spokesperson said: The instance of several messages received by some customers as part of the ongoing SASAI $10 million Chaka-Chaya paSASAI promotion has since been rectified, and SASAI regrets any inconvenience caused. […]

Chinese Citizens Will Soon Have To Scan Their Faces To Access The Internet

China is very particular about its online security which is evident by restrictions such as blocking access to Google and WhatsApp. As if that ain’t enough to police its citizens, the Chinese government will now require facial ID (identification) to access the internet. The Chinese government notified all the Chinese telecom service providers of the […]

4 Apps Like Google Maps To Download Maps For Use Without Data Or Internet

Here WeGo HERE WeGo (formerly owned by Nokia) is a widely popular navigation app that has grown in stature ever since it was launched. I remember using this on my Nokia Lumia smartphone several years ago, and it never failed me. I find this along with Google Maps to be reliable sources for offline navigation. […]

New App Detects Eye Disease In Kids Through Photos

Researchers have developed a smartphone app to help parents detect early signs of a diesease called leukocoria. The app called CRADLE (Computer-assisted detector leukocoria) searches for traces of abnormal reflections from the retina called leukocoria or “white eye”. The app can be downloaded for free and can be found under the name “White Eye Detector […]

Zimbabwe Mobile Money Vs Other Countries

In 2018 alone, USD 40 billion passed through people’s phones and more than half of that money was passed through phones in Africa. Those stats tell a story of the growing role of mobile money in our lives. In Zimbabwe’s case, the persistent cash shortages continue to hammer home the fact that “mobile money is […]

Cryptocurrency Exchange Faces $1.4 Trillion Lawsuit

Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange, Bitfinex, and its subsidiary Tether Ltd have a legal battle to contend with, following lawsuit filed against the two entities in the US. The lawsuit specifically accused Bitfinex and its subsidiary of creating a ‘sophisticated scheme’ that took advantage of the cryptocurrency innovation to “defraud investors, manipulate markets and conceal illicit […]

MisRed Helping Local Start-ups To Market Their Products On Twitter For Free

If you are an entrepreneur who’s still trying to get their little company off the ground, it can be beyond your means to do a big marketing campaign to let the public know you. But fortunately, we are in the age of social media where a single marketing message can be heard or seen by […]

U.S. Government Bans 8 More Chinese Tech Firms

The United States government is not at a war with Huawei but a trade war with China and its technology sector in particular. In a move that didn’t surprise anyone really, a host of Chinese facial recognition, AI, and data forensics firms have been added to the “entity list”, which is the blacklist of the […]

UK Spy Agency Urges Users To Update These 3 VPNs For Your Own Good

VPNs are supposed to help maintain your privacy while online, but it seems that at least some of them have some security issues. The problems are so big, in fact, that a branch of GCHQ, which is the British spy agency, issued alerts about them. The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), a unit of GCHQ, […]

Apple Sued For Turning Man To Be Gay

When you are a company as big as Apple, you can be sued for a number of things, some of which are downright outrageous. In Russia, an incident like this is playing out as the company has been sued by a man for turning him gay. A Russian man in his lawsuit claims that an […]

US Judge Says Nobody Is Concerned About Iphone’s Notch

A judge in the US has just dismissed a case that’s centred on an iPhone’s notch. The plaintiff claims that Apple is misleading customers because the screen size and resolution that it uses to advertise the iPhone are different from what one realistically gets after they buy the phone. Guess what the judge said? According […]

First Smartphone Factory In Africa Launched In Rwanda For Mara Phones

Rwanda has done it again.Yesterday, the country launched the first smartphone manufacturing factory in Africa for Mara phones. Mara’s smartphone factory is expected to produce 2 million phones per year which will compete with budget phones from the likes of Samsung and Tecno. Speaking at the launch, CEO Ashish Thakkar, said: We realised a few […]

Take A Look At WhatsApp’s Much-Awaited Dark Mode

Facebook is moving to the dark side – not because of its recent privacy mishaps.Well, I mean it’s working to implement a ‘dark mode’ in all of its services. Instagram is testing a dark mode in beta and we already know that both Facebook and WhatsApp are working on dark themes of their own. Thanks […]

We Will Not Raid Your Nostro Accounts- RBZ

Following an FBC Bank memo which revealed that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe no longer allows people to withdraw salaries in forex, the central bank has released a statement on Twitter saying: This assertion should be dismissed with the contempt it deserves. There hasn’t been any change in the operation of Nostro Accounts. — Reserve […]

Explainer: What You Need To Know Before Buying ZOL’s LTE Data Sim Card

What is ZOL’s LTE data sim Card? It’s ZOL’s sim card that allows you to access internet on your phone via it’s LTE network. Does it make calls? No, it doesn’t. It’s a sim card that you use to access internet only. How much is it? ZWL $10 What’s the big deal with the LTE […]

Make Your iPhone A Dual SIM With This Case

One of the major limitations iPhone users faced ever since the inception of iPhones is the lack of dual SIM capabilities. Don’t get me wrong, the new iPhones do come with dual SIM capabilities but unfortunately, people often do not upgraded iPhones for years and hence a majority of iPhone users are stuck. But a […]

Google Finds Vulnerability That Affects Millions Of These Android Phones

Google’s team of security researchers responsible for reporting zero-day vulnerabilities, known as Project Zero, recently discovered an unpatched exploit in Android that’s being used in real-life attacks. This vulnerability affects smartphones from popular Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Huawei. Even Google’s older Pixel phones are impacted as well. The vulnerability is part […]

List Of iPhones & iPads Running On iOS 8 That Will Not Support WhatsApp From February 2020

Earlier this week we talked about WhatsApp ending support on Apple devices running iOS 8 and older versions. So I’ve decided to list all Apple devices that run on iOS 8 or partially run on iOS 8 which you won’t be able to chat on WhatsApp with. But some of the devices using iOS 8 […]

Econet & Telecel Lose Market Share Whilst Netone Makes A Slight Gain – POTRAZ Q2 Report

The second quarter witnessed Netone slightly gaining market whilst both Econet and Telecel slightly losing their market shares. Netone took 0.9% of the pie whereas Econet and Telecel lost 0.3% and 0.6% respectively. Netone’s gain can be attributed to enticing offerings which are making customers defect from other Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). When tarrifs where […]

Government Speaks On Eddie Cross’s New Zim Currency Statement

Secretary for Information, Nick Mangwana issued a statement concerning remarks by former legislator and Economist, Eddie Cross about the introduction of a new currency next month. In the statement, government only said that Eddie Cross is not the mouthpiece of the Government nor RBZ (so we shouldn’t listen to him) but surprisingly it didn’t deny […]

ZOL On A Roll As It Introduces Data Rollover For Wibroniks Users

Fresh off from introducing it’s LTE data SIM Card that’s offering the best deal in town, ZOL has now introduced a data rollover facility for it’s Wibroniks fans. Data Rollover allows Wibroniks users to carry over and use unused data in the following month or given days. Before yesterday, ZOL’s Fibroniks users were the only […]

Zimbabwe Has More Affordable Internet Data – Report

Internet data is now more affordable in Zimbabwe based on people’s monthly average incomes, according to a new research by Alliance for Affordable Internet (AAI). AAI’s study found out that data in Zimbabwe has become more affordable because the average salaries of Zimbabweans increased last year. AAI research says that the cost of data relative […]

Zim To Have A New Currency Next Month – Eddie Cross

Renowned Economist, Eddie Cross revealed that Zimbabwe is going to have a new currency next month. Mr Cross revealed this as he was urging the government to increase money supply so that EcoCash agents trading cash will be out of business and bring stability in the economy. The amount of cash in the market does […]

EcoCash Dismisses Fake News About Money In EcoCash Wallets

You’ve probably seen a disturbing message circulating that’s saying EcoCash has been ordered to clear money in people’s wallets by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe. Well, now EcoCash has come out saying that it’s purely fake news. Also read: The Politics Of EcoCash, EcoCash Agents And Selling Cash Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge […]

Uninstall/Delete These Apps With ‘Fleeceware’ Before You Lose Your Money

Reserchers at SophosLabs discovered certain apps which contains a malicious code that they call a “fleeceware”. Fleeceware takes money from users without their consent or by tricking them. Sophos said it discovered that users were downloading for free trials that may last for few days or weeks. But after the trial is over and users […]

POTRAZ Speaks Out Against Theft & Vandalism Of Telecoms Equipment

It’s not only ZESA which is being affected by vandalism and theft,even Mobile Network Operators (MNO) are increasingly being affected too. That’s why telecoms regulator, POTRAZ has now come out with a stern warning against thieves destroying and stealing telecoms equipment. POTRAZ consumer affairs manager Phibion Chaibva said: We want to warn those perpetrators to […]

DStv To Remove 3 Popular Channels On 1 November

DStv is going to remove History, Crime + Investigation and Lifetime channels from its platform on 1 November. The three channels are being removed owing to an expiration of a contract between DStv and A&E Television Networks, the American company which owns the channels. In a statement, DStv said: As part of our ongoing efforts […]

Teen Girl Dies After Phone Explodes On Her Pillow While Asleep

A 14-year-old girl from Kazakhstan lost her life for doing something a lot of you might be doing every single night without even realizing. She played some music just like everyone else, plugged her smartphone into the charger, and kept the phone on her pillow. The next morning, she was found dead as her smartphone […]

EcoCash Should Help Us To Monitor & Control It’s Platform – RBZ

RBZ Governor, Dr John Mangudya has urged EcoCash to help the central bank to monitor and control it’s platform. Dr Mangudya’s comments are on the heels of a controversial ban which EcoCash is already challenging in the High Court. First off Dr Mandudya started by acknowledging that EcoCash’s platform is not inherently bad but rather […]

EcoCash Will Be Temporarily Shut Down If RBZ Ban Is Not Lifted

In it’s High Court application, EcoCash has highlighted that its mobile money platform will possibly be shut down altogether so that they can complete the process of removing cash-in and cash-out functionality. The Appplicant (EcoCash) is already in the process of implementing the Directive (to end cash-in and cash-out transactions) with the possibility of a […]