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Danai Gurira’s Name Was Left Out Of Avengers’ Endgame Poster And People Were Angry

The internet went berserk (in a good way) last week when the trailer ofAvengers: Endgame got out. However, some were disappointed by the exclusion of our beloved Danai Gurira’s name on the official poster of the blockbuster. Look at the cast on the official poster And see all their names were written but not Danai’s name […]

The Widow Is Another Barely Watchable Insult To Africa

I have to be honest when Amazon gets it right they do it right. Case in point their take on Tom Clancy’s character Jack Ryan. It is a riveting tale of deceit, murder and terrorism. Usually nowadays when T.V shows dish out episodes on the subject of terrorism it usually involves handsome, fearless macho American operatives […]

Here’s Whats REALLY Happening With South African DStv Accounts In Zimbabwe

First of all, we would like to APOLOGIZE for publishing an article earlier on which said that DStv was banning South African-registered Accounts (SRA) of customers who are in Zimbabwe. DSTV never said what was written in that document. In fact, DSTV (be it Multichoice or DSTV South Africa) hasn’t said anything at all of that […]

Watch: Trailer Of Zimbabwe’s Latest Movie, The Letter

In January we wrote about a local movie, The Letter, that made the giant and unprecedented step of being exclusively distributed online. Well, I’m sure you would want to pay to watch it if you are somewhat certain if it’s worth your hard-earned money. So that’s why you should check out its trailer. The Letter […]

Winky D Is Winning The Second Unofficial Race Against Jah Prayzah As MuGarden Goes Viral On YouTube

In case you missed it there is, perhaps, an unintended YouTube video war between Winky D and Jah Prayzah. On Monday 11 February Jah Prayzah uploaded his Kunerima video after realising a teaser image of him and Misred embracing. A picture that set tongues wagging before people could put it in context. Thanks to this […]

Watch: Spend The Weekend Watching Polar, Netflix’s “John Wick”

It’s pretty easy to get lost in the jungles of Netflix’s vast movie library. Sometimes if you share a profile, my family does that, you will be inundated by recommendations that are way off the mark when it comes to your taste. That doesn’t mean that there is nothing to watch even if you cannot […]

YouTube Piracy Is Rife In Zimbabwe, Here Is What Musicians Can Do About It

Half of my childhood was set in the late 1990s ,years which, most people agree, were some of Zimbabwe’s best years. Like me, a lot of people like to listen to Ezomgido tracks from the good old days when we had our own reputable currency and the entire region looked up to us when it […]

Multichoice Reassures Investors That DStv Is Still Far Ahead Of Netflix In Africa

Naspers decided that they will be listing Multichoice (parent company of DStv) separately on the JSE and that process is now underway. Multichoice has been showing potential investors what they bring to the table and one of those things is their subscriber numbers compared to Netflix. Multichoice compared its own subscriber numbers to that of […]

DSTV Quietly Released The Explora 3A

If like me you were under the impression that there are two versions of the Explora decoder, the original version and the pared down version 2, you would be sorely mistaken. It seems in November of 2018 DSTV quietly launched version 3 of the Explora dubbed Explora 3A. To be honest I can understand why […]

The Internet Pays Homage To Mutukudzi

Yesterday Zimbabwe lost its most celebrated music icon Oliver Mutukudzi. News of his passing has taken both the internet and in particular social media by storm. Virtually all my contacts who are on WhatsApp have some sort of tribute to the venerated musician on their status. Probably every Zimbabwean is talking about him on Facebook. […]

Kodi Is Perfectly Legal But …

If you own an Android TV Box then you have probably heard of Kodi. Just in case you haven’t, Kodi is an open source media player formerly known as XBMC (Xbox Media Center). It is maintained and developed by the XBMC foundation. The player is primarily written in Python and C++ and it is pretty […]

Netflix Increased Subscription Fees For US Customers

So while we were busy with our offline and blocked lives after violent protests sparked by the fuel price hikes, Netflix US went and hiked its subscriptions too. The U.S, Netflix’s largest market by far, was already paying more than anyone else for the privilege of accessing what is essentially the streaming giant’s most interesting […]

Netflix’s “Lionheart” Is Not A Terrible Movie, It’s Just Not A Great Movie

What we have all been waiting for finally happened. Netflix finally released their first African Original movie in the form of Lionheart. The film is directed by and stars Genevieve Nnaji of Nollywood fame. I mean pick any five African movies and I can guarantee you will find Nnaji in at least one of them. […]

Multichoice Zimbabwe’s CEO Passes Away

According to Multichoice Zimbabwe their Chief Executive Officer, Mr Lovemore Mangwende, passed away on Sunday. According to sources, the late Mr Mangwende succumbed to heart failure although this has not been officially confirmed. In light of his passing away the company has released the following statement: It is with deep regret and great sadness that we […]

DSTV South Africa Versus Netflix: DSTV Adds More Users In 2018 Despite Netflix, That’s Probably Going To Change Though

So there is this myth that DSTV and Netflix are like Tom and Jerry. Always trying to do each other in with DSTV as the nimble and cunning Jerry using its willy guile in the form of exclusive deals such as their all important EPL deal to trip up anyone who may want to steal […]