Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Liquid’s fibre network hits 100 000 Kms, more than twice around the earth

Liquid Intelligent Technologies today held a press event where, on top of reaffirming the companies new image, it announced that its fibre network now spanned 100 000 Kms. This is massive for a company that has been in operation for just under a couple of decades. To put that number into perspective that’s more than […]

TelOne deploys new high-speed internet transmission technology

First Eutelsat now Tejas Networks well done TelOne.

Printflow’s website has been suspended

Web hosting is like paying rent.

Here’s why Liquid Telecom became Liquid Intelligent Technologies

Its not just a change in name.

Elon Musk’s Starlink might need more than 12,000 satellites to be effective

Not enough for the US market at 12,000 satellites let alone the rest of the world.

Liquid Telecom is now Liquid Intelligent Technologies

New services, new name

Liquid Telecom completes East to West Africa fibre link

Adding on to it’s 70 000kms of fibre across the continent.

Only 2864 schools of the nearly 9K in Zim have internet access

Progress is moving at a glacial pace.

POTRAZ measures to facilitate e-learning for rural & underserved communities

The Postal and Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has given a progress report on old e-learning initiatives as well as new ones set for this year

Dandemutande CEO sheds more light on Utande LTE

There’s more to come from Utande LTE and Dandemutande in 2021

Utande launches LTE internet service

More competition for Blaze and Wibroniks.

POTRAZ wants more competition in mobile data, but is it possible?

POTRAZ Director-General said the authority wants to increase competition in the data service market but is this possible with current providers struggling?

Liquid Telecom seeks US$600 million to refinance debt

Liquid Telecom yesterday launched a US$600 million bond to help with debt refinancing and for the further expansion of its operations.

Liquid Telecom acquires QBS group’s Middle East and Africa operations

Liquid Telecom has acquired the Middle East and African operations of Quattro Business Group (QBS) enhancing the company’s product offering.

Liquid Telecom “fibre link challenge” was the cause of bank USSD outage

The Bank USSD service outage faced by some Econet customers this afternoon was down to a Liquid Telecom fibre link challenge.

Liquid’s Africa Data Centres to get US$300 million from US Development Corp

Liquid’s Africa Data Centres is getting a US$300 million investment from the United States International Development Finance Corporation to expand the business.

Liquid Telecom is activating an 82km fibre link in Botswana

Liquid Telecom has activated an 82km cross border fibre link in Botswana that links the Lobatse Border with the capital city Gaborone

Liquid Telecom to take full control of Botswana subsidiary

Liquid Telecom has reportedly been given the green light to acquire the stake Botswana Power Corporation holds in Liquid Telecom Botswana.

Liquid Telecom partners with US firm Zayo to expand global network coverage

Liquid Telecom has announced a partnership with US communications infrastructure firm ZAYO which will see both companies leverage the others network capabilities

The truth about DroidVPN and other free internet tools

For more than a year now there has been a lot of people ‘hacking’ their way to ‘free’ internet on NetOne. Convince themselves it’s no crime

Econet Group partners with Alphabet Inc subsidiary to expand internet services across Sub Saharan Africa

Econet Group has partnered with X, an Alphabet Inc subsidiary, to bring Project Taara’s wireless light-beam broadband technology to Sub Saharan Africa.