Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

FBC Bank rolls out ZIPIT Smart merchant & bill payments

FBC Bank has announced that it has enabled ZIPIT Smart merchant and bill payments.

ZINARA banking on NMB tap card to ease toll gate congestion

NMB Bank has entered into a partnership with ZINARA as a toll gate financial services provider through its Tap and Cap and Go contactless cards.

Google’s outage in numbers

A look at the number of people and the money lost during Google’s massive outage that lasted nearly an hour this afternoon.

YouTube, Gmail and other Google services are down

Gmail and other Google servies are down. The outage started a short while ago with users reporting that they couldn’t access google services.

TelOne lost ZWL$50 million to vandalism and theft in 2020

TelOne managing director Chipo Mutasa has said that the state-owned ISP has lost ZWL$50 million through vandalism and theft in 2020.

Liquid’s Africa Data Centres to get US$300 million from US Development Corp

Liquid’s Africa Data Centres is getting a US$300 million investment from the United States International Development Finance Corporation to expand the business.

Beware of investment scams operating via EcoCash

There has been a uptick in the number of investment scams that are operating via EcoCash.

African media house Kugali partners with Disney on animated series

African media House Kugali Kugali has partnered up with Disney Animated Studios on an animated series called Iwájú which will air on Disney+ in 2022.

First Capital Bank card allowed transaction without PIN, very dangerous

A member of the Techzim community (who is a First Capital Bank customer) reached out to us saying that they were in town one day and were paying for their parking, as everyone does. When they used their card to swipe on the mobile Point of Sale (POS) machine the parking attendant was using, the […]

Why can’t we convert airtime to money in an EcoCash wallet?

Airtime shouldn’t only be for calling and buying bundles. EcoCash and Econet Zimbabwe need to implement airtime conversion here as they did in Lesotho.

Facebook may be forced to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit yesterday that may force Facebook to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram as independent businesses.

New Econet data, voice & SMS bundle prices December 2020

Econet Wireless has released new bundle prices for data, social media, voice and SMS. The new prices take effect from the 10th of December 2020.

ZOL’s massive outage cost its customers a lot of money & time

ZOL customers won’t be too pleased with the massive internet outage the internet service provider experienced for the greater part of the day.

Standard Chartered and the Unstoppable Awards

Standard Chartered Bank is hosting the Unstoppable Awards to honour businesses, organisations and individuals who have kept things ticking during the pandemic.

Econet data, voice & SMS bundles to go up by 20%…

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe will be increasing the prices of data, voice, and SMS bundles by 20% starting December 10th 2020.

Travelling by road? Here are the best payment options to get past tollgates

We have been hearing reports that paying with a bank card has proven difficult at tollgates. So here are the best payment option for easy passage.

Cassava Smartech’s revenue fell by 34% for period ending 31/08/20

Cassava has released its financial statement for a six month period ending 31 August 2020 and the group’s revenue fell by 34% for the period under review.

Standard Chartered responds on the matter of the 2% Tax collections

Standard Chartered Zimbabwe has responded to our enquiry about the two years woreth of 2% Tax payments their customers were supposed to make over the next 3 months

Standard Chartered asking customers to pay 2 YEARS of the 2% Tax in 3 months

Standard Chartered Bank has notified it customers that it will be collecting two years worth of the IMTT or 2% Tax over the next 3 months.

Financial Clearing Bureau is now offering tenant vetting services

The Financial Clearing Bureau is now offering tenant vetting services to property managers, owners and developers.

Standard Chartered and its unconventional route to going digital

Standard Chartered didn’t do things in the way many expected when they went digital. In a sense, they went about it in reverse order.

You can now redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points

EcoCash has finally delivered because you can finally redeem your own EcoCash Rewards points.

Despite COVID-19, money sent to Zim from the diaspora is up by 48%

The pandemic has not slowed the flow of money coming from the diaspora, according to the latest figures by RBZ remittances are up by 48%

Stanbic Bank set to close Hwange and Westgate branches

Stanbic Bank has announced that it will be shutting down physical operations at it’s Hwange and Westgate branches in its ongoing digitization roadmap.

Liquid Telecom is activating an 82km fibre link in Botswana

Liquid Telecom has activated an 82km cross border fibre link in Botswana that links the Lobatse Border with the capital city Gaborone

New ZESA Tariffs: new powerband & small price reduction

New ZESA Tariffs: the national power company has added a new top-end powerband at a marginally lower price than the most recent tariff change.

Nedbank customers can now open Nostro & other additional accounts via USSD

Nedbank has announced that it’s existing customers can open additional accounts (like Nostro and Savings accounts) via the bank’s *299# USSD

The government is coming down hard on the informal sector

After spending months locked down and returning to low business the informal sector now has to contend with a government shakedown.

The 2021 National Budget: Tax relief didn’t go far enough

The Tax Relief measures in the 2021 National Budget didn’t go far enough as Zimbabweans are struggling to survive because of the COVID19 pandemic .

World Remit launches Black Friday prices for transfers to Zimbabwe

World Remit has announced that it has special Black Friday prices for family and friends to send money back home to Sub-Saharan Africa including Zim.