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Showmax is running a 3 months for the price of 1 promotion

Where there is a will there is a way…

A Spotify bundle will be a very bad thing indeed

Introducing a Spotify only bundle will have the same effect that the WhatsApp bundle has had on other messaging platforms like Signal and Telegram

Britbox is coming to South Africa, all Zimbabweans can do is enviously look on

BritBox is coming to South Africa, this on top of all the services like Spotify that seem to miss Zimbabwe even though we are in the same content region as SA…

YouTube has changed our lives forever

The advent of YouTube brought about a spring of unbridled creativity that would not have been possible had we still depended on ZBC.

You may soon no longer need a satellite connection to enjoy DStv

DStv South Africa is in talks with Internet Service Providers to create a bundled offer. This could mean that you may no longer need a dish to watch DStv.

DStv Catch Up is now available on all packages

DStv has annonnounced that Catch Up is now open to all of it’s packages, from Compact Plus all the way to EasyView.

Zim govt to collect VAT from Netflix subscription fees

The Zimbabwean government will now be collecting Value Added Tax (VAT) on Netflix subscriptions starting March 5th 2021.

ZBC increases prices for TV and radio licences

The national broadcaster, ZBC has increased the prices of radio and TV licences in what looks like one of many price hikes that will happen this year.

Agribusiness Media to roll out online video content for farmers

Agribusiness Media is set to launch online video content for farmers covering markets, products, finance, risk management and more.

Zim doing it big on YouTube in 2020

A look at Zimbabwean Youtube’s 2020 releases worth your attention.

DStv launches its streaming only service in South Africa, the pricing doesn’t make sense

DStv has launched its streaming only service in South Africa. Now, even if you take a cursory glance at the prices they don’t make much sense and here’s why.

MultiChoice Group selects Metrological to deliver premium OTT services to DStv

MultiChoice has selected Metrological to deliver OTT services, internet apps and localised content to it’s Explora Ultra and Streama decoders.

ZTN among 6 applicants to be awarded TV licences

ZTN and Fairtalk TV are among six broadcasters who have been awareded TV licences by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe

SABC wants Netflix users to pay a TV licence because regulation is outdated

When we wrote about SABC’s upcoming streaming service we touched on the fact that SABC and the Ministry of Communications want South Africans to pay their TV Licence for digital services like Netflix, Showmax and DStv (Satellite). In that article, I mentioned the fact that in the UK people must have TV licences in order […]

YouTube’s Creator Academy has courses for content creators looking to grow their channel

I’ve had a YouTube channel for the better part of 6-7 months now and whilst I wasn’t posting content to it seriously, I decided to to do so. There was one problem, I had no idea where to start and apart from reading a few articles on the interwebs most of the stuff has been […]

Winky D says technology has been a double-edged sword for musicians

Winky D recently sat down with Trevor Ncube on the In Conversation with Trevor show and discussed the part technology and the newer distribution methods that musicians are using. Pros and cons of being online?? The interview was insightful and local artists (especially upcoming artists) would probably want to hear the experiences of one of […]

French media company Canal+ buys stake in Multichoice

French media group Canal+ has acquired a 6.5% stake in Africa’s largest broadcasting company Multichoice Africa. In a report by Tech Central, the news was announced on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) news service Monday morning. Background This is an interesting turn of events because in 2018 Vivendi (Canal+ parent company) was turned down after […]

Netflix launches mobile-only subscription in Nigeria

Netflix is trying to increase its presence on the continent. The hurdles to that expansion have been the price of the packages as well as the availability of broadband. These factors have kept the service limited only to those who can afford the packages and have access to the internet. In light of this Netflix […]

MTNs “Sasai” partners MusicTime to offer free music streaming in the messenger

MTNs messaging application, Ayoba (think Sasai) recently announced a partnership with MusicTime that will allow Ayoba users to listen to music at no cost from within the messenger. MusicTime in Ayoba (MTiA) as the feature will be called is live for Ayoba users in South Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Rwanda, Uganda, Congo Brazzaville, Guinee, Guinee […]

This site allows African content creators to share and monetize their creative work

African creatives have long complained about being unable to monetize their creations/content. This is a struggle that artists generally have but because Africa is mostly made up of developing economies that struggle is amplified. This is where Iluna Afriq comes into the equation. Iluna Afriq is a storytelling platform where storytellers publish tales from their […]

Ugandan govt wants YouTubers & bloggers to pay to share their content online

Uganda is one of the few countries where the government is making it extremely hard for its citizens to make use of the internet. Back in 2018, the Ugandan government introduced a social media tax. Everyone but them thought it was a bad idea but they still did it. Shortly after it was reported that […]

Trace Group acquires SA production company Okuhle Media

South African audiovisual production company Okuhle Media has been acquired by Trace Group. This acquisition sees Trace take a majority stake in one of South Africa’s leading content production companies. Okuhle Media is a Cape Town-based media production house that was is established in 2013. The company produces, develops and licences content for commercial and […]

Netflix to bringing mobile-only packages to SA – Here’s why that’s a big deal

Netflix recently announced some BIG news! They are bringing their mobile only plans to Africa – South Africa to be exact. The two new plans are most probably meant to acquire new subscribers for the video streaming service. The cheapest Netflix plan (Netflix Mobile) will now cost R39 per month. This is less than the […]

You can now play & upload podcasts on Sasai

A month ago, we wrote about Sasai Content Platform – Sasai’s attempt at becoming the hub for African content creators. Part of their big plan involved podcasting and the podcasts section which wasn’t available at the time is now live. I don’t remember seeing an announcement regarding this issue so maybe the feature isn’t being […]

DStv to broadcast certain sports events for free?

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is reviewing regulations around the broadcasting of sports. There is an expectation that the review could lead to some changes for DStv. The review by ICASA is meant to regulate broadcasting of sporting events “in the public interest” and to promote wider reach of such events. The […]

DStv’s bundling with Netflix being investigated by SA Competition Commission

In June, Multichoice announced that they had reached agreements with Netflix and Amazon Prime to offer a bundled service. Strangely, when DStv announced two new sets of decoders that will offer streaming capabilities, not a word was said about Netflix or Prime. Why was that the case? Well, it’s simple really – SA’s Competition Commission […]

ZimPapers TV Network & KeYonna TV shortlisted for TV licences by BAZ

Remember those 12 TV channels that were supposed to start airing content this in August? Well, August is here (about to end actually) and the airwaves have not been lit up by new channels. By the end of the year, in fact, by August, our aim is to have at least six independent television channels. […]

Multichoice announces new sets of decoders – DStv Streama & Xplora Ultra

Yesterday, Multichoice announced a new set of DStv decoders; Xplora Ultra and Streama. The new decoders come as no surprise considering that earlier this year, MultiChoice announced that DStv would come bundled with Netflix. The current DStv hardware only supports Showmax but not 3rd party apps so it makes sense that newer hardware is now […]