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How to apply for Telone Center For Learning Bachelor Of Engineering (Honours) Degree In Telecommunications Engineering

Today was the official launch of Telone’s Telecommunication Degree. For those who wish to further their Telecommunications knowledge and skills, here is how to apply. Application Process An application fee of $50 non-refundable. Certified copies of National I.D as well as CV. Specified Educational Certificates. These can be submitted to any of the following: Telone […]

Republic Of Gamers : How big is gaming in Zimbabwe?

Entertainment is not all that big in Zimbabwe, more so when looking at the case of local gamers and how gaming communities are so isolated. Looking at our neighbor South Africa we could see how big gaming is in our region, where there are forums as well as commercial LAN and online gaming tournaments. Me […]

Telone finally pulls through with the launch of their degree program

Telone Center for learning will be launching a Bachelor of Engineering Honors Degree in Telecommunications Engineering. This comes after a partnership with National University of Science and Technology who will act as mentors to TCFL on this degree programme. TechZim received an invite for the launch that is to be held on Friday the 14th […]

Note 7 recall frenzy: Is it worth it to buy a smartphone from legit retailers?

So recently Samsung has been one of the most talked about OEM in the mobile device realm and it hasn’t been good news. Their Note 7 smartphone faced some battery issues that resulted in it being recalled in September, and again early October before it was quite recently cancelled completely. Now of course i’m sure […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Sales and exchanges officially halted!

Samsung has officially informed all of its  global partners to stop selling or exchanging its flagship Galaxy Note 7  amid to consumer safety concerns as seen in their statement below: We are working with relevant regulatory bodies to investigate the recently reported cases involving the Galaxy Note7. Because consumers’ safety remains our top priority, Samsung […]

Samsung may be forced to stop production of its best ever smartphone

Mounting rumours suggest that Samsung may  pull the plug on its controversial Galaxy  Note 7 just days after reports of its replacement units succumbing to the same exploding battery issue. Earlier today, Yonhap, a usually reliable source based in South Korea (Samsung’s HQ) reported to have confirmation from a Samsung official confirming the halt on production […]

How I have managed to live in 2016 without a smartphone.

Well a week ago I lost my pride and joy and I’ve been living with the most basic of smartphones since then. Being the tech savvy individual I am you can only imagine the dent, but take it from me. It’s not as bad as you might think. So a quick spec sheet on my […]

Zimbabwe leads Africa in IPV6 implementation as Liquid Telecom rolls it out to customers

Zimbabwe has become the leading country in IPv6 implementation  on the continent following Liquid Telecom’s roll out of the technology to its customers an ISP subsidiary, ZOL. We spoke to Liquid Telecom Head of IP Strategy, Andrew Alston, earlier today who said that the company plans to roll out IPV6 in other countries they operate in the coming […]