Zimbabwe and regional technology news and updates

Astro Mobile nominated for African Award for Entrepreneurship

Astro Mobile, a local mobile phone distributor and technology brand has made it into the African Leadership Network (ALN) top entrepreneurial businesses nominees list for the Outstanding Mature Business Award at the 2015 Africa Awards for Entrepreneurship (AAE).

The 4 issues we want POTRAZ to fix with its Quality of Service campaign

POTRAZ, the local telecoms regulator is on a Quality of Service campaign and is taking in suggestions from everyone on what they should focus on. Here are 4 issues that POTRAZ should aim to fix with this QoS drive.

Zimswitch fees increase counterproductive to plastic money

The Zimswitch fees increase is retrogressive to the slow but positive plastic money uptake in Zimbabwe in that it will deter customers from using ATMs and POS if they cannot locate one from their own bank.

The government needs Econet to play ball, here’s why

The government needs Econet to join in sharing infrastrucure to prevent itself from becoming the very same monopoly that Econet/ Liquid is.

No going back on Infrastructure Sharing despite Econet conundrum

Despite the minister’s less than eloquent responses in a radio interview, Infrastructure Sharing must proceed and Econet must work out its strategy especially where it may relate to how they source the funding for its infrastructure expansion.

$98 Million Telone-Huawei deal delay raises question marks

The TelOne-Huawei $98 million deal has come under scrutiny with allegations that Telone may be prejudiced due to equipment depreciation due to the delay in implementing the deal signed in 2010.

Telecel giving away houses with its new loyalty promo

Telecel will next week launch an SMS and Win promotion giving away three houses as the grand prize to three lucky customers.

ZB Bank introduces SmartVista card VAS and smart safes

ZB Bank has introduced value added services for their card based SmartVista system in addition to Automated Teller Safe for high cash and transaction volume customers.

Bigger screens, faster phones, $99 pencils & 3D touch: Apple Event highlights

The Apple launch introduced an array of improved offering in the usuals device series at a colorful and much-anticipated event yesterday. Gadgets revealed include iPhone 6s, the Apple TV, Remote and new App store, IPad Pro and iPad Mini 2

Africa achieves only 20% broadband penetration, 85% mobile network coverage: AU

Africa has reached an average broadband penetration rate of 20%, a rise from 7% in 2008. In addition mobile networks cover 85% of the entire population according to the AU.

TWZ, Battle of Chefs, Zim Dancehall & the dozen shows on my Zambezi Magic to-watch list

Since it went live on the 1st of July this year, Zambezi Magic has been filling in gaps with a lot of South African content. The good news is that Zimbabwean productions are going to be flighted on Zambezi Magic. Shows like Battle of the Chefs, Tonight With Zororo are set to be flighted there.

It’s just been bought by the government, but who is Portnet Software?

The decision recently by the government, through ZARNet to acquire a 51% stake in SAP Partner Portnet raises the question of who Portnet is. Here is a brief profile.

And now, prepaid water? Council needs to avoid these 3 ZESA mistakes

With the coming in of prepaid water, Councils should avoid the same mistakes that ZESA made with the prepaid electricity meters and coordinate on infrastructure rollout to reduce costs.

Net Neutrality and the curse of the privileged byte

The same bundles that operators created to lure users are the ones that are denting their voice revenues and yet they won’t implement net neutrality.

Shouldn’t TelOne migrate its major voice clients to VoIP?

Given that Telone is not investing in maintaining or improving their fixed lines infrastructure, shouldn’t it just migrate major customers to VoIP?

Government finds alternative for TTCS as its IAP, Zarnet acquires Portnet

The government, through its IAP Zarnet, has acquired a majority stake in Portnet Software, a leading local SAP solutions provider. This is meant to give the State an option for enterprise software and limits its reliance on Twenty-Third Century Systems

For whom the bell tolls: Is Telecel Doomed?

It cannot be ignored that Telecel has been on a downward trend since 2012 if the subscriber numbers from Potraz are anything to go by. With the licence issues reaching boiling point early this year resulting in the most disruption on their timeline it is interesting to see how they will bounce back.

ZipCash moves $733,000 in one quarter

Zipcash continues to surprise showing steady growth while as expected postal and courier services are going down.

8 interesting things from the new Infrastructure Sharing Regulations

Here are 8 things you may need to know from the final draft of the Infrastructure Sharing Regulations.

Mobile operators suffer a 14.2% decline in revenue: POTRAZ Report

POTRAZ has released the latest Telecommunications and Postal sector report that indicates an overall decline in business despite gradual increase in subscriptions.

City of Harare to introduce Smart park prepaid parking

The City of Harare will soon introduce Smart Park, an electronic prepaid personal parking meter system that will reduce cash transactions in parking.

Econet remains mum on Infrastructure Sharing, but here’s what it could be planning

Econet has remained mum on their walkout from the Infrastructure Sharing debate, but it cannot afford as a business to just let it slide. What are some of its options going forward?

Supa Mandiwanzira clarifies infrastructure sharing issue & impact on private companies

The latest statements from the Minister of ICT give a glimpse into what the government is thinking in terms of Infrastructure and may explain the ICT ministry’s agenda in infrastructure sharing.

POTRAZ adopts Infrastructure Sharing Draft Policy and Regulations

The telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, has adopted the Draft Infrastructure Sharing Regulations and Policy that, among other issues, compels sharing of telecommunications infrastructure amongst operators.

Econet, Liquid Telecom pull out of Infrastructure Sharing debate

Econet and Liquid Telecom have pulled out of the POTRAZ led Infrastructure Sharing debate which is set to be concluded shortly.

Here’s why most LP Gas retailers are operating illegally

Most LP Gas resellers have not gone through the process of applying for a retail licence and are operating hazardously in undesignated spots. From corruption to complicated licensing, here are some of the reasons why this situation is prevalent.

Rural Electrification Agency offering free solar and biogas quotations

The Rural Electrification Agency is offering free quotations and education for aspiring biogas and solar users. This is part of an effort to lower the burden on the national power grid.

Agric Show pick : ZEC Considering Biometric Voting

The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission is considering Biometric Voting but is contrained by funding.

Zipcash continues to move into new markets, but how does it fare against mobile money?

Zipcash has continued to expand its presence and it is now available in new Sub Saharan markets. How does it fare against the contemporary mobile money options?

Catching them young, Steward Bank pushes ZTE phones through iStudent account

Steward Bank is offering tertiary students entry level smartphones through a Student Account credit facility. Here is a look at the impact of this strategy.