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Annoying WhatsApp Groups Photos Filling Up Your Phone Gallery? Here Is A Fix

Billions of photos are shared daily via WhatsApp, and some of these end up in our galleries. Many people like me (before today) don’t turn off media ‘auto download’ in WhatsApp settings because it becomes tedious to manually download photos every time. In-comes group chats where everyone is free to share media. The problem is […]

Apply For The Higherlife Foundation Web UX/UI Developer Position During Their Recruitment

At Higherlife Foundation, we believe in the power of people. That people have unlimited potential to transform their communities, and ultimately, their nations. That’s why we invest in people – from students and teachers, to farmers and entrepreneurs. We work to build thriving communities, one person at a time. And we need your help.   Because […]

Here’s How To Get Your Tax Clearance Online In Zimbabwe

If you have a company and you pay your taxes, then you know for a fact that having a tax clearance certificate is vital. There are some serious benefits to having a tax clearance even if you aren’t a company; let’s say you’re a sole trader, church, a trust or an individual, these benefits apply. According […]

Online Adverts Can Be Annoying, We Are Making Them Better For You, Help Us

First things first: no we are not removing adverts on Techzim, not yet anyway. However we do agree that ads can be annoying and we want to make the experience better for you on Techzim. Why are ads annoying? One (but not the only) reason why ads are annoying is that a number of times […]

AI Can Have A Dark Side Too: Heard Of Deepfake Videos?

When people think of harmful Artificial Intelligence, we usually think of the Rise of the Machines revolutions where robots get so intelligent they take over everything. The honest truth is there are many other ways AI can be harmful and if you’ve heard about Deepfakes then you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. What are […]

Start The New Year By Empowering Yourself Using Skillshare: The First Two Months Are Free

New Year comes with an unfailing tradition: New Year Resolutions. This is where you feel guilty about your failings in the past year you create a list of goals you presumably want to achieve in the current new year. It is however universally accepted truth that most people go on to never achieve their resolutions. […]

Here’s How To Open Steward Bank’s Dura Foreign Currency Account On Your Phone

Today Steward Bank introduced the Dura foreign currency account (Dura FCA) that you can open on your phone. Yes, literally you can open a foreign currency account on any kind of a phone, be it, smartphone or feature phone (kambudzi). And that’s what I want to teach you now. Here’s how to open the Dura […]

How To Wirelessly Connect Your Android Phone To Ubuntu

My esteemed colleague has already written a guide on how you can connect your phone to Windows. Being an Ubuntu user it is now left to me to write a guide on how write on how you can wirelessly connect your phone to an Ubuntu computer without messing with USB cables. FYI Android is Linux, […]

How To Open A Steward Bank Account From Your Phone

In this digital day and age, it’s critical that any service provider make their service accessible available on mobile. We are already addicted to these phones anyway so bringing these services where the attention is slowly becoming a necessity. Steward Bank did just that by allowing Econet subscribers to open a bank account from their […]

How To Use The EcoCash USD-Foreign Currency Wallet (FCA Wallet)

Last week,  Ecocash introduced the Foreign Currency Wallet which you can use to receive US dollars, cash out US Dollars or even to make forex payments. However, we left you hanging as we didn’t break down how you can get started with the Foreign Currency Wallet. Hers is how you can go about it; First […]

Google’s Mapping Issues Disrupting The Flow Of Services Like Vaya Africa And Dial-a-Delivery

Google Maps -though very very useful- is not perfect. The web mapping service has some accuracy issues and these issues may end up affecting applications that heavily depend on maps. Some of these apps include Dial A Delivery, Munch, Hwindi, Vaya Lift and any other service that you can think of that applies mapping may […]

NetOne Subscribers Can Now Receive Money From The Diaspora Through World Remit

NetOne subscribers will now be able to receive money from the diaspora directly on their mobile phones. The Mobile Network Operator has partnered with World Remit. Will I get the money in USD? In this economy, one would want to know whether the money being sent to them will be received in USD or if […]

Ditch Your Password & Unlock Gmail Using Your Phone Instead

I mean keeping track of your passwords is a serious chore. Especially when you have signed up for so many different services. Instead of just having one password you might have resorted to services such as LastPass to manage your passwords but if your experience is anything like mine then even that isn’t too perfect. […]

Tuning your Intel Graphics Card in Ubuntu 18.04

Over a year ago I wrote a guide on how you could tweak and tune your Intel graphics card in Ubuntu and hopefully a lot of people were able to get a better experience out of it. The article has a surprising popular hit and to this day  scores of people still visit the page […]

Stop Being Fleeced Here Is How You Can Pay For DSTV Cheaply

We can all agree that paying for DSTV is quite a hustle these days. The only bank that I know that was accepting bollars/zollars was Nedbank, but even they have since stopped. I guess after the Honourable Minister of Finance ordered banks to separate steak from the offals no one is buying the whole one […]

How To Become A Vaya Lift Driver

Vaya Lift is the latest ride-hailing service that is making so much noise and many people, both ride-hailers and car owners, are curious to know how it works. For ride hailers, you can take a look at this article (follow this link) but for car owners, I will just list for you down how you […]

Every Day Security Threats To Avoid Online

When it comes to online security, things can feel like a bit of a minefield. Developments in technology have seen the wider population’s preferences move from bulky desktop computers and landline telephones to tablets, smartphones and netbooks in the space of a couple of decades – bringing an incredible level of convenience, and access to […]

WhatsApp’s Convenient ‘Swipe-To-Reply’ Feature Now Available For Android Users: Here’s How To Use It

WhatsApp had earlier rolled out its ‘reply’ feature, which allows users to specifically select individual messages within a group or private chat to reply to. The feature has helped many users, who now find it easier to refer to the specific messages that they are responding to. Now, the service is rolling out a new […]

Here’s How You Can Check How Much You’re Sending Via EcoCash & Other Mobile Money Platforms

echarges is a great way to keep up with exactly how much you’re sending from your mobile wallets. Today when you make any transaction you have to take into account how much of a hit you’re taking due to the %2 tax, the EcoCash/OneMoney tariff and if you’re planning to cash out then those charges […]

If You Are Planning A Wedding, Birthday Party Or Any Other Event You Should Give NiftyPlanr A Try

Those in the know will tell you that while attending a wedding is fun, planning one is usually far from it. There are many months of pain as you try to turn that day you have dreamt of as a little boy or girl. Often you will have sleepless nights, there are nights you will […]

Here’s How Much You’ll Be Charged On EcoCash After The Recently Effected 2% Tax

If you are living in Zimbabwe, you’re bound to know a thing or two about the recent 2% tax. You may have wondered how you will be charged if you are transacting using EcoCash – Zimbabwe’s most popular mobile money platform. Here are the EcoCash charges revised to include the 2% tax: These are the […]

Use EcoCash to buy NetOne and Telecel Airtime – Here’s How

Did you know that you can now buy any airtime on Techzim using EcoCash? As part of our marketplace, we’re launching airtime as a test. EcoCash is the convenient payment method not just for payments in Supermarkets and even at informal markets – but now online too! Here are the steps Go to Select […]

How To Link Your Android Phone With Your PC

Ever since Windows 10 came about Microsoft has been giving users two feature updates a year; One in the 2nd quarter and another in the 4th. And because these features come and go without any warning (like full version releases such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc) many cool things can get to pass you […]

Now That Your WhatsApp Supports Stickers Here’s Where You Can Download Them

The excitement around WhatsApp stickers is REAL! As with any new feature, those who have it have been flexing on those who don’t but I’m pretty sure everyone will have the feature in the coming days. So now that you have the feature or you are just preparing for it what’s next? Well, a logical […]

How To Use Vaya Lift, Econet’s Own ‘Uber Like’ Ride Hailing Service

Vaya Lift, courtesy of Cassava Smartech (also courtesy of Econet the parent company of these two), is the newest kid on the block as far as ride-sharing services apps are concerned, in Zimbabwe. A numerous number of ride-hailing services startups have popped up in Zimbabwe in recent years, with startups like Hwindi Taxi, G-Taxi etc […]

You Can Now Send Stickers On WhatsApp

WhatsApp’s development cycle is always crazy!! The IM is constantly getting new features and just recently we heard of the incoming biometric features they’ll be adding and also a dark mode that might follow. Though these features aren’t out the gate yet, one new feature that is out of the gate right now is the […]

Was Your Facebook Hacked? Here’s How You Can Find Out

Recently, Facebook was hacked. A massive 30 million accounts were accessed by the attackers. You might be wondering if your Facebook account was hacked or not. Thankfully, Facebook has provided a way to check. Here’s what you need to do: While logged into your account, visit the following link: Scroll down to the bottom of […]

How To Register For Telone’s Broadcasting Service, DEOD

We have given you all the details about, Telone’s newest baby, DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) from its content to what you have to pay for that content. Now, without further ado let me take you on the journey to register to start enjoying your favorite TV show/movie on DEOD. Visit Click ‘Register’ Enter your […]

Dissatisfied With Your Service Provider’s Handling Of Your Complaint?: Here Is How POTRAZ Can Help You

Sometimes our service providers need a little push to pay attention to our complaints. Apart from shaming them by writing on their social media pages, the most decent and effective way of getting your issue resolved is by approaching the regulator, Postal and Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ). POTRAZ has the mandate to help […]

You Can Now Link Your CBZ Smartcash With EcoCash

CBZ’s low-cost account, more commonly known as the Smartcash account can now be linked to EcoCash. It’s a bit surprising that this move is coming to Smartcash this far down the line when EcoCash is clearly such an important part of most consumers lives. Having EcoCash integration for banks could ensure that someone opens an […]