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How To Sign Up For ZESA’S Online Portal

ZESA has a pretty comprehensive Self-Service portal but the only problem is the fact that ZESA hasn’t educated consumers on how to use the thing! After signing up for the portal I realised it’s really useful and contains information and functions such as: Token purchase trend from 2014 A service statement with all electricity purchases […]

ZESA – Social Media Claims That Electricity Is Cheaper On The 1st Day Of The Month Are False

It seems there’s a lot of confusion regarding ZESA’s new tariff system and with that confusion, people are failing to understand how the tariffs actually work. With electricity units being sold at tiered rates it seems some people misunderstood this to mean that if your purchase electricity on the first day of the month, you’ll […]

It’s Taken 9 Days For ZESA To Increase The Minimum Token Purchase Again

On the 19th of October ZESA announced that the minimum token purchasable through EcoCash, OneMoney and other platforms was being raised from $10 to $20. 9 days later, on the 28th they announced that the previously announced minimum purchase would no longer be in use. The new minimum token purchase is now $50. Considering that […]

ZESA Prepaid System Down Countrywide

ZESA spokesman Fullard Gwasira took to his Twitter account last night to announce that the prepaid vending system is currently down. Zetdc would like to advise its valued customers countrywide that it is experiencing system challenges with its prepaid vending system. We thank you for bearing with us during this inconveniencing but temporary situation & […]

ZESA Says They’re Going To Disconnect Post-Paid Customers Defaulting On Bills

ZESA has spent a number of months encouraging customers to pay their bills – remember that time when it seemed like the Energy Minister’s vocabulary only consisted of the words “pay your bills”? Well, those days are gone and ZESA will now take a tougher stance. The official ZETDC circular notifying defaulter of whats to […]

Update: ZESA Increases Minimum Amount Of Tokens You Can Buy On EcoCash & OneMoney

The minimum amount of ZESA tokens you can buy through EcoCash has been increased from $10 to $20. EcoCash posted the message on their social media accounts: Dear valued customer Please note that ZETDC has set the minimum purchase amount of electricity tokens at ZW$20 for all service providers effective 18 October 2019. The minimum […]

Longer Power Cuts From Today As ZESA Takes Load Shedding To Stage 2

Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company (ZETDC) has just notified the public that load shedding will go to stage 2 from today. This has been caused by a “shortage of capacity” faced by South Africa’s Eskom, which exports electricity to Zimbabwe through ZETDC. #PowerAlert The Eskom alert will affect Power Imports. As such load shedding […]

Update: ZESA New Tariffs: Over 200% Increment In How Much You’ll Pay

ZESA promised a tariff increment and today they’ve delivered on that promise. The new tariffs that domestic customers pay for power have been significantly increased; There’ll be a fixed monthly charge of $6.08 and then the following charges depending on the KWh’s used: 1st 50 KWh – $0.41 51KWh – 200KWh – $0.91 Balance – […]

Econet Ready To Launch Electric Cars In Zimbabwe

Electric Car news for 2 days in a row! Blame it on the almost non-existent fuel supply and stratospheric fuel prices that’s cultivating the idea of alternatives to these scarce byproducts of liquid gold. The Econet group is seeing this gap and because they have several relevant subsidiaries in the areas of interest they have […]

Strive Masiyiwa Echoes Minister Chasi’s Approach To Electric Vehicles

[Image Source: Nissan] Minister of Energy Fortune Chasi has -for a while now- said Zimbabwe has to see where Electric Vehicles fit in Zimbabwe’s transportation sector. The Minister went a step further and announced that incentives to make purchase and use of EV’s more attractive in Zimbabwe were coming soon. Like Honourable Chasi, Strive Masiyiwa […]

ZESA Wants To Increase Tarrifs Again

Despite not having electricity for the better part of the day, ZESA is considering to hike it’s power tarrifs again just last month. According to a report by Equity Axis, ZESA CEO, Eddington Mazambani told the Portfolio Committee on Energy and Power Development that the adverse movements in exchange rates and increase in inflation is […]

Watch: ZESA Explains How New Tarrif Model Works

ZESA introduced a new tarrif model some weeks ago which penalizes heavy electricity users. We once wrote about how the tarrif model works but if you didn’t understand it you can watch the following video: — Fortune Chasi (@fortunechasi) September 13, 2019 Also read: The More ZESA You Use, The More You Pay- Here’s […]

Electricity Shortages Forcing Nurses To Deliver Babies Using Phone Flash Lights (Torches)

There are so many things I use my phone for such as calling, texting, reading books, playing games, listening to music and watching movies. But if you are nurse in Zimbabwe right now you could also use that phone to deliver a baby. That’s how dire the situation is in our local hospitals and clinics. […]

Minister Reveals How Much Zim Pays For Electricity Compared To Other SADC Countries

You might need to stop complaining that electricity is now expensive in Zimbabwe. Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has revealed how much Zimbabwe is paying for electricity compared to other SADC countries. Check the Minister’s tweet: ENERGY INFO: — Fortune Chasi (@fortunechasi) August 30, 2019 In a way, it looks like the Minister is justifying […]

Zim Pays $10M To Mozambique’s HCB For More Electricity Imports – Energy Minister

According to a Newsday report, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Energy, Mrs Magna Mudyiwa has revealed that Zimbabwe has reduced it’s $35 million debt to Mozambique’s Hidroeléctrica de Cahora Bassa (HCB) by paying $10 million. Speaking to Newsday, the Deputy Minister went on to say: If we can get up to 400 megawatts from […]

Zim Negotiating With Mozambique For 150-400MW Of Power

As long as we don’t have power, the scope for economic growth is extremely slim. Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has been trying to tame our power crisis over the past few months to varying degrees of success. Most recently the Minister said that the country is negotiating to get anything between 150 MW to 400 […]

Fortune Chasi: We Have To Encourage Use Of Electric Vehicles

Energy Minister Fortune Chasi has said the country has to seriously consider electric vehicles (EVs) and how government can incentivise their use. The first thing that comes to many people’s minds is the fact that we are currently faced by an electricity crisis but the Minister said this shouldn’t be a deterrent. When I spoke […]

ZESA: Loadshedding Back To Stage 1 But Kariba Producing Less Than 300MW

ZESA is finally receiving 400MW from Eskom and their spokesperson has come out and said that this means that Loadshedding can now return to the more palatable Stage 1 with 5-hour powercuts down from the 16 hours Zimbos we fast becoming used to. The electricity supply situation has improved significantly following interventions by both Government […]

[Download] Ministry Of Energy Releases National Renewable Energy Policy

The Ministry of Energy and Power Development has released a new renewable energy policy which they claim will bring “a strategic shift in Zim’s energy mix & enable us to join the world in the uptake of clean, green energy in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal.” The policy covers the following areas: Barriers […]

ZESA Now Accessing 300MW From Southern Africa Power Pool’s Day-Ahead Market

ZESA’s efforts to ease the power crisis are finally producing results even if the impact right now is minimal. Yesterday, Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa claimed that ZETDC has finally gotten access to electricity from the Southern Africa Power Pool due to a US$2 million facility. …Furthermore, ZESA is now accessing 300MW during off-peak hours. […]

MTN SA Says Batteries Are Being Stolen At An Alarming Rate. They Could Be Ending Up In Zimbabwe

MTN has said there’s been an alarming rise in incidents of battery theft which has been adversely affecting their operations. In the past two weeks alone, MTN said they have lost 199 batteries and in April the company lost 733 batteries. Though the problem is countrywide, the most affected areas are currently Soweto, Tembisa, Vereeniging […]

Computer Virus Leaves Jo’Burg Residents On The Brink Of Darkness

South African Electric Utility company City Power has been affected by a virus that has left citizens unable to purchase electricity, which means those who were edging closer to 0 Kilowatts are in trouble. City Power acknowledged the fault and openly admitted that a number of systems were down in a series of tweets: City […]

Eskom Struggling To Meet Energy Demand In South Africa

Zimbabweans have been following news regarding the electricity situation with bated breath as the country has been plunged into darkness. Though there has been some positivity regarding the situation due to a recent payment, it seems ESKOM itself is facing some challenges of its own. According to MyBroadband, Eskom is also struggling to meet demand, […]

South African President Says Zimbabwe Has Been Able “To Pay Up The Debt They Owe To Eskom”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa recently made a trip to South Africa to meet with South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa to discuss a number of issues, chief among which being the electricity issue. In an interview Ramaphosa also mentioned that these discussions had taken place and it seems the countries might be reaching an agreement of some […]

Energy Minister: We Are Going To Be Receiving Energy From Eskom & We Are Negotiating With Mozambique

The Minister of Energy Honourable Fortune Chasi has spoken regarding the recent US$10 million paid to Eskom, confirm that it will indeed help in plugging the power generation holes currently plaguing the country. During a recent Cabinet briefing Honourable Chasi acknowledged the payment to Eskom but would not go into further details I can’t pronounce […]

Fault At Hwange Power Station – ZESA Outages To Be Worse

The electricity situation seems to be getting worse by the day and efforts to turn the situation around are also being hampered by the fact that Hwange Power Station breaks down every other week causing longer periods of darkness. Due to a technical fault at Hwange Power Station, local generation is now depressed, & load […]

Econet Deploying Tesla Powerwall Batteries Across Its Network

[Image credit]: DPA Twitter Econet is moving the power backup for their base stations to Tesla’s Powerwall 2 fleet of Li-ion batteries. The batteries were being trialled for the past 12 months and now a decision has been made to adopt the backup on a wider scale. The initial phase of this project will see […]

ZETDC Adopting Drones To Fight Vandalism

Back in June last year, ZETDC put out a tender calling on bidders to supply industrial grade enterprise drones. The tender noted that the equipment was intended to inspect and image ZETDC’s lines and equipment. It seems those drones have finally been acquired as ZESA’s Group Stakeholder Relations Manager shared an update on his Twitter […]

ZESA Board Members Fired 2 Months After Their Appointment

The new Energy Minister decided to fire the ZESA board after reviewing their performance since being appointed on the 19th of March. This means the board only served for 80 days before being branded as unfit. Fortune Chasi took to Twitter to explain his decision: ENERGY UPDATE: today I took the decision to dissolve the […]

DPA To Partner French Company And Deploy Hybrid Energy In African Markets

Distributed Power Africa (DPA), a subsidiary of Econet Wireless Global, and EDF (Électicité De France) a world leading electricity company, are partnering to jointly develop Commercial and Industrial (C&I) and hybrid energy solutions to the African market. The collaboration is expected to focus on the development of distributed-energy solutions based on solar panels associated with […]